1. Reefer37

    Melanurus Wrasse picking on Cloves?

    Has anybody had experience with melanurus wrasses or any other halichoeres wrasses going after cloves or similar coral? My only thought is maybe he saw something on the frag, but when I watch it looks like he's going after the coral itself. Could he be mistaking it thinking it's a tube worm...
  2. C

    Halichoeres Quarantining

    Hi, I currently have a Melanurus and Yellow Coris wrasse in a 29gal quarantine tank with a dish of sand. The Melanurus seems to exhibit pretty standard diurnal behavior; he's out during the day and sleeps in the sand at night.TYellow Coris did the same for about a week, however in the past 3...
  3. smartwater101

    Coris wrasse, instead of sixline, for frag tank? (pest control: all wrasse created equal?)

    Other than making sure it has some sand, would a Coris wrasse do as much pest control as a sixline? I hate my sixline. Hes a typical jerk and I really love the look of green coris. Thoughts?
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