1. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Salt for Shrimp?

    Do you guys think using Instant Ocean Sea Salt (Purple Bag) is ok to use for a yellow coral banded shrimp? Does it have enough iodine and other trace elements for it. I also have 2, 5 gallon buckets of Instant Ocean Reef Salts. I'm going to guess this one is better, but was just wondering if...
  2. R

    Hitchiker/Pest/Critter/ what the heck IS THIS, Please Help!

    I bought my first ever coral about 4 months ago, a small 2 head Torch and a fungia plate coral, I dipped them both and got a small flatworm off the torch luckily. A few days into owning the torch and watching it get used to the water and extend, I noticed a little section of bristly exoskeleton...
  3. R

    What is the coolest Hitchhiker that has made their way into your tank?

    We all like to treat our Coral with dip and maybe some of us don't do it or never have at all. I would like to know, what is the coolest hitchhiker that has made their way into your tank? Through buying Coral, live rock or live sand or anything. It would be interesting to find out if anyone has...
  4. R

    Australia and Nudibranchs/Sea Slugs.

    Hypothetically if you were Australian and you were struggling for months to find a distributor in your country to purchase a specific Nudibranch you have researched in depth, and it is illegal to import pretty much all marine animals in Australia without a license. And you didn't want a license...
  5. BTimms

    Desert Island Snail

    If you could have one snail species in your aquarium, what would it be? Okok, well, perhaps you can include honourable mentions in order of utilitarian role. Really though, I’m interested in your desert island one and only choice. One snail to rule over your aquarium reef.
  6. wvfeefkeeper80

    New Comer to Clams

    Just got my first clam. I tried to be wise and started testing for magnesium in addition to all other important parameters like calcium, phosphates and alkalinity. Levels are ideal. Placed clam at bottom of Fluval 32.5 marine, medium flow. Day one open but nervous. Question or best tips/tricks...
  7. efrainrodz.94

    Unknown creature in my glass tank

    Hi guys, I just noticed this in the glass of my tank. Does anyone knows what is this? Is it dangerous? It has like starfish shape.. I never seen this in my tank.
  8. P

    Upside Down Jellyfish species tank

    Hey community! First post here, looking to document my latest venture into exotic animal care. I had seen a post on another social site weeks ago with an Upside Down Jellyfish and never thought about housing them as I am aware Jellyfish are generally very sensitive and hard to care for. This...
  9. A

    Red tuxedo urchin

    My red tuxedo urchin died today and I was hoping to get some ideas as to why. I have had him for two weeks and he was doing good traveling the tank no spine loss. This evening I found his remains. He hadn't shown any signs of sickness no spine loss and was moving around last night. I've not been...
  10. Dcal

    Build Thread SoCal Biotope Temperate Reef (cold water)

    Hello all, Currently there will be a lack of visual aids so sorry if any readers get lost in the descriptions Intro/ TL;DR I am a San Diego native currently finishing up my marine bio bachelors and hoping for eventual PhD after. I am young and have been keeping reefs since I was 13 and...
  11. newave

    Newbie with ID Question - Marine "Ant Trap"?

    Hey, folks! This is my first time posting, so I hope I'm in the appropriate space for help with ID'ing. This morning, as I was inspecting my tank I noticed a sort of "ant trap" in my fine sand. I tried to do relevant Google searches but couldn't find any info. I have noticed no feelers or...
  12. Bento

    "Invested/reverse" Trochus snail

    Hello, Today I was cleaning my tank and found a Trochus snail I that I hadn't seen for awhile and assumed he had been eaten. I didn't pay much attention after that until I was looking in tonight and noticed the snail is upside down in its shell (It moves on its shell instead of the substrate)...
  13. Sipec

    Tiger cowrie+sponge?

    I have a tiger cowrie (his name is Howard) and was wondering if he could eat a blue photosynthetic plating sponge. I read they eat sponges, but the plating sponges contain the hard glassy material ( forgot what it was called.) Could it work?
  14. H

    Pygmy octopus care

    I am looking into starting a tank for a pygmy octopus. Do any of you have experience keeping a pygmy octopus or even a larger sized one? If so, let me know. I would like to read your tank journal. I have a few questions off the bat. Please feel free to respond whether or not you have kept...
  15. BloopFish

    Nano Build BloopFish's Hodge Podge Reef Fluval Nano 13.5g

    Was meaning to make a thread of the timeline of my nano tank for a while... Initial Wish List: 2 Pom pom crabs 1 Porcelain Anemone Crab 2 Skunk cleaner shrimp/fire shrimp 3 Sexy Shrimp 1 Emerald Crab 1 Halloween hermit crab 1 Bumblebee shrimp 1 Anemone shrimp (like a Pederson's) October 3...
  16. S

    Harlequin shrimp

    Will harlequins go after brittle sea stars?
  17. S

    Starfish suggestions for a 40 gallon

    I want to add an easy care starfish to my 40 gallon breeder tank. It's been running for 2 years. So far no Corals, but will add in the future. I was thinking about a sand sifting starfish. Any suggestions. In my tank: Reef crabs Conch snail Turbo snail 2 clown fish 2 dartfish
  18. ethanbear111

    Inverts Won’t Survive

    I have a Reefer 350 that has been running for about five to six months, with three fish, a mini angel, a royal gramma and a damsel fish. I have tried all sorts of invertebrates and they just won’t survive. Snails, coral, an anemone and cleaner shrimp. My only living invert is a tiny blue hermit...