kessil a80

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  2. scott11106

    What color lights do i use for refugium?

    i have 2 h80 kessil's and they can be tweaked to the red spectrum or blue spectrum and i am trying to grow some algae but not sure where to set lights, under the blue there did not seem to be any growth so i switched to red but not sure that is right?? please give me thoughts as the chaeto...
  3. Raindog3030

    Nightstand Nano - 7g Waterbox

    OK, we have done it, another reef is getting wet this week! Presenting my Waterbox 7g AIO cube! Parts List: Waterbox 7g AIO w/ ECO66 pump (Removed) Added Cobalt Mini-MJ 404 Hydor Koralia Nano 240 Cobalt Neo-Therm 25w Kessil A80 w/ Gooseneck Mini Smart Plug (my $10 lighting controller, with...
  4. J

    My Innovative Marine Stepdown Tank

    Started in July 2017, my 20 gal stepdown reef is thriving with lots of small fish and some really nice frags! I have a pair of bangii cardinals, sharknose goby, red scooter blenny, Catalina Goby, hi-finned redbanded shrimp goby and the smallest yellow tang I’ve ever seen! For filtration I have...
  5. izzyishh

    DFW: New Kessil a360we and a80

    Located in Dallas have a brand new Kessil a360we tuna blue and a 80 blue never been open I decided to go another direction for my build. asking $320 for the a360we and $100 for the a80. Or take both for $400!
  6. Somuchflo99

    Ok light me up

    need info about kessil a80 is it proper for my 20 gal drop off tank or do I need more what should I get other than what I already have please let me know
  7. ShaLin

    Kessil A80 Tuna Blue with Mini Gooseneck & Kessil Spectral Controller

    Selling it all together or light with gooseneck & controller separate. Only been used for 7 months (bought on 11/11/2016). Kessill A80 Tuna Blue with Mini Gooseneck -- $130 Kessill Spectral Controller -- $80 Light, Gooseneck, & Controller -- $200
  8. Fishhands

    Hand's 40g of whatever

    Ok. I know what your thinking, "Another 40b ?" Well me too. I've had nano tanks recenty and a 50 tall some time ago. I just always wanted a 40b. I really like the dimensions. Lots of depth not too tall and 3ft long. Well now I have one and decided to start a thread. Mostly for the journal...
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  10. ShaLin

    BioCube 29G Re-Build

    So I have a thread going already in the Nano category. Needed to create one here for the Red Sea Manx Nano contest. Here is the link to my build.
  11. ShaLin

    Kessil A80 Schedule for Growth

    About a month ago I bought the Kessil A80 for my 29G planned LPS dominant tank. I am starting to load the tank with more coral each week. Does anyone have a good schedule for lighting to promote growth? Thanks! Have a reef day!
  12. ShaLin

    ShaLin's Biocube 29 "Rebirth" Build

    So I though I would start a thread on the "rebirth" of my Biocube 29 here. Any thoughts, recommendations, insight, and criticism are appreciated. Current Equipment (my path to this will be described below): Coralife Biocube 29G Ecotech MP10w ES Powerhead InTank Media Basket (using Filter Floss...