1. Zoa_Fanatic


    I got this picture from someone looking to trade for some zoas. Is this possibly a gonipora? If so how does one care for them. Never had one before and I need to know everything. Aggression level mainly. If it’s agressive I don’t have room to isolate. Can it go on a frag rack or will it murder...
  2. snk_anindya

    Will this goni survive??

    This is supposed to be a red goniopora. Got it from a friend. It was not opening in his tank for quite a while. Any idea what's wrong? Will it survive? Any way to revive it?
  3. J

    Goniopora polyp bailout or Something else?

    Hi reefers, I have had this goniopora for about 5 months now, and it has been doing really well. It is fully extended during the day and the polyps has almost doubled in size since adding it to my tank. But I noticed last week a head of the goniopora floating in my tank. And today I found two...
  4. Thakki

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. FS - Holy grail Micromussa and red goniopora frags

    HG Micromussa frags...wysiwyg. 1, 7 - $200 4 - $150 9, 11, 13 - $125 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 14 - $100 6, 12 - $75 Blue eyed red goniopora...I will pick based on size ordered. Medium - $50 Large - $70 Shipping is free for 400+ orders. I have few torches for sale too if you guys want to combine.
  5. K

    Goniopora White fungus?

    I have had this coral for a few months now and recently it started to have this white fungus looking thing growing on it. At first I thought the white bulbs were new heads but as it started to take over more of the coral I realized it wasn’t. Anyone able to id what this is or what I should do? I...
  6. ReefChasers

    20% Sale Continues! New Stock items! Deep Water Chalice and more!

    We got some awesome new livestock ready for the website. Where are our Chalice Lovers at? There are some real beautiful deep water colonies here. Also got a few nice Favia's and Platy's. We created a deal on 5 packs of these Ultra Rock Flowers (they really are very nice!). Photograph's below...
  7. B

    Red goniopora not opening

    Hey gang could use a hand. I grabbed a nice red goniopora frag from my lfs about two weeks ago. He was healthy and fully extended in the store, place halfway in the tank. I brought him home and put it in a spot with similar lighting and flow. He still has yet to open up fully. I moved him over...
  8. rastafan

    California Chalices, Favias, and Gonis

    Hi there, Need to clear out frag racks, local pickup/meet up is preferred (zip: 94533) but i can also ship starting next week, if weather is better for affected areas. Shipping is $50 outside CA and $30 within CA. Standard DOA applies, but cannot refund shipping cost if due to carrier delay...
  9. rlkilwil

    Florida Goniopora, black widow anemone, euphyllia, plate coral, and more!

    Turning my reef tank into a frag tank so I need to make some room. I would rather have someone local take this stuff but I would consider shipping for the right offer! Excuse the pictures, my orange filter doesn’t work as well as I thought it would! Don’t hesitate to ask me about something you...
  10. CommanderInReef

    goniopora slowly dying

    i've had this goni for about 3 months and it was doing great for the most part until i noticed it recently dying. i feed reef roids almost everyday and it seems to be a reluctant feeder(doesn't really grab much and sometimes even retracts) even tho i'm very delicate with feeding. it gets around...
  11. HD_Reefer

    Couple lazy clowns

    Thought I’d share a couple of my clowns lounging today. The female loves the Goniopora and her little hubby hangs out in the hairy mushrooms. Enjoy!
  12. CommanderInReef

    Is Goniopora Half Opened?

    Got this goniopora about a week or two ago. I am curious does it look fully open and happy? i had the flow off and the polyps seemed to extend even more than they are now. once i finished feeding i turned flow back on and they retract some. is flow too high? or does it seem to be doing good...
  13. Spaceballs Goni

    Spaceballs Goni

  14. MnFish1

    Lets talk about the sun.....

    So - I read that Goniopora do better in sunlight. People seem to have problems with this coral - I seem to do ok. I read that at an aquarium in Hawaii that is lit by sun - they have no problems with them. I noticed that from about 7AM to noon (depending on the season) - various portions of...
  15. L

    Goniopora Flowerpot coral identification

    Hello everyone. The last week i went to my local coral shop i saw a beautiful gonio with a intense red color and a metallic orange tips. i asked for the name of it and they say me that was a superman flowerpot but i cant find anything about it maybe was a confusion with the name so could you...
  16. AquaHobby31

    Red Goniopora Colony - Decision time

    after a couple of years my Goni colony got pretty big and stretching its tentacles taking up lots of room. So I’m left with a decision Do I frag or keep going? And if I frag then how do I accomplish this without a wet saw?
  17. J

    Goniopora species question

    I know there are specific species to goniopora and they have very specific requirement. I was hoping to come in contact with someone that is very familiar to all the species. was wondering which one mine belongs to? I bought it and it was displayed as pink goniopora
  18. Sick_man

    Should I get rid of my goniopora?

    So I've had this goniopora for a little over 3 weeks and it has not fully opened. (about 1.5 inch most) and anytime i drop something onto the floor or walk a bit to hard, it closes up for a couple days. Same thing if a hermit crab gets too close. Even if my hand is in the tank too. All the other...
  19. GoniSoftintheBrain

    Brown jelly disease on Goniopora?

    Wondering if this is BJD on my Goni, and if I need to do surgery . Or, Goni was previously on the sand, and clownfish liked to bury it—just damage from that?
  20. J

    What's wrong with my flower pot coral?

    Hi guys! I've had this for 3 weeks now. You can tell the lower part of the coral is extending fine, whereas the top part is less open and more stiff. I've moved it around the tank and it's the same result... I've also had a red flower pot in the tank before and it didn't last for more than a few...
  21. ACF930

    Pennsylvania UC Amazeballs Goni Frags

    The UC Amazeballs Goni is one of the most sought after gonis in the hobby with beautiful bright gold, red and orange polyps. These frags have been healed over 2 weeks and will extend even bigger once settled in. All prices include shipping by FedEx Priority overnight. SOLD Reviews from my...
  22. dtruitt

    Troubleshooting issues with short polyp, encrusting goniopora

    I picked this short polyp encrusting goniopora (unknown species) a few weeks ago when I started to see improvement in what I believe to be a Stokesi that the LFS owner thought was a goner and gave to me for free. It is getting around 150 PAR and moderate to strong turbulent flow. The stokesi...
  23. Thawman

    Goniopra stinging another Goniopora

    Hello all, Long time since posting, constant reader! Looking for some advice. I have had 2 Goniopora for some time now, they always played nice together, no problems at all (pink and white with green mouth in photo). Yesterday I added a new Goni along side the first 2. Everything was good...
  24. Nahno

    Coral ID help

    Hey guys, the first picture is goniopora, I put it in yesterday...but I was wondering if anyone can tell which type of goniopora it is? The second and third I added today..the second I was told is possibly a green finger leather, but to me it doesn’t look the same as the photos I’m seeing...
  25. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT NEW RELEASE: TSA Fire Flower Goni

    This piece really reminded us of the iconic Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros so the name seemed extremely fitting! View frags here: TSA Fire Flower Goni