1. J

    25 gallon lagoon fish stocking

    Hey! So I have a 25gallon im lagoon ( not a Aio) Currently have two clowns ( maybe bonded ) Two dragonets Trying to see what other fish would work for my tank I’m looking at cardinals Smaller angelfish ( I have a 50 gallon I can move her to once she’s too big ) Open to other ideas
  2. AquaForge

    Maxspect XF330 Cloud x2 in IM150 Lagoon

    I'm gearing up for the arrival of my new IM 150 EXT Lagoon next week. Right now, I’ve got a 60 gallon custom setup rocking a single MS xf330 powerhead on the back wall, which seems sufficient because my return pump is a tad overpowered and does a solid job creating good water flow on its own...
  3. M

    IM 50 ext w 32 gal sump Stocking Advice

    Hi, I recently purchased a 50 gallon aquarium by innovative marine and was wondering if my planned stocking list works for the aquarium. Any advice is apppreciate! My list: 2 storm clownfish, 1 Midas blenny, 1 flame back angel, 1 neon goby, 1 fire fish, 1 green chromis, 1 damselfish, 1 Bangaii...
  4. K

    Innovative marine Sr 80

    Hi I’m looking to purchase an Innovative marine sr 80 tank and stand i would prefer the white stand, I’m located in Michigan and willing to drive anywhere in the state and possibly neighboring states as well for the correct price
  5. C

    Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Planet Aquariums Tideline 62g Lagoon - SOLD

    I have a brand new Planet Aquariums Tideline 62g AIO Lagoon for sale. It has never had water in it. I bought it new with intentions of setting up a second tank, but have not had the time. It comes with the tank and stand pictured, as well as 2 return pumps and custom media baskets made...
  6. laguna-madre

    Build Thread 40g macroalgae & soft coral lagoon

    introduction (10/28/23): hey everyone :grinning-face-with-big-eyes: I wanted to share my progress on transferring my current 29g macroalgae tank to a newly empty 40 gallon breeder. I'm excited to do this because I feel like I will be able to keep so many more macros in the 40 than in the 29. The...
  7. C

    Build Thread New Build: Tideline AIO 47 Lagoon

    Size upgrade from a Fluval AIO 13 gallon to a Tideline AIO 47gal Lagoon tank. I am creating a thread to document the build process for myself and those who found as little information as I did on this relatively new tank. It took a bit of cleaning to remove all of the dust from transit, but...
  8. tech_reefer

    California Aquariums Drygoods pnw-custom Lagoon Frag Tank | 12in (4 Gallons)

    For sale No shipping Includes return pump, media basket, and frag rack. $250 cash It's new
  9. bdesign

    Ohio Aquariums Drygoods 62G Tideline Rimless Lagoon AIO

    New / Completely Unused Pick-Up Only Zip Code: 45011 LINK to specifics
  10. fasterznu

    North Carolina Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro 2, 40L AIO Aquarium W/stand FS

    Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Pro 2 40L AIO aquarium with stand (white). Comes complete with Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro, Ecotech MP10, Helios 400W dual element heater, 15 gallon ATO kit from Innovative marine and 3 filter socks. Tank has been fully cycled and is ready to go. I will include a few...
  11. QuirkyReefer

    Florida Live Goods **UPDATED** 1 Year old 50gal IM Lagoon

    Selling my 50gal AIO IM Lagoon No time to properly care of it and moving soon. What’s included: IM 50 gal tank & Stand Radeon XR15 Gen 6 w/ diffuser purchased 8/12/22 (2) Nero 5’s one is a 2020 the other 2021 Profilux Mega Set purchased 2/5/22 IceCap skimmer InkBird titanium heater Livestock...
  12. xtravism

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods ISO OF 50-80 gallon Nuvo lagoon tank or SR series. Or waterbox frag 105

    Trying to buy a lagoon styled tank. Will drive if it’s a good deal and worth the gas and time. Located in Eustis, FL
  13. REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2022: Inland Reef's Amazing Coastal Lagoon

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2022: Inland Reef's Amazing Coastal Lagoon

    R2R Username: @inland_reef Build Thread: Inland Reef's Coastal Lagoon Introduction: Hello all! First off, I want to thank Reef2Reef for picking my reef tank as May’s Reef of the Month! I have been following along the Reef of the Month winners for years and can say the previous winners have...
  14. mari08

    Florida WTB Innovative marine INT/EXT 112/150

    Hello! Looking for an Innovative Marine INT or EXT 75 gallons and up. 112 or 150 preferably with APS stand. In S. Florida. I could travel up to Orlando area or up by Naples is also doable. Please let me know. Thank you!!
  15. Luna Lagoona

    Build Thread Luna's Lil' Lagoon - IM 25 Lagoon - Canada

    You're thinking, "ANOTHER 25 LAGOON?!!! . . . Well, Yes! . . . but with a twist. This one is MINE! ;) ;Cat I am limited in size due to my current apartment situation etc but I would love to have a larger (but still shallow) tank someday! Once I have my own house maybe. Originally I was...
  16. Schraufabagel

    Build Thread Schrauf's IM Lagoon 25 Mixed Macro Algae Reef

    I'm starting this build thread a little early. I am moving apartments in late March and am using that opportunity to transfer my Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 contents to the new lagoon layout. It fit's my desired look far better, allowing for mangroves and more horizontal space for macro algaes...
  17. C

    Tiger Conch Temp Tank Switch

    Just picked up a Tiger conch for our second tank that I’ve recently started up. It seems happy and been doing it’s thing. I’m wondering if I can borrow it for my second tank which is about a year old to cleanup the sandbed for a few days and then place him back in its original tank. Just want...
  18. C

    Nano Build Stocking Feedback & Advice - IM Lagoon 25

    Been working on getting a new IM Lagoon 25 tank setup which is currently cycling. So starting to get more serious about thoughts on stocking. The tank is mostly for my kids so they have requested a few of the options. Looking for advice on if this combo would work well and then in what order...
  19. Q

    IM 25 lagoon question

    Hello , New to this forum. Does anyone know what the water level should be like in these tanks ? IM 25 lagoon, more specifically the water level where the return pump is located. any help is appreciated. Thanks
  20. C

    Nano Build Nano Tank #2: IM Lagoon 25 Build

    We have been running a Biocube 32 for almost a year now and my son has finally broken my will to resist more tanks. Originally we were going to go with a large scale 100+ gallon tank but I just don't feel comfortable/ready for that yet so we are doing a second nano tank. So we are adding an...
  21. daelie

    Build Thread Daelie's Waterbox Frag 165.6

    I always liked the looks of these shallower tanks and figured I'd really like to build out an SPS lagoon with one of them, so here we are. Tank arrived in pretty good shape, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. A couple pictures after getting the tank and sump unboxed Stand was quite...
  22. Lokipsl

    Build Thread Loki’s 25 gallon Lagoon

    Lighting ☀️ Ecotech Xr30 Gen5 blue Peak intensity 27% Flow 2 x Mp10, 2 x battery backups Stock return pump Filtration 2 x media baskets with poly filter pads to catch detritus ATO Reef Breeders Prism current tank shot
  23. reefpublic

    Build Thread Lagoon reef concept

    Show your lagoon, and what's the biggest problem for lagoon concept i'm just running it for two months Tank 120x80x30 (cm) 300L full system These are mine
  24. BighohoReef

    Nano Build The Mushdarium | Oh-man-o-nano IM 25g lagoon

    New Year, new tank... I finally pulled the IM 25g lagoon out of the garage, let the softie/mushroom tank build finally begin! Decided on the sandy bottom... better for mushrooms and easier to spot if they detach, future fish will need it as well. Water is in, taken from the main tank...
  25. Reefer_NYC

    Build Thread Reefer_NYC Waterbox Frag 55.2 Lagoon Build

    Hello everyone! I know some of you follow me on IG: or my Youtube: and wanted to start a thread on my upgrade process! So I've been in this hobby for easily over 15 years and relatively kept my tanks...