pistol shrimp

  1. Zoa_Fanatic

    Goby and shrimp pair for a 16 gallon

    I’ve got a 16 gallon biocube with only a four stripe damsel in it. He’s old so eventually he’ll pass on me. When he does can I get by with a shrimp and goby pair in a tank this small? Any suggestions on the goby? I’m going with a candy cane pistol since the LFS only gets MASSIVE tigers when they...
  2. Karen00

    Pom Pom Crab in 5g with goby/pistol pair

    Hello fellow saltines, I've been trying to find out whether a goby/pistol pair that I currently have in my tank will be compatible with a pom pom crab? I know they are compatible in general I just wasn't sure if a 5g might be too small to house them together. What I'm concerned about is the pom...
  3. Karen00

    Pistol shrimp moving sand (looking for solution)

    Hello fellow saltines, I'm looking for some suggestions regarding my pistol shrimp moving sand around. Firstly, I knew these little guys were busy beavers when I got him so that's not my query. My pistol and I do this daily dance where he moves most of the sand from one side of the tank to the...
  4. C

    Multiple pistol shrimp?

    Hello everybody, I am setting up an IM Nuvo 10 gallon nano, and for my stocking I was wondering if I could keep 2 Randall’s pistols and a yasha Goby together. I’m not sure if the two pistols will fight? Most people it seems to work out for them but I want to make sure, thanks.
  5. InvertGang

    Easy to Feed Shrimp Goby

    Hello! I'm planning on getting a candy stripe pistol shrimp and a shrimp goby to pair with it. I've been doing some research on different types of shrimp goby and I'm trying to find one to pair with it once I get it. I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 with a deep sand bed with no modifications (yet)...
  6. Blueberry Wrasse

    New Tiger Pistol Shrimp Attacking Yellow Watchmen Goby!

    Hello, I recently introduced a tiger pistol shrimp to a 75 gallon tank with a small yellow watchman goby already in it. They seemed to have paired on day 1 but the goby is now constantly out of the hole. I have noticed new fresh bruises today and later noticed that when the goby got close to the...
  7. HBoojie

    Goby and pistol pair

    So I will start with a list of fish I plan to have for my 24g nano reef: Clown pair Black cap basslet 6 line wrasse These are a few I want to add, I also want a goby for sand sifting, but would also like to add a pistol shrimp because I’d like to see them pair and watch how they work together...
  8. nanonøkk

    yasha goby and japanese snapping shrimp question

    ok so it turns out my tank needs more live stock so i decided to finally get a yasha goby and after a while of looking i saw that people where saying they could pair with one of these which i ordered and now after reading a lot there’s a lot of it might kill the fish and it might not so any help...
  9. Sharkbait19

    Aurora Goby question

    Hi, For a few months I’ve been looking for a Randall’s goby (Amblyeleotris randalli) to pair with my tiger pistol shrimp. Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock everywhere, but I found a place with an Aurora goby (Amblyeleotris Aurora). Does anyone have some experience with them? Are they...
  10. tailoftwogobies

    one hifin two pistol shrimp..

    maybe this is something that happens in a lot of tanks, but we are so excited about this little pairing. we’ve tried to re pair our hifin goby with another hifin (after a gorilla crab killed it’s original first friend) & shrimp and failed so we found another tiny candy cane pistol shrimp & said...
  11. Beaker1811

    Proper substrate for YWG/pistol shrimp

    I currently have a sand bed of about 3” of CaribSea Fiji Pink. I am about to add a Yellow Watchman Goby / Pistol shrimp pair and I’m worried that this won’t be substantial enough for them to make their burrows with. Any advice on what I could add and how I might go about mixing it into an...
  12. SpendoEndo

    The Pico Squad

    The show piece live stock in my 5gal pico :D Got a good pic of em chillin together
  13. Beaker1811

    Pistol Shrimp - Bad Neighbor or Wrongfully Accused?

    I am wanting to do a YWG/pistol shrimp combo, but have read a few stories of pistol shrimp accidentally killing fish (something about being a blind man running around with a loaded gun) and I have some fish that I am definitely not willing to sacrifice on the pistol shrimp altar. My question is...
  14. adamlodge14

    Fire shrimp aggressive?

    Hi! I just received my first fish for my 15 gallon today, yay!! I got a Yasha goby. Tomorrow I am picking up a Randall’s pistol shrimp, and was wondering whether it’s a good time to put a fire shrimp in the tank? Are they aggressive? Will they become territorial?
  15. adamlodge14

    Cleaner + pistol shrimp

    Hi, I am currently thinking about stocking for my 15 gallon marine tank. I would like a Yasha goby and a candy pistol shrimp (pair them up) I would also like a cleaner shrimp. Would these guys be ok with each other? I’ve heard so many good things about cleaner shrimp but just wanted to ask
  16. Mr & Mrs Hartz

    Yellow watchman goby & tiger pistol disappeared?

    Wondering if anybody else with a paired goby/pistol shrimp has experienced this. We got a yellow watchman goby last Wednesday and put him in the tank with a tiger pistol at the same time. They hit it off within 30 min and paired. BFFs. Later that night, the shrimp took off and made a burrow with...
  17. gaving

    Pistol shrimp are clown fish

    I had two clown fish and a pistol shrimp. And some coral (torch, frogspawn, hammer and mushroom) I woke up and one of the clown fish was dead in the shrimps cave that he made. This is the second time this happened I got fish like 5 months ago and the same thing happened 3 weeks after I got them...
  18. E


    I have recently purchased a golden sleeper goby and pistol shrimp pair as well as a diamond sleeper goby for my tank. I have seen the golden goby but the shrimp and Dimond goby are mia. I know there in the tank I just want to know if it’s ok for the diamond goby to completely Burry it’s self not...
  19. Zoe’s Reef

    Is my YWG acting "normal"?

    So I brought home a Yellow Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp 4 days ago. The YWG came from one store, and the Pistol Shrimp came from another. I've been having a very hard time to find a pair at LFS around me, so when I found one of each I decided to go for it. I obviously want my YWG and shrimp...
  20. nanonøkk

    what’s the most reef safe shrimp

    ok so i’m wondering on what the most reef safe shrimp is because i’m looking to get one and as i’m looking i’m not seeing very good things. so i first though coral bandit shrimp because i heard- they were reef safe but the i kept reading and it looked to be a 50/50 on if they would eat corals...
  21. Reeffire

    Nano Build 2.5 Gallon Reef

    So I just started a 2.5 gal and got a Pistol Shrimp and Orange Stripe Prawn Goby. Corals: Green & Red Favia. I hope to get some more LPS and some mushrooms.
  22. Yasha Goby & his plus one

    Yasha Goby & his plus one

    Pair at my LFS made me have to get them
  23. AddyBoy

    Dracula goby and pistol shrimp not pairing

    So I’m new to reef2reef but I would love some advise on what to do about my new dracula goby and practically microscopic pistol shrimp. I introduced the pair (Dracula goby and Randall’s pistol shrimp) to my JBJ 45 all in one tank about 3 days ago. I siphoned a small hole for them to take refuge...
  24. Cantusaurus

    Pistol Shrimp Lost Claws

    I recently noticed when feeding that my tiger pistol shrimp lost his large front claws! :( Prior to the pincher loss, he normal and healthy, he would always hide in the burrow and would occasionally leave with the Watchman Goby, especially when feeding. I was feeding and he wouldn't completely...
  25. Alyssa.Weber

    How does the pairing of the shrimp goby and pistol shrimp work?

    I know you can get a watchman goby and a pistol shrimp as a pair but I have also heard that each species of shrimp goby has a certain species of pistol shrimp that pairs with it. If this is true, what are the common pairings? Also is the pairing something I can do myself?- meaning can I...