hydra 32

  1. PBnJOnWheat

    North Carolina Dry Good Trade AI LED’s, Brackets, and Light Rails (Out of Hobby Temporarily Sale)

    These are practically brand new, I set them up and had them on maybe 2 months over a 4 foot LPS and softie tank. Very light use for the number of lights over that frag tank. I am currently trying to sell them to someone else so that they can use them as I won’t be able to run my tank for a...
  2. captainbeardly

    Hydra 32 fan

    My hydra 32 fan stays on even when the light is off. It’s brand new does anyone know how to get the fan to shut off?
  3. Squeven

    Aquatic Life Hybrid LED Mounting

    I just received and put together my Aquatic Life T5HO Hybrid and was wondering if anyone else had problems mounting AI hydra 32’s. I know I had to order a hanging kit when I did this with my AI Prime 16HD, but the BRS website didn’t mention needing anything else for the 32’s. Any help would be...
  4. diamondreef

    Anyone with a 25G and an AI Hydra 32?

    Hello, Curious if I can see your light schedule if you have the same or similar size tank? I’m hoping to have someone come out or rent a par meter soon but would love to see how yours are set up until then ☺️
  5. diamondreef

    Help with Lighting Please!? AI Hydra 32

    Hello, I currently have a 25G JBJ Biocube with an AI Hydra 32 led. I’m not sure how I should set it up through the app. Colors, percentages, times, etc. Anyone able to offer any advice or photos of how yours is set up? I plan to have mainly softies corals, cyphastrea, zoanthids and other...
  6. C

    AI Hydra 32 HD LED Lighting Schedule Advice

    What does everyone think of my first lighting schedule? Tank: 21 Gallon Mixed Reef, 24” long and 18” deep. Light is about 15” above the water.
  7. reptireef

    Build Thread Waterbox 180.5 Dream Reef Build

    Hey all, this is my first time joining/posting on a forum of any kind so I'm excited to share my progression. (unfortunately not too many 180.5 threads) I started reefing about 8 months ago with a 29g Aqueon and canister, which was a freshwater setup prior. That lasted a couple weeks due to not...
  8. mdrieder

    AIO Build MDR's 25 Lagoon

    I know I kind of missed the boat on the setup but while its still in its infancy I figured I'd start documenting the progression of my 25 lagoon. The tank has currently been housing fish and inverts for only a month and is enjoying its ugly phase. Here's where its at so far Livestock: 2 clowns...
  9. acohen9991

    AI Hydra on 60G cube

    Hi all - I’m currently running a single AI Hydra 32 10” above the water in my 60 cube. Tank has been running 7 weeks and I’m just staring with zoas now. Tank will be primarily zoas and LPS with some bubble tips. What is the max level people have their UV, blue, royal blue, and whites at? The...
  10. Daniel

    Build Thread My ELOS MIDI Adventure

    Hi All - Thank you for visiting my build thread. It's been a long while since I've started a tank, but I've been lurking for some time now and think it's time to make my way back into this wonderful hobby once more. Here's a link of my previous nano tank build with an ELOS Mini. It's been...
  11. TShump14

    Lighting for 25 Nuvo Lagoon

    I have a 25 gallon lagoon from innovative marine, I had 2 Kessil lights and recently upgraded to 2 32 hydra HDs. I was wondering if anyone had a good lighting schedule already set for this type of tank or recommendation. I am not good with throwing sliders around and just wanted to see what...
  12. Justen

    30G LED Recommendations

    I have a 30 gallon tank that measures 24 x 16 x 17. Currently only have LPS but I want to get into SPS. I'm using a AI Prime HD right now, but have had bad luck with SPS. I don't want to run T5's as I want a light that I don't have to keep changing the bulbs. I was thinking of a Hydra 32 HD...
  13. H

    How to mount Hydra 32hd from the wall

    So i want a way to mount my lights from the wall not the ceiling, there is no studs where i want to hang my light from and what bracket should i use, im ok with a solid diy mount or a ready to go one. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Bassmaster116

    New Hydra 32’s!

    I just got my new 32 added! I absolutely love it so far especially the moonlight channel. Anyone else have any of the new AI’s? Do you like them? Are you not impressed?
  15. H

    New hydras?

    So im interested in the Aqua Illumination HYDRA 32 HD LED REEF LIGHT - BLACK BODY i want to use it on a 20gallon long and i want half the tank to have acropora and other half mixed. So the question is can i set the lights to be strong on 1 side and low on the other or would i need 2 ai primes?
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