1. G

    Having trouble with trigger

    I just got a new triggerfish. It’s a Picasso trigger. I got it like two days ago at my local lfs but he hasn’t seem to be eating. He was eating once and then ever since hasn’t been. Yeah, I got you was.but he hasn’t seem to be eating. He was eating once and then ever since hasn’t been eating...
  2. pandaparties

    Arizona Live Goods Louti Grouper Free

    He's pretty big 10-12 inches and very aggressive, belongs in a predator tank with fish larger than himself. At least 400g is what id recommend. Absolutely stunning fish and I wish I could keep him but he's picking on my other fish and I'd like to keep some smaller species
  3. G

    New flagtail grouper

    I have just gotten a flagtail grouper I was wondering why he was pale he was a bright red then when I put him in the tank after a hour he started turning pale is it because of him trying to blend in or is he stressed or is their too much flow in the tank
  4. jaihutcherson

    Fish against eels (3) aggression - please help!

    Hey all! just finished the new 400 build. Lots of rock, lots of Tonga branch/plate, and lots of aggression from what we’re happy healthy tank mates for past 14 months in a 230g. background: all tank mates were in a 230g. Had a bad breakout of ick and broke the group up into 3 separate tanks...
  5. T

    Reef fish near Koh Samui, Thailand - Need help identifying

    Anyone identify this fish? Reef fish near Koh Samui, Thailand Some type of Grouper?
  6. AquaLocker

    GOT FISH??? We Do! Get them now at HUGE Savings!

    Here are some of the smaller categories we have! We will continue adding larger categories like Blennies, Gobies, Pufferfish, Butterflies, Anthias, Triggerfish, and more. Shop All Saltwater Fish here:
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