id coral

  1. #R_TST


    I’m a beginner. I think this is an LPS. I can’t find any info about the care of this coral anywhere. It’s on the Pacific East Aquaculture website. Can anyone tell me about it? Where is a good place to find info about corals like this that you get nothing from google or YouTube?
  2. H

    Need help with identification

    Can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks.
  3. Sipec

    Brains: what's the difference?

    Upon seeing a recent post I am now questioning what is what in my tank What is the difference between the different types of brain corals? (Favia, goniastrea, favites, etc)
  4. R

    Need help with ID

    I’ve got the poss. Algae growing all over my live rock. it hasn’t caused any problems to my knowledge. And sometime even look pretty. But I’m really curious to know exactly what they are. I’d like to do some research and discover they’re Benefits or negative effects to my reef
  5. Coqui906

    Help Identifying possible zoa?

    Hey everyone, I'm a noob to the life of reefing lol and would like some assistance. Hopefully someone can help identify this random coral that just showed/opened up this weekend on this Jedi Mind trick I picked up three weeks ago. It's the bright pink one popping up in the middle. This...
  6. N11morales

    Price and ID?

    Someone locally was selling these just as Euphyllia. Not sure exactly what type they are. To me they seem like a mix between frogspawn with a torch? Some of the tentacles have multiple heads to them. That’s why I think it’s a mix between the two. Any idea how much these are worth? Srry if the...
  7. S

    Coral ID Please

    Hello, I bought these corals awhile ago. I believe the green one is a chalice and the orange/purple is an Acan E, but I just want to be totally sure. The green one has grown since I bought it but the orange one seems to grow much slower. Any advice is appreciated, and sorry for bad picture...
  8. B

    Somethings growing under my Torch coral(Another Coral?)

    I've noticed this just recently and I need help knowing what it is and if it's dangerous for the coral and if so then how to deal with it. Thank you. P.s. sorry for the bad pics
  9. mario4933

    Zoa ID Please!!!

    Hi, I have been trying to ID this colony of zoas for a while now... maybe one of you guys could help me. under blues under white
  10. 420reffer

    Need help to ID corals

    So I got this zoa frag I need to know what kind of zoa it is also what kind of coral is on the same frag looks like a lps or sps but what kind it's the green looking frag
  11. RajV

    Please help with a name

    Can someone give a name to this coral and also let me know what gets this coral to grow?
  12. A

    Coral ID .... Montipora?

    Hi there! Once again I need help with identification. I should really stay away from impulse buys! anyway! Can you let me know what it could be... I was thinking some kind of rainbow montipora? The two completely different sides and colours are throwing me off. Cheers Alfie!
  13. AquariumDani

    Coral ID?

    I just got my second world wide coral sub box and I think one of the corals are mislabeled because it doesn't look like a zoa? It was labeled a pandora zoa, but it's rather large? Maybe it is. who knows. See photos attached.
  14. Dsnakes

    Named Chalice?

    I know it’s near impossible to determine names on most corals but I’m trying to find out if it has one. Grew about 50 eyes in 3 months. Here are a few pictures of it. Yellow/orange mouths. Mainly purple with hints of pink streaks on main structure. It’s in pretty high par, I’m trying to...
  15. Tangina20

    Zoa ID

    Got a couple of cool polyps of a hitchhiker zoa wondering if it has a name!
  16. tapeworm123

    Please ID pest / critter

    Please help ID this pests it all over my live rock. I’m looking for a fish or invert to eat it or kill it.
  17. alexytman

    ID Xenia species please!

  18. YogiReef

    Baby Mushroom or Octospawn tentacle

    I found this little green dot looking thing on my sandbed in a low flow area today. It was sitting there before I placed it in a cup with sand at the back of my tank. It’s about the size of a nerd candy, neon green and I can see a spot without green which I assume is the foot, if it’s a...
  19. Wilsonfeliz

    Browned Acro ID

    Hello folks! I got this acro from a friend. It was completely brown and so far has not shown any color. What kind of acro is it? Help me with the posible ID. Thanks in advance!
  20. DeepBlueSomething

    ID Help - bonus coral on ricordea rock

    I haven't been able to get a solid ID on this guy but I really like its uniqueness and would like to continue to see it thrive. Sorry for blues pictures -- coral is more open and happy -- all I have currently. It is generally brown, and looks like a common base with multiple openings - I...
  21. nautical_nathaniel

    Mystery Chalice

    Hey guys and gals, I picked up this chalice yesterday as a "Treat Yo Self" type of thing and also because I thought it looked great. Does anyone by chance know if it has a trade name?
  22. ttop24

    SPS Identification

    I am horrible at purchasing corals. I see a coral I like and I have to have it. The biggest problem is they tell me the name of the Coral at the LFS but 5 minutes later and I forget it. I have this coral which I been trying to find out what it is. I know its a Branching SPS but other then...
  23. Sallstrom

    Help us ID our Acroporas

    Hi! I would love some help trying to figure out what species we have at work(The Maritime museum & Aquarium in Gothenburg). I have some guesses myself, but I would like to get some more suggestions. There might be many pictures and species (my guess is that we have around 25 species). So I...
  24. KMench

    Another SPS ID Thread

    Hello, I purchased these frags locally from a vendor. He stated they were maricultured corals and couldn't provide a definitive name for them except the one, which he called a rainbow stag. Can anyone assist in ID who knows more than myself? TIA!
  25. K

    Coral ID

    It was sitting just green over a year, and now starting coloring up with nice pink: