1. Jeff@CoralVue

    Which LEDs would you use in your Hybrid?

    Which LEDs would you add to your Giesemann Stellar Hybrid T5 fixture? This amazing reef at CoralVue HQ is running 6 x EcoTech Marine Radion Pros! LEARN MORE ☀️ https://mailchi.mp/coralvue/giesemann-stellar-video-101
  2. Jeff@CoralVue

    ☀ VIDEO: Build the Perfect Reef Light with the Giesemann Stellar Hybrid

    VIDEO: Build the Perfect Reef Light with the Giesemann Stellar Hybrid Mount Your Favorite LEDs from EcoTech, AI, and Giesemann!
  3. AquaLocker

    Hybrid Powder Blue (WYSIWYG) - see photos

    We have this gorgeous fish in stock now (not on the website). Its buyer had to cancel their order so we are looking to find it a new home. If you are interested, please give us a call at 855.237.0999. It is a Medium: 2½” to 3½” - $167.99
  4. MarineDepot

    Choosing the Right Light For Your Aquarium

    Choosing the Right Light For Your Aquarium Join us for a live Q&A with David Troop of Aquatic Life! REGISTER HERE (It's free!): https://mdshop.us/REGISTER12
  5. Kaiser

    72" long tank, 2 x 36" T5 Hybrid or one 59" T5 hybrid

    So I'm currently building my Red Sea 750xxl and I'm pretty committed to running a Giesemann stellar plug in hybrid, however I'm not sure on how to size the fixture in relation to my tank since my tank is 72" long. I plan on using 4 Radion XR30 G4 Pros, but should I buy two 36" fixtures and put 2...
  6. MarineDepot

    Black Friday: Saturday Doorbusters + GHL 10% Off!

    Saturday Doorbusters + GHL 10% Off! Black Friday Super Sale - WEEKEND EDITION
  7. MarineDepot

    Tank or Treat

    Tank or Treat You pick: save $5 or $10! PLUS: New Coral Essentials, Ocean Cleanup Interview, Hybrid Light Giveaway, A360X Pre-Order, and a Rod's Food Hack!
  8. AquaLocker

    Lemonpeel Hybrid Angel, Super - 3 in Stock Now

    This photo does this fish no justice:https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/angels-dwarf/lemonpeel-hybrid-angelfish-centropyge-flavissima-x-c-vroliki-2/
  9. AquaticLifeProducts

    External control or built in control, dimming a T5 hybrid fixture.

    How would you want to control a dimming T5 hybrid fixture? We have had many suggestions and as the development proceeds, we want to see what you would like.
  10. Reefltx

    North Carolina ATI Hybrid 36" 2x75w 4xT5

    For sale, 36" ATI Hybrid in good condition. Includes hanging kit and bulbs. Asking $750 shipped. Will take $700 picked up.
  11. AquaLocker

    Black Hybrid Tang - JUST IN & ONLY ONE!

    $599.99 - Only one available! https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/tangs-surgeonfish/black-tang-hybrid-zebrasoma-rostratum/
  12. MarineDepot

    Reefer Deluxe 525 XL, Episode #2: THE BIG MOVE!

    Reefer Deluxe 525 XL, Episode #2: THE BIG MOVE! We make the big move from our 80 gallon shallow reef into a spacious new 139 gallon system in this episode. Don't miss it!
  13. P

    Texas Pintail Crescent Tail Hybrid Wrasse

    I have a rare Cirrhilabrus hybrid, a pintail/crescent tail wrasse. It was initially a female, but when my male flasher wrasse decided to carpet surf, the hybrid started to change to male. Currently it's still a juvenile male, but I expect him to develop fully with some time or some female...
  14. Berlibee

    North Carolina Hybrid T5 Light 48 Inch Fixture with LED Mounting System - Aquatic Life

    Hybrid T5 Light 48 Inch Fixture with LED Mounting System - Aquatic Life. Condition: Like new, used only for a few months. Good fixture, just changed the LED fixture that doesn't fit in the hybrid. Price: 250$ shipped.
  15. Zazzy

    Led w/ t5 supplement setting ajustment

    So I'm looking into adding the aquatic life t5ho 36" hybrid fixtures but I just got a few question that hopefully I can find out today. I've been running 2 Hydra 52 HDs on my 90 reef for a good 6 months and everything is looking great. I have a Walt Disney acro and I've noticed of if it doesnt...
  16. MarineDepot

    5 NEW VIDEOS! NanoBox, Aquatic Life, ATI, and MORE!

    5 NEW VIDEOS! NanoBox, Aquatic Life, ATI, and MORE! Fast facts about our customers' favorite products!
  17. mangolove

    Mangolove Rimless 30G Nano [Netherlands]

    Hey guys, i have a 30 gallon rimless nanotank. Couple of weeks ago my tank somehow overflooded and ruined my lights. i had a 6x t5 armature. Now i switched to led and t5. Eheim powerled 2x 16 watt ( 1x hybrid 1x actinic ) and 2x t5 (24 watt ) ( 1 puple 1 d-d pro power actinic + ) Still need...
  18. badstorm48

    Does anyone know about this butterfly?

    So, I am looking at getting this butterfly off of diversden Marshall Islands Hybrid Roaops Butterflyfish (Chaetodon burgessi x C. flabocoronatus). Does anyone know about this butterfly? I have been doing research and decided on the declivis butterfly for my reef, but I saw this one and wanted...
  19. M


    i have pacific sun hybrid lamp x4 39watt tube and 2 145 watt leds can someone tell me the best t5 combination i make regards marco
  20. ReefingWhiteford

    What supplement T5 bulbs?

    Okay so I have 120 gallon sps dominated system run under two radion xr30w gen 2. I am not satisfied with the growth and coloration that I am getting under them so I am going to add add one t5 retrofit light on either side of the radions (so two total). What two bulbs should I use? I would like...
  21. Berlibee

    How to attach a Kessil to ATI Sunpower [?]

    Hello guys, I just got a small Kessil 160we and I want to attach in the middle of ATI Sunpower, on the border. So looking for an option without removing any T5 bulbs. I saw only one option like this. But the author didn't answer where to buy this parts - here it is on the image: Anyone have...
  22. Rsaalman

    A review of my 60" ATI Retro from NanoBox Reef

    This will make the third lighting system I have tried from Dave the previous two being his Beam and Hybrid T5/LED. For those that don't know NanoBox is a small company ran by Dave Fason who has been making custom lighting for the past couple years. His customer service is second to none, well...
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