1. Schraufabagel

    Best smartphone filter kit?

    Between the IceCap, Orphek, and Polyplab lens kits, which is your favorite? Just upgraded to the iPhone 13 pro and I’m wanting to experiment with it
  2. N

    SOLD Zen Reef, BRS, Vertex, IceCap, Red Sea & Tunze FS

    Hi R2R, I have some more items for sale. Price includes shipping, Paypal. Zen Reef Single Magnetic Heater Mount $40 Shipped Bulk Reef Supply - BRS 1.1mL Doser (New - mounted unused with new additional tube) $50 Shipped Vertex Libra Vessel 2.5T (New - rinsed with RO/DI) $45 Shipped Icecap -...
  3. S

    New Jersey FS - IceCap K2-120 Protein Skimmer

    Hello, This protein skimmer is in excellent condition and was hardly used. Asking $160 with free shipping.
  4. F

    Build Thread Fishfaces new to Me 180

    So I recently found a deal on an Oceanic 180 gallon reefready tank and stand. The tank is in great condition cant find a single scratch. Brought it home leak tested it for 24 hours just finishing up my plumbing as we speak. Excited to leak test my plumbing tomorrow.
  5. W

    Texas 25 lagoon equipment radion xr30 gen 4 pro, rms, diffuser, ato, sump, fuge, reservoir, chemicals, and more!

    Pick up is in COLLEGE STATION - Or I can ship at buyers expense Trigger 5 gallon Reservoir Tank - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $80 Icecap ato - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $70 Icecap K1 nano skimmer, needs some cleaning - 70 Xr30 gen 4 PRO - 500 Diffuser - 40 RMS arm mount - 80 Light, diffuser, and arm for...
  6. kanders87

    Illinois Basement Clean out - ATO Skimmer lighting

    Selling some stuff that I’m no longer using. All cleaned up and ready to go. Maxspect Razor X RS-150 ($450 OBO) Tunze 9012 Skimmer (SOLD) Hydor controllable pump 1000gph (SOLD) SmartAqua Micro ATO, includes everything you see in the photo. Will need additional tubing. (SOLD) Reef...
  7. RMS18

    New Jersey Aquarium Controller Powerheads Icecap Gyre Interface Modules W/ Y Module Cable

    Hey everyone, I have 2 Icecap gyre interface modules for icecap 3k gyres, each module comes with the Y cable used to connect to your apex. Asking $50 per module and Y cable or $80 for both modules and Y cables.
  8. Tan_The_Man805

    JBJ45 protein skimmer opinions

    Hey everyone, first time post here. Trying to decide on a skimmer for my JBJ45. I tried the tunze 9004 and just don't like it. First were the micro bubbles and couldn't get em to stop. Tried again moving to a different chamber in the filter, but hate how the cup just comes right off if touched...
  9. headonkey

    North Carolina Skimmers IceCap k1 Nano Protein Skimmer

    Name says it all. Looking for $60 plus shipping. Works great.
  10. Nurse.Reef.Reapeat

    Ice Cap Battery Backup V3 works with Mighty Jet return Pump?

    So the V3 came out and want to know if this will support or will work with Mighty Jet return pumps?
  11. DownByTheReef


    This isn’t my first rodeo with saltwater. I left the hobby a few years ago. However, my love for saltwater aquariums has returned! I’m excited to begin a all new journey with new plans and goals. The hobby has grown quite a bit since my 29gal biocube In 2015. With all of the new gadgets coming...
  12. V

    HELP! Program and Install Apex with ATK and Icecap Kalk stirrer.

    Hello all, and thanks for stopping in to read and help if possible. Just installed my first apex and I have most of it figured out, but The Kalk stirrer and solenoid valve programming is starting to scare me. I had to run my top off line through a couple of walls, so adding a second line and...
  13. subielover

    New Jersey Pennsylvania SOLD

    Lightly used IceCap auto top off unit. Works great, includes everything needed. 65 shipped firm.
  14. Ej Chavex

    Texas Testing IceCap Salanity Pen New

    Brand new never used ended up going with a Milwaukee instead. Asking 40.00
  15. smarthawk

    Bought a K1 Nano from IceCap. It overflows with water no mater what I try. HELP

    Hi All, I bought a K1 Nano skimmer for my IM Nuvo 25 lagoon and since day 1 the skimmer has just continuously filled with water no matter the adjustments I’ve made. I tried to lower the water level in my sump area and I’ve also tried to plug a couple of air intakes on my silencer. I can’t get it...
  16. A

    Colorado Fragging lots of requirement for sale

    Tanks are still up and running but its just water and algae. id take 20k for everything if anyone is interested. This has gotta be the funniest and hardiest thing I have done.If I could help anyone learn from my mistakes, when your fellow reefers say quarantine everything your hands your kids...
  17. Reefer37

    Texas WTB HOB Refugium and IceCap Gyre

    Title says it all! Looking for a nice HOB refugium, preferably nothing too big, it's going on the back of a 45g. Also looking for an IceCap Gyre preferably the 1k, but also interested in the newer 2k. Let me know what you have!
  18. R33fedOut

    AIO Build UPDATED: R33fedOut's Innovative Marine Lagoon 25 Mini Frag Tank Build**

    The Innovative Marin Lagoon 25 AIO w/APS Stand is my Newest Build To address My itch for a mini Frag lagoon. This build has been a vision of mine for a while w/o going huge I decided against substrate and chose to go bare bottom with an elevated egg crate frag rack the entire footprint of the...
  19. Ej Chavex

    Texas Icecap 120w Algae Turf Scrubber

    Acquired the unit in a tank buy and don't need it as I already have one on my tank. The unit and lights look lightly used but in good condition. I did connect the lights only to ensure they work. The lid hinges have been broken but shouldn't effect the operation of the unit. Asking 280 obo that...
  20. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut Maxspect Gyre XF250

    Hey everyone! Its been a long time getting back onto the forum and ultimately back into the salty world! I made a mistake a year back purchasing just the XF250 pump and not to combination pump and controller. Since then Maxspect has released a new model making my new build almost obsolete...
  21. T

    Maxspect XF350's vs Icecap 4k's

    Previously the Icecap was just the more affordable, fewer featured clone, which was great, but with the sale on the Maxspect's at $279 for 1, it seems the likely choice, but then needs the wifi controller to truly take advantage of all features. The cheaper Icecap has wifi built in.... Someone...
  22. tyler1993

    Tennessee Salwater Equipment

    I am having to move and have just decided to break down and sell most of my equipment. I will get pictures posted this afternoon. * Apex Classic part out priced shipped in US - 2 x Eb8: $130 each - Apex Classic Brain (Orange Label) w/ Temp and pH probe: $130 * Apex Dos: $260 Shipped in US - Ran...
  23. scobeyra

    Gyre's keep stalling- need reset

    Hey everyone, it seems like every other day I'm unplugging and plugging back in my gyre 150s to reset them because they've stalled out and I'm getting the red status light on the Icecap module. I have two gyres running on opposite sides of the tank. They are programmed through the apex with...
  24. M

    Icecap Gyre 3k

    hey guys, I got an Icecap Gyre 3k headed my way on Thursday since one of my Jebao PP8s died and I’m getting tired of replacing it every 9 months or so. I read the Icecap can be noisy and it looks like it’s a 50/50 between whether it will make noise or not. So what can I do to ensure it stays as...
  25. mr9iron

    Help with ATO/ApexEL/Optical Sensor/Break Out Box

    Hey all, I've had my ApexEl for a while now and it's worked well on my nano. However, I am building a 93 cube and need some help with a DIY ATO. I have an IceCap ATO that has two optical sensors. I plan to cut the ends off the optical sensors and wire them to the Break Out Box but I don't...