1. A

    Looks like a pod but any confirmation?

    So I was taking a dinoflagellate ID and I saw this little pod that looks like it was stuck or it was feeding. Can anyone confirm? I attached a video, and to see it you need to be on a laptop or desktop. It doesn’t work from the phone for some reason. #reefsquad
  2. RedFrog211

    Help Identify this Isopod!

    Dipped some zoas and found an alarming number of these guys floating afterwards. Hoping they’re just another harmless inhabitant, but I’m looking forward to any answers/advice - 6 line wrasse is in QT and will be in the display in about 1 week.
  3. R

    Hitchiker/Pest/Critter/ what the heck IS THIS, Please Help!

    I bought my first ever coral about 4 months ago, a small 2 head Torch and a fungia plate coral, I dipped them both and got a small flatworm off the torch luckily. A few days into owning the torch and watching it get used to the water and extend, I noticed a little section of bristly exoskeleton...
  4. Lady of Babylon

    Which isopod is this guy?

    I love weird things in my tank. But I do like to know what they are and what they eat before I let them run loose in my tank. Arrived in a package of pods.
  5. Jay Hemdal

    Arthropod Parasites of Aquarium Fish - Hemdal

    This is an excerpt from my upcoming fish disease book - a section on arthropod parasites of fish; isopods and copepods.
  6. dtruitt

    Isopod(?) ID

    Found this guy under an acan rotundiflora frag.
  7. N

    Good or Bad?

    I believe its an isopod. Cant tell if its a good thing or bad.
  8. A

    UPDATE - Yellow Tang with Isopod? Now removed

    I have a yellow tang that seems to have an isopod attached to it. What would you recommend for treatment? Is it dangerous? We removed the beast with tweezers. It took some fin with it. Fish seems OK for the ordeal. Here are some pics
  9. Betta_baby

    Caught this sucker alive: is this an isopod?

    My LFS told me that I had an isopod in my tank based on a video I showed them. I think this is the same critter, can you tell me what this is? *IMPORTANT EDIT* and if it IS, could there be more????? Suspected isopod: Current captive:
  10. TCReef84

    Free Swimming Isopod I.D.

    Hello everyone, I am having trouble with getting a positive identification on what appears to be an Isopod of some sort. This is the second time they have appeared in the water column since I have upgraded aquarium sizes and added live sand. They resemble Cirolanid Isopods, but they are very...
  11. Idoc

    Help with identifying this from my filter sock

    I found this in my filter sock tonight. Its about 3/8-1/2" in length and very active. It curls its back tail up under itself and seems to have front arms/legs held tightly to its body like a pistol shrimp or mantis shrimp. Kind of swims on its side... or maybe that's because I don't have...
  12. J

    Small isopod pillbug thing?? Normal?

    I was just putting random pieces of liverock from my display to my sump and noticed this tiny little guy. Looks like a tiny chiton really. Maybe it is. Also there is a snail thing next to it. Looks like a limpet to me. Keep in mine that these guys are both tiny. Millimeters across. Any ideas?
  13. Sarah Grace

    ID Please

    I just wanted to double check that these are copepods on my glass, and not something that will cause harm.
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