hms mount

  1. Connorw

    AI Hydra 32HD with HMS mount - SOLD

    Item is sold For sale is my AI Hydra 32HD including the HMS mount. I'm selling because I just upgraded. This has been on my tank for just over two years, and I'd previously purchased it from another member here. The lenses were slightly burnt, but I just changed the lenses this morning, and all...
  2. baktabiznis

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods Red Sea Reefled 50 (2 units)

    For sale is (2) Red Sea ReeferLed 50’s with Red Sea Mounts. These are about 6 months old and have been at about 75% intensity. All items come in original packaging and is in Excellent condition. Both for $375 shipped
  3. SWherrey

    LED Package Deal Drygoods Two Hydra 64HDs w/ HMS Mounts

    Hi, I have two Hydras for sale only used for about a year. I moved on to Radions which is why I’m selling these. I’m asking 800 for the pair and this includes the mounts. I did notice on one of the hydras the lenses under the UV might of burnt but you could order replacement lens from AI...
  4. senorsancho

    Virginia Lighting Drygoods 2x AI Prime 16HD with HMS Mounts & 3D Reefing Diffusers

    2 Prime 16hd's available with the HMS Mounts and 3D Reefing Diffusers $380 for both shipped! Local pickup in Stafford VA!
  5. Q

    New York Lighting Drygoods AI hydra 26 HD + AI rail mount kit (black) brand new never used

    For sale a 2 Ai hydra 26Hd (black) And 48inch HMS rail, double arm mount and brackets $600
  6. J

    Mounting for Radion XR30

    Hello, I am just curious about whether or not the AI HMS mounting rail will work with the radion lights. I have a custom lid right now that fits my HMS rail perfectly, and moving to Echotechs mounts would really mess with my lid and everything. Thanks!
  7. neverenough

    Virginia Lighting Return Pumps Misc. Pumps Skimmers Bubble Magnus Curve 5, Current USA Return Pump and wavemaker set, HMS mounts

    Bubble Magnus Curve 5 - $130 shipped Current USA Eflux return 1050 GPH $80 shipped Current USA eflux wave makers- 2x2100, 1x1050, $100 shipped HMS mounts, 2 available, includes brackets for 26/32, $60 each or $100 for both
  8. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut New York 72” HMS bar, mounts, and brackets.

    HMS multi light mount kit and HMS 6’ rail. I will include 3 hydra 52mounts. (If you seen my build thread, I ordered the wrong mounts but I was able to add washers and longer screws to make it work with my hydra 26hds lol) I no longer have the original box but I have a shipping container if...
  9. N

    HMS mount setup for rimmed Aquarium

    Hi everyone, I have a rimmed 90gal aquarium. I bought two Hydra 32HD and hms mounts. Unfortunately, these mounts are compatible with rimless aquarium. Here is a tweak on how to setup same mount on a rimmed aquarium.
  10. SilverCityReef

    Hydra 26 Mount Help/Ideas

    I'm looking to build a diy mount for my 2 AI Hydra 26HD's. I like the TV mount idea but if I dont have to drill into the wall that would be better. Basically I'm looking for ideas for mounts and also have a couple questions for anyone who has made the TV mount for Hydras. Is it possible to...
  11. SilverCityReef

    AI HMS Multi Light Kit Questions

    Does anyone have the AI HMS Multi Light Kit on their tank? I have 2 Hydra 26HD's and I'm trying to figure out how I want to mount them but cant find much on these mounts. My questions would be: Are they adjustable height wise? They sit really high in all pictures Does it fit and seat well on...
  12. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts RODI & HMS

    For Sale BRS 6-Stage RODI - BARE UNIT (NO FILTERS OR MEMBRANE) - All Connections & Float Valve Included - $80 shipped HMS Single Light Mounting Arm - $35 + Shipping or Trade For 36" Rail or Multi-light Mounts I am currently on vacation so items won't be shipped until Monday December 17th
  13. Fritzhamer

    Two Tunze 6095, Kessil H380 with gooseneck, Par meter, HMS mounts

    Selling two Tunze 6095s, one is six months old the other is about a year and a half old. Cleaned up and working perfectly. Shipped in the original boxes. $300 for both Kessil H380 with Gooseneck. Also about six months old $250 Biotek Marine Par Sensor BTM-3000 (Is an Apogee private labeled for...
  14. Fritzhamer

    Hydra 26 HD (2), par sensor HMS mounts

    Two Hydra 26 HD, used for two months $300 each or both for $550. HMS 36” rail, hydra mounts and hanging kit $100 Biotech Marine BTM-3000 par sensor (used twice) with homemade acrylic rod holder. $175 Or take everything for $800
  15. H

    Build Thread Reefer 170 ZEOvit SPS Tank

    Howdy folks! This will be a build thread on my downgrade. Why the downgrade? Seeing this tank in person at the LFS a while ago, I fell in love with it and the whole Red Sea Reefer series. What amazing and clean looking setups. As I picked this one up, it was smaller than I recalled. It had me...