general cure

  1. J

    Quarantine question

    I currently have three fish (clown, fire fish, PJ cardinal) form liveaquaria in copper power (day 22, after 2 weeks of observation). None have ever shown any sign of disease. The clown and cardinal are ORA. The firefish isn’t. I am on the fence about dosing with General cure. I don’t feel...
  2. R

    General Cure and Ammonia

    Hi everyone. Got question. If I'm curing with general cure and will test water with RedSea ammonia test, will it be readable? Will it work normally? I ordered ammonia checker but didn't receive it yet. Thank u
  3. D

    Seachem focus alternative?

    So where i live, i can’t find seachem focus for medicating general cure, even online unless i want to ship it overseas. Ive heard plain agar can be used as an alternative. So will it make it reef safe like focus? And how should i prepare it (ratio etc) do i blender the food and make a chunk that...
  4. T

    White poop on established coral beauty

    New reefer here. I’m the relatively new owner of an established tank. It’s got 4 fish, a coral beauty, one spot foxface, cardinal, and blue tang. They’ve all been in the tank a year plus. There have only been a few inverts and coral added the past 3 months. The past day the coral beauty...
  5. trmiv

    API General Cure and melanarus wrasse question

    I'm prophylactically treating my melanarus wrasse for flukes since I know a fish from the same source that died in another QT had flukes. This wrasse has eaten like a horse (she will take down an entire cube of PE mysis by herself in minutes) since I got her Saturday, so yesterday around noon I...
  6. Cyclone-G

    How Get Rid of Uronema and Flukes on Butterflyfish

    I went through several Pyramid Butterfly fish to figure this out. Watch as I take you through 4 months of working with these fish to figure out a cure. Amazon links to everything I used in the videos is in the youtube comment section.