1. H

    California Live Goods [Bay Area] Corals Rehome (Master Button, Dragon Soul Torch, Bounce)

    LOCATION: DALY CITY PICK UP Will be heading to CFM Sat morning Indonesian Dragon Soul Torch (Purchased from Aquatic Collection) $100 - 1 Head Master Button Scoly (Quarter size) Asking:$200 Colors: Green. Yellow, Orange, Red, white, purple ring Australian Duncan: MULTIPLE HEADS DEALS $30-60...
  2. G

    Need more acros

    Hello quick question I have a 180 that’s going to be sps dominated but I need help I want to buy a bunch of sps and Indo like bulk does anyone know a good website or a wholesaler that can help me out ???
  3. Tangina20

    New Mexico Indo green torch

    I have a splitting head of indo green torch for $130 from this mother colony. Price doesn’t include shipping, standard DOA applies with a clear picture inside of original shipping bag within 2 hours of arrival on first delivery attempt. Frogspawn freebie with the order!
  4. Tangina20

    New Mexico Indo Torch, Black widow, Rainbow BTA

    I have 2 head’s of green indo torch as well as a 6” black widow BTA and a few smaller Rainbow BTA’s. Prices don’t include shipping, standard DOA applies with a clear picture inside of original shipping bag within 2 hours of arrival on first delivery attempt. Indo green torch-$100 Rainbow...
  5. Blinkdo

    Florida TGC Indo Dragon Soul Torch Euphyllia Aquaculture

    The torch was originally purchased from TGC as the holy grail from Indo but looks much closer to the Dragon Soul rainbow. These exact ones were selling at Reefapalooza for $600-$800 a head. Fully aquaculture and grown from 2 heads. Get yours as prices keep going up due to the Indo ban. $500...
  6. GTM42

    North Carolina Aussie gold torch and lime green indo torch

    Hi everyone, I have a pink tipped lime green torch, $150 shipped, and an aussie gold torch with two heads for $900 shipped. PM for more details pics, or if you want a video. Standard DOA rules apply. Pictures with coral in the original bag within 2 hours of delivery. Must be received on first...
  7. The new fish on the block

    Let’s Debate!

    ** Mods please delete if not allowed** Hey everyone, I just got reading the newest update on the Indo coral ban and it angered me about what Susi Pudjiastuti is trying to do. And I have one huge question. How is someone so unqualified allowed to be in charge of something so important to that...
  8. Vidarrecife


    Did a few hours dig on the internet and found nothing about it so let's start... I live in the Dominican Republic and buying corals here has been a pain in the butt. With a lot of work, we got all the permissions related to import corals and we mainly were buying corals from the US. We get to...
  9. Nick Hope

    SATURATION - Colorful Marine Creatures from Indonesia & The Philippines

    I made a video of colorful little marine life that I found on dives in the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, and at Anilao in The Philippines. There is a subtitle track containing the common and scientific names of all the marine life. Some of the species are exotic and rare. Feedback is welcome.