Replacing Pistol Shrimp

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Dec 9, 2022
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Charleston, SC
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I have a 16 gallon mixed reef tank that already has a pincushion urchin, fire shrimp, coco worms, rock flowers, and a couple of snails. I also have a pistol shrimp. Unfortunately the pistol shrimp never comes out during the day and loves to grab corals and pull them into its lair at night (even when glued down). I'm thinking of trading it in and getting something else that will be fun to watch. I don't have a huge algae problem (hair algae every once in a while) and mostly want something that will be active (not hide all day) and won't hurt my corals (zoas, xenia, candy canes, duncans, GSP). Eating hair algae would just be a bonus. Any suggestions?
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