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  1. JC Reef

    GHL Doser 2.1 Stand Alone Unit

    Hello Fellow Reefers! I'm very excited to announce that GHL is my new sponsor. I will be replacing my Eshopps Doser for the GHL Doser 2.1 Stand Alone Unit! I'm very excited for this product! I did extensive research and I highly believe this is the best dosing pump in today’s market. I’m very...
  2. Reefiness

    GHL Missed the mark for customer service D-

    I have always thought GHL products were supposed to be known for their high quality products and German engineering and yadda yadda. Well I am finding out the hard way that their customer service is sub par. I purchased a GHL doser 2.1 back in early august 2018 and not even 3 months later I...
  3. Buddah001


    I need to sell my KH Director along with the dosing pump. This was purchased as a kit from GHL. Everything is in the original packaging. PH Probe is in the sleeve that it came in with RO water. Also comes with a 1.5liter dosing container for the reagent and 1000ml of reagent. I have tubing that...
  4. shawnriv

    GHL Set Up Issues

    Hi Everyone, I purchased a GHL Doser 2.0 from a R2R member and am having issues setting it up. It didn't come with the USB drive so using a computer isn't an option. The previous owner recommended just using the app instead of setting up with a computer. I went ahead and downloaded the app...
  5. BigAl07

    Profilux connectivity to the new Octo Pulse 4 Wave Pump

    Profilux connectivity to the new Octo Pulse 4 Wave Pump I was just reading/watching reviews on this new "Propeller Pump" and it looks very promising. My question here is how easy (dummy it down please) would it be to control one of these using a GHL P3 controller? The stats state: "0-10 V...
  6. Bmasculine

    GHL Profilux?

    Is there a reason BRS doesn’t carry this controller? Is GHL USA the only place to order from?
  7. AndrewJ

    GHL USA excellent customer service!

    I have contacted GHL USA by email a few times for assistance, a couple of times because I was making a mistake in the programming of my doser. Most recently because my magnetic stirrer had stopped functioning properly. GHL has always been excellent with their customer service in my experience...
  8. GHL $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    GHL $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    Enter to Win Coupons over $1,000 for GHL Products! On behalf of the GHL team, we’d like to you all a happy and prosperous New Year! With Mitras LX7 fixtures officially shipping worldwide, we want to kick off the year by offering CURRENT and FUTURE LX7 owners the opportunity to win coupons with...
  9. GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Over $430 Value

    GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Over $430 Value

    GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Sponsored by GHL USA! It's easy and free to enter. So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE CONTEST How to Qualify: 1. Go LIKE the GHL Facebook page here: LIKE GHL ( 2. Share this contest on one of your...