1. ReefBridge

    Vermetid Snail?

    Hey just wondering if someone can let me know if this is a vermetid snail. I’ve had the coral for a while. They were very prolific in another tank, but then they eventually all seemed to die off. I’m also wondering if this snail may be dead and it’s just a husk. Thanks!
  2. Caleb M

    Zoanthid eating copepods?

    Hello everybody, quick question I have a pretty large population of copepods in my 25 gallon Innovative Marine lagoon tank. But here is the kicker, I have a GSP that is swarmed with copepods, Its slowly opening up but i think it might be agitated by the pods. But heres the actual kicker in...
  3. Strangewaterchange

    Whats on my new blasto??

    Currently drip acclimating my new coral order and noticed this on the base of my blasto. Thought it was aiptasia but not sure with the way it retreats back inside (see video). Any help is much appreciated.
  4. fox0521

    Stranger danger?

    Hey Folks, I’ve got a piece of rock sprouting something I can’t ID. It’s sprouting in multiple different places on the rock. LFS couldn’t help much (doesn’t help that my video isn’t of the best quality ). All I can tell is that these very small guys are growing in little groups of 4 or 5 heads...
  5. gareefer1029

    Is this an anemone? A worm?

    This just showed up recently attached to the back wall of my QT tank. It is about the size of a dime. Any idea what this is? The arms move around a bit (front and side shots included).
  6. B

    Red algae ID

    Had some red algae pop up maybe a year after I bought a small piece of live rock. Have seen similar different species in ID threads but unsure. I think it's attractive and would like to keep it, just want to make sure it's not invasive or problematic in any other way. So far so good hasn't...
  7. W

    Hitchhiker on an Acan Frag

    Looks like some sort of a pod but its huge? Roughly 5mm body and a couple more with the antlers. When its swimming about its straight like a stick and then when i hit it with some flow it curls up into a c-shaped ball. One of the good guys? Can I throw it into the fuge?
  8. KeystoneMalone

    I.D. Please

    So last week I saw a few of these on my rocks, and then upon doing a water change, looked in the back chamber of my aio and saw A TON OF THEM, cleaned a lot of them up and scraped/siphoned out, but I looked again tonight and there’s more- hopefully not a big pest- any ideas?
  9. O


    Hi... I got this white speckle on a sick staghorn. What's that? Is it flat worm? Removal necessary, but how?
  10. Alyssalaurente

    Worm living inside hammer coral skeleton?

    Hello! I’ve noticed this brown fuzzy looking thing popping in and out of a hole in my hammer coral skeleton (bottom left)I made sure to dip the coral before adding it to my tank, but I guess whatever it is, wasn’t phased by the dip. Any ideas what this could be? Is it harmless, harmful? Hammer...
  11. AwRuh

    Baby snails? ID please!

    Hey all, I just finished my weekly reef roid feeding and noticed my sand bed moving. Upon closer inspection I noticed all these tan little snails with their trunks up looking for any globs of food resting on the sand. I’m not too worried about any hitchhikers in my tank as I’ve already found a...
  12. Twalker791

    What is this? Feather duster maybe?

    Hello! I bought some dry live rock and am in the process of fishless-cycling my tank. Today I just noticed this little guy and can’t quite seem to figure out what it is. A feather duster of some kind maybe? Hopefully nothing bad!! Thanks!
  13. kyleinpdx

    Hydroid jelly (?) under the microscope

    Saw this guy on my glass a bit ago, so I sucked him up with a small syringe and put him under my microscope. Sorry these arent the best photos, they were taken with my phone, I have a phone camera mount for my telescope but it doesnt work as well with the microscope, so I couldnt go any higher...
  14. Bento

    Hitchhiker crab ID help. Maybe Acro

    Hey everyone, I got a hitchhiker today. Not sure if he's reef safe or not? He's tiny at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. B Lo

    Emergency: anemone hitchhiker

    I just finished drip acclimating a huge RBTA. I dosed 2mL of Seachem Reef Dip in a bit over 750mL of water he was housed in. Once I did that, the little critter below jumped off of him and started going nuts - jumping in all directions like a flea. I included a photo of a Chinet plate with it in...
  16. BighohoReef

    Aiptasia - hiding in the dark

    Hi All, We're in the process of moving all our corals from our nano to 100g (no live rock), while checking/cleaning our one of our corals it accidentally broke where the skeleton had died (we've been nursing it back to health) in doing so it revealed the frag plug below which low and behold had...
  17. W

    Slug Pest/Hitch Hiker Infestation Outbreak!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time on a reefing forum. I made an account because I can’t find any information regarding what’s going on in my tank. 32 gallon LED Biocube All levels are completely fine and the tank is doing great other then the literal 2 - 300 slugs that seemed to develop...
  18. F

    What are these growths?

    For some time now there have been these small, white, opaque growths on my rocks. Some are as small as 2mm long and as thin as hair, whereas the bigger ones are often twisted (maybe 2cm) and as thick as 1-2mm. My tank is rather old, so they must have stuck around for a year or two without being...
  19. TomSerious

    Zoa hitchhiker?

    Hello! I added 6 Zoa frags yesterday and dipped them all in "The Dip" from Fauna Marin before putting them in my tank. I noticed something on one frag, I think it's some kind of sponge? Today, all, except the frag with the "sponge" are partly or even fully open. Can someone tell me if it is...
  20. Jud

    Anemone ID

    Hey all - So I’ve had this rainbow BTA in my tank for around a year. After a while, one instantaneously became three, which are all now pretty much dominating space in my tank. Today I noticed one moved from it’s preferred spot. I was doing some maintenance and saw this in it’s old spot...
  21. Britttt

    What is this on my Acan?

    Hi all, I recently bought a new Acan and today I've noticed these arms growing off it that look similar to a colourless Zoa or Duncan head. One of them seems to have detached from the Acan and growing out of a hole in the live rock. I've never noticed anything like this on my other Acan that...
  22. Carebearsss.x

    No Freaking Idea What These Are!!!

    Please help!!! My boyfriend and I have just spotted these tiny tiny white spots in our tank! They kinda look like worms? THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. Can anybody try and identify these things?? *the picture isn’t the best quality, i apologize for that * Also, excuse the algae! *any tips on...
  23. C

    Copper striped growth on live rock

    I found a nice piece of live rock with some copper banded coral on it. The guy at the store thought it was some rare sponge with an N name but he couldn't remember.
  24. Nate_Krohn

    Sundial or collonista snail?

    All of my zoanthid frags starting disappearing over night and I noticed these snails a few days before I noticed my zoas gone. If anyone can ID them for me that would be much appreciated. Need to know if I need to completely wipe them out or not. Has anyone else had their zoas disappear within...
  25. Nate_Krohn

    Hundreds of baby snails.. urchin and a starfish?

    I woke up at about 2 am to enjoy my tank when the lights go off and there are hundreds of baby snails on the rocks and on the glass.. I also saw what looked like a baby urchin and some type of starfish. Can anyone help ID them?? I posted some pics. They’re not the best because they’re at night.