1. pharazon

    Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 24” w/ bulbs

    For sale: Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 24” Includes: - four ATI bulbs used 6 months - four mounting brackets for Radion/Hydra/etc. - one mounting plate for Kessil 360 - replacement non-coated bulb clips - 18” decorative end caps Does NOT include hanging kit $150 located near San Diego/Riverside border
  2. Nutramar Foods

    Yellow x Purple = Yurple!

    If you're a Zebrasoma fish ultra geek (like most of us), you've heard the term “Yurple Tang” in hushed tones. If you're a budding fish geek who hasn't heard of it, today's your lucky day. Tangs (or surgeonfish) are immensely popular in aquariums for their amazing colors, high activity, good...
  3. legacy2mj

    Advice on how to proceed

    I have a 120 Gal Cade Reef S2 1200 SPS system. Running 5 years. Currently heavily stocked with SPS but could be considered a dense mixed reef since I pretty much have a little of everything in there. I will be fragging out a lot of my current grow outs and replacing. I want to utilize as much...
  4. KristianS

    Waterbox marine x 90.3 $1800 with hybrid t5 and led with everything

    Waterbox marine x 90.3 with stand and sump with ato resevoir bought in March of 2022 (10 months old) 2 socks and 3d printed floss cups Aquaticlife Hybrid T5 with wall mount and 2 noopsyche k7 pro III 2 hygger programmable wavemakers and heater Jabeo intake pump Rodi system with trash can...
  5. P

    Aquatic Life T5 G3 Hybrid 48”

    I have two 48” Aquatic Life T5HO G3 Hyrid light fixtures for sale. They have been converted from 18” wide to 24” wide. Under 6 months old with about 1 month usage on bulbs. Asking 600 shipped for both of them. Or 325 shipped each.
  6. nanobambam

    Question about QT and ttm

    Hi, My formee clownfish didn’t make due to brook, it was in my displaytank without any other fish or inverts. I’m trying again and setup two Qt tanks and want to try the hybrid ttm for the new fish as my display tank will have to be clean of fish at least 60 or 72 days this is also true for...
  7. Nutramar Foods

    Aquacultured Griffis Backcross Hybrid Angels

    Quality Marine has just added some incredible angels to our WYSIWYG selection! We received some of the Aquacultured Griffis Backcross Hybrid Angels- Griffis Angelfish (Apolemichthys griffisi ) x Goldflake Griffis hybrid Angelfish (A. xanthopunctatus x griffisi) for the first time! In house, we...
  8. S

    T5 hybrid question

    I have a waterbox frag, 48x24x16. I have a Kessil AP9X lighting the tank but I want to try out the T5 hybrid. I’ve never had T5’s before and I’m not sure how to go about it. Do I get a 48 inch fixture or will a 36 inch be enough? Can I use it with the Kessil AP9X? What brand and fixture should I...
  9. Djalexchang

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods 24 in aquatic life hybrid fixture g2

    Only used for 6 months, local pick up in Orlando fl. No shipping available
  10. Trinh Fish & Corals

    *RARE* Yurple Tang (Bali Aquarich Captive Bred) $7000 Free Shipping

    I have (1) Captive Bred Yurple Tang from Bali Aquarich for sale. Sizing around 1.5-2.25”. Price is $7000 with free UPS Next Day Air shipping. These guys are super rare & hybridized between a Yellow x Purple Tang.
  11. G

    Yellowish Scopas Tang

    I found this Scopas tang a week ago at a local Petco store. Its body is golden yellow with a grey tail tinting with some blue on the edge taking a closer look. It looks like a gem fish to me, and for a price tag of a Scopas! Didn't think much, brought it home and went through QT and now it is...
  12. Dythomas11

    Lighting LED T5 Hybrid Kessil a360we / aquatic life hybrid 36in

    1 Kessil a360we and Aquatic Life 36in t5 hybrid. 2 kessil mounting arms included. $350obo. Shipped
  13. cww180

    Lighting Hybrid Drygoods Aquatic Life 24” T5 Hybrid Light

    This light has been mounted but T5’s have never been plugged in or used. Come with both Kessil or Radion bracket. The Kessil light is not included. $150Sorry for the blue, item will come in the original box.
  14. DavidinGA

    Purple Yellow Hybrid Tang has been made!!!

    Who's buying one?!? More reading.... https://reefbuilders.com/2022/05/26/purple-x-yellow-tang-hybrid-is-a-crowning-achievement-for-bali-aquarich/ There is also a video of one swimming in a clear container out there too, but I can't get the link to work from Facebook since it's private. Maybe...
  15. YNSL

    Best lighting option

    Hi everyone, I am asking for your help today, so I have a red sea reefer 350 120cm long, 50 cm width and 50 cm deep. I had a good deal on photon v2 but it’s the 80cm version so I am using it but I have some dark zone on each side of my tank. The system is mainly LPS but I would like to have...
  16. YNSL

    Optimal Lighting solution

    Hi everyone, I am asking for your help today, so I have a red sea reefer 350 120cm long, 50 cm width and 50 cm deep. I had a good deal on photon v2 but it’s the 80cm version so I am using it but I have some dark zone on each side of my tank. The system is mainly LPS but I would like to have...
  17. Adam1985

    New Build Advice from Light Pros - Kessil AP9X’s

    Hi all, I’m hoping you could comment. I’m moving from a 60 cm cube tank (around 2’x2’x2’) to a new custom build. The new tank will be 100 cm wide by 100 cm long by 62 cm high. Currently I’m running one Kessil AP9X with maximum intensity of 67% at tank’s high noon. Do you think this fixture at...
  18. C

    T5 Hybrid question

    Hello, I am looking to start a 75 gallon mixed reef tank(Aqueon). I got a ATI 48" 6 bulb fixture for free. Went with coral plus, blue plus and actinic. Wife and I want the color pop and shimmer from led's. What are your recommendations? The plan is to put the lights inside a custom housing to...
  19. W

    New type of hybrid Bristletooth tang ?

    I am open to any fish expert on this type of tang. I expect 1/2 is bristletooth type and other 1/2 like kole.
  20. Kermitcoral

    hybrid Clownfish

    Hello everyone, Today I'd like to talk about hybrid clownfish and the growing popularity around them. If you have any photos or videos documenting your luck with cross breeding please post below. Other questions what clowns hybrid well and easy to mix? What are the more difficult breeds to mix?
  21. JoshB94

    Lighting 84x27x27 SPS

    Hey all, My newest venture build is a 265 7ftx27wx27d and I'm trying to figure out how to best light this system. I want strong side to side and back wall coverage for frag rack growth. I'd like to use what I've already got on hand but can sell current stuff and buy something else and plan...
  22. jdemarco

    Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island FS Brand New Aquatic Life Hybrid Fixture (White- 60 inch)

    For Sale White 60" Hybrid Fixture [Also have 4 brand new ATI T5s (60")] Paid $525 for this fixture in April for new build which got canceled. Fixture Price is $415 With 4 New ATI Bulbs $475 Or purchase the 4 New Bulbs for $79 No Shipping. Located in Reading/Woburn Area May meet as far...
  23. shadow1013

    LED Hybrid lighting -Aquaticlife T5 Hybrid vs Reefbrite X Series XHO

    I’m going to start an SPS dominate focused tank. Im leaning towards a 3’ tank so I was thinking doing hybrid lighting with two Radion XR15. I was first thinking of going with the Aquaticlife T5 Hybrid fixture but then I keep hearing about the Reefbrite X Series XHO lights. Has anyone used...
  24. ThePhoReefer

    California 36" Hybrid T5HO 4x39W Fixture with Two Circular Mounting Brackets

    36" Hybrid T5HO 4x39W Fixture with Two Circular Mounting Brackets 180 pickup only in Sunnyvale Comes with wall mounts, and 4 ati bulbs(2 blue+ 2 coral+)
  25. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED T5 ATI Powermodule T5/LED Hybrid 48" 8 Bulb Fixture

    I am selling my ATI Powermodule T5/LED Hybrid 48" 8 Bulb Fixture 3 led clusters. This thing is an absolute PAR monster and is practically plug and play. I am trying to not ship this thing just because of the size. I am asking $1,000 picked up in Kersey, PA.