kessil a360x

  1. Jared Biehler

    Kessil A360X Color Mismatch

    I'm having trouble figuring out what steps I should take to ensure that both of my Kessil A360X fixtures have the same light profile. Both fixtures are showing up in the Kessil Wifi app and they both respond when I adjust the profile or roll through the various times of day. However, as you can...
  2. Chipper1978

    Kessil A360X Placement

    Hello, all. I am waiting for my Waterbox 130.4 to arrive and am planning a mixed reef of fish, LPS, and a few strategically placed SPS. I already have 2 Kessil A360X lights with the A Series Mounting Arms. To meet the needs of the SPS, I am leaning towards adding a 3rd Kessil A360X. However...
  3. MasterReef

    A Sale That's Too Good To Be True??

    Look what I found on Facebook market place! 3 Kessil A360X's with spectral controller, 3 ridgid mounting arms, and all the power and signal cables. All for $900! I fully expected a scam so I did a lot of research and gave them a full functional check before I handed over the money. The only...
  4. Kessil

    Share Your Schedules!

    Share your schedule for your Spectral Controller or WiFi Dongle below! We want to know what schedules work best for you. Please share your timepoints with corresponding color and intensity. As well as the number of lights, the model of light, tank dimensions, and type of livestock (Mixed reef...
  5. Kessil

    WiFi Dongle is Finally Here!!

    As many of you may have heard Kessil officially released the WiFi Dongle at MACNA and will be available for purchase in October 2019. We are very excited to finally launch this product we have been perfecting for so long. I'm here to answer any questions you may have about the WiFi Dongle. Ask...
  6. ReefNerd

    Switching to Kessil - 3 Month Review of the A360X

    Hey Everyone! Today's video has been 3 months in the making! I changed lights to Kessil! So here at the 90 day point its time to drop my first review, impressions, most importantly the results I've seen through the transition! Please like and subscribe if you like my content and I will keep...
  7. MarineDepot

    Kessil: Buy Now, Pay Later

    Kessil: Buy Now, Pay Later Pay over 3 or 6 months with rates from 0% APR
  8. bckey

    Texas Kessil A360x's, Spectral Controller X, Orphek Atlantic V4 gen2 compact

    Everything is sold. Thanks! I have an Orphek Atlantic V4 gen 2 compact with gateway 2 for sale @ $650 shipped (SOLD) *UPDATE* All Kessil lights and controller sold. I have 3 kessil A360X's for sale @$375 each shipped (firm) (SOLD) I also have a kessil controller x for sale @ $85...
  9. tehSAC

    Indiana Kessil a360x Tuna Blue

    Was planning an upgrade from my NUVO 10 this winter but some things fell through and need to focus on those instead. Can’t hang this over the Nano either unless someone wants fried coral. Box has only been opened to take a look at the light and take photos. Not even plugged in! Anyway...
  10. MRRBW

    Equipment checklist options review

    So I am slowly working on collecting all the equipment I need for my next build. It's going to be an IM 25 lagoon with the back box filter section removed and an external overflow put in its place and have all the filtration done by a sump in the stand. The goal is to have a couple burmees, ie...
  11. tsav87

    Kessil A360X Lighting Schedules Thread

    Just wanted to start a thread for fellow A360X owners to post and share their lighting schedules. Here’s mine. 5:00am Clr=0, Int=1, Vi=0 R=0, G=0 9:00am Clr=10, Int=30, Vi=10 R=5, G=5 12:00pm Clr=30, Int=70, Vi=70 R=15, G=15 2:30pm Clr=50, Int=80, Vi=80 R=15, G=15 5:00pm Clr=30...
  12. MarineDepot

    Tank or Treat

    Tank or Treat You pick: save $5 or $10! PLUS: New Coral Essentials, Ocean Cleanup Interview, Hybrid Light Giveaway, A360X Pre-Order, and a Rod's Food Hack!
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