1. eaquintero

    SOLD GSC Wonderland Goni $250 shipped (great coloration)

    I have 5 Wsiwyg frags available of some nicely colored up Golden State Corals Wonderland $250 shipped. Dm any questions Wonderland # 1 Wonderland #2 Wonderland #3 Wonderland #4 Wonderland #5
  2. nycfreshreef

    Question about pests on new frags lps

    Hope everyone is doing well , just wanted to get your opinions. I took a very long break from the hobby and recently got back in about a year ago. since then , I have spent nearly 5 figures with a large/popular company that is supposedly quarantining their corals in an attempt to be pest free...
  3. wsoldier

    California FS: Med/Large Red goni

    Local pickup only in Burbank 91502 near Ikea. About 6.5"-7" wide open. I think it's ORA Red with the blue mouth, but not sure. It's a bit darker red in color than as seen in the photo and I grew it from a small frag. $240 OBO.
  4. InvictusReef

    SOLD GMK Zoa, Goni, Frogspawn for the low - Shipping

    Hey guys, I have some leftover Zoas Frags that I am looking to get rid of for cheap. If you see them in the picture they are $15. I can ship them to you if you want or local pick up is available if I ship them the standard DOA policy is in effect and if something does happen, I will definitely...
  5. nycfreshreef

    Build Thread Nuvo im 40 build fully stocked 10 months in nycfreshreef

    Just wanted to share my recent set up after taking a very long 15 year break from aquariums Been running close to 10 months now everything seems very happy and is growing (everything except amazeballs) currently on my 3rd frag , keeps closing after few months while a dozen + other Goni do fine...
  6. B

    Hello Finally in the Hobby- 50 gallon Mixed Reef

    Hello Hello, I have been looking at getting into the hobby for over 6 years but never had a permanent place to stay or the funds. I have been following the reef community online for years and I am finally in the right place and got a big boy job to fund the hobby and got myself a Waterbox 50.3...
  7. ZSDCorals

    New Hampshire Giant Blowout Sale High End Torches and Goniopora

    How’s it going everyone. Got some really nice pieces up for grabs on my site. A bunch of holy grails and rainbow goni. Everything is on sale for 40% off on the site right now. Ill post the pictures and the sale price with the link to the site. If you would like Any other pictures Or have any...
  8. N

    Is my retracted Goniopora beyond the point of no return?

    Hello, I've had this goniopora for around 2 month now. It started off looking healthy, but about a month ago it retracted and hasn't come out since. It has fully retracted into its skeleteon. I left it for a while, but decided yesterday after doing a tank-wide PAR test, that I should move it...
  9. Reef Lounge Coral

    WYSIWYG Goniopora heaven!!! Time to build your dream Goni garden!!

    Looking to build a sweet Goni garden on a budget? We just updated the website with some amazing Goni frags, all have been healing for over a month or so and are ready for shipping. Long tentacles, short tentacles, rainbows and more! We are currently also running a sale on all items, and as...
  10. Reef Lounge Coral

    WYSIWYG Goniopora heaven!!! Time to build your dream Goni garden!!

    Looking to build a sweet Goni garden on a budget? We just updated the website with some amazing Goni frags, all have been healing for over a month or so and are ready for shipping. Long tentacles, short tentacles, rainbows and more! We are currently also running a sale on all items, and as...
  11. nycfreshreef

    Goni support group & appreciation thread Post your Goniopora

    New Goni Support Group (& appreciation thread) as we all know how demanding yet beautiful they can be Here are a hand full of mine that are my current favorites (last picture is not mine but is a legendary corals “Jack Frost” Goni , I have been looking for one but can’t find it anywhere ) Post...
  12. J

    Goniopora declining

    Hello all, My ORA Red goniopora has not been thriving the last few months. After I purchased it, it grew exceptionally well and was always very extended. I’ve had it through a variety of conditions, including alk anywhere between 5 and 14 at various points. My parameters are very stable now...
  13. nycfreshreef

    Glitter Bomb Goniopora Bending hook shape Goni has anyone seen this before?

    This glitter bomb Goni was super happy for the first few months , then closed completely a few days ago and is slowly re-opening with bent , hook shape , polyps It is not fully opened (about 60-70%) I am just wondering if any of you guys have encountered this before and know what causes it ...
  14. DIYreefer

    Texas FS: Poletti Jawbreakers, Rainbow Acans, Yumas, Zoas, Rainbow Splice, etc...

    All sold. :)
  15. nycfreshreef

    Help with Goni not opening I am stumped

    Hey guys , I am completely stumped & have tried literally everything I can think of , if anyone has any suggestions please let me know I hate to lose this coral I got from Unique Corals that cost over $500 Background: UC Amazeballs Goniopora purchased from unique corals several months ago ...
  16. nycfreshreef

    Help with UC Amazeballs Goni Goniopora not fully opening while all other gonis in tank are doing amazing

    Hey guys , I just wanted to pick your brains of all those more experienced/wiser in the hobby than myself A little over a month ago I got lucky and purchased and amazeballs Goni frag directly from UC I have had it a little over a month and it has not every fully opened although it looks super...
  17. L

    Build Thread Waterbox Peninsula 160G

    Here’s some early pictures of my Waterbox Peninsula 160G. It’s about 6 months old now, dark rocks growing coralline algae. I’ll post some under the stand and updated display pictures tomorrow.
  18. C

    Build Thread Cammy’s SPS Dominant Reefer 250

    Since I’ve already started a thread for my much further away NPS tank, I thought I’d do one for my now cycling sps-dominant Reefer 250. This will be an upgrade from my acropora dominant Reefer Nano, and to start stocking a few of my fish for a year or so while my dream of a Reefer 700 is saved...
  19. nycfreshreef

    New Jersey Looking to purchase a Blue Tip Highlighter Goni Frag (neon green) goniopora , if anyone has one please let me know

    Hey guys I am looking for a blue tip highlighter Goni (neon green) There are many highlighter gonis , most are greenish yellow or yellow but there is a strain I had purchased from TSA before which is a pure neon green with blue tips Here are some ohotos If anyone has a medium size frag...
  20. lilzbra

    New York WYSIWYG Mixed Aquacultured Goniopora Frag Pack (4 Frags - $350.00 shipped!)

    Selling these four gonis as a pack for $350.00 shipped.
  21. nycfreshreef

    Are pink diamond and tsa chemically altered the same Zoa ?

    Hey guys , am I missing something here ? Really was looking to add these TSA chemically altered to my garden , but then saw pink diamonds which used to be pricey but are very reasonable these days , are they the same Zoa ? Is there a difference? Also these TSA krayola goni …. Looks just like a...
  22. nycfreshreef

    New Jersey Looking for amazeballs goni frag goniopora

    Hello everyone , I’m looking to buy a nice amazeballs goniopora frag , if anyone has one can you kindly post the details & photo Thanks a lot
  23. B

    Texas FarmerTy Lava Lamp Goni

    Several frags available. We've been culturing this strain for several years. Follow the link to our site and use coupon code BLAnotBLC for 30% off.
  24. CoralsAnonymous

    4th of July Clearance Sale - Up to 80% off select corals - Ends July 12!

    We're kicking off 4th of July with our annual clearance sale here at Corals Anonymous - loads of new invertebrates, fish, and euphyllia among many others now available and on sale. Check out our collection by clicking our banner or collage above and follow us on IG for the latest WYSIWYGs and...
  25. H

    New York AWESOME GONIOPORA FRAGS! WYSIWYG - Free Ship at $200!

    All frags are WYSIWYG. Price and number are on each photo. Shipping is $40 (shipped via UPS Next Day Air) or free at $200 (check my other listing for more corals) Standard 2 Hour DOA applies. #1 - $75 #2 - $50 #3 - $60 #4 - $40 #5 - $35 #6 - $35 #7 - $50 #8 - $60 #9 - $35...