1. Lokipsl

    Build Thread Loki’s 25 gallon Lagoon

    Lighting ☀️ Ecotech Xr30 Gen5 blue Peak intensity 27% Flow 2 x Mp10, 2 x battery backups Stock return pump Filtration 2 x media baskets with poly filter pads to catch detritus ATO Reef Breeders Prism current tank shot
  2. reefpublic

    Build Thread Lagoon reef concept

    Show your lagoon, and what's the biggest problem for lagoon concept i'm just running it for two months Tank 120x80x30 (cm) 300L full system These are mine
  3. BighohoReef

    Nano Build The Mushdarium | Oh-man-o-nano IM 25g lagoon

    New Year, new tank... I finally pulled the IM 25g lagoon out of the garage, let the softie/mushroom tank build finally begin! Decided on the sandy bottom... better for mushrooms and easier to spot if they detach, future fish will need it as well. Water is in, taken from the main tank...
  4. reefer_nyc

    Build Thread Reefer_NYC Waterbox Frag 55.2 Lagoon Build

    Hello everyone! I know some of you follow me on IG: or my Youtube: and wanted to start a thread on my upgrade process! So I've been in this hobby for easily over 15 years and relatively kept my tanks...
  5. mclovings

    Nano Build Gunnar’s IM 25 Reef

    Introduction: Hi and thanks for checking out this thread. I just joined reef2reef and this is my first post. I got into reefing while serving in the military in San Diego California from 2013-2017. I moved back home to Washington state and have always wanted to get back into the hobby. We have...
  6. Steve089

    Build Thread Steve’s IM 30L upgrade!

    going to be upgrading an IM20 to an IM30...since im currently documenting the IM20 progress in my waterbox20 build thread, I thought the new tank deserved it’s own thread!! IM20 is about 18 months old, I got it used off of CL as a full setup. goals of upgrade: more horizontal space for various...
  7. AceB9908

    Build Thread IM Fusion Lagoon 50 AIO!

    So here's my first build thread on here! Got this awesome Lagoon 50 from Innovative Marine to be set up in my room! This is an upgrade for me, as I already have a regular old 10 gallon. Everything will slowly get moved into this one! I plan on keeping it Bare Bottom as I have a Party Crasher...
  8. mikedavematt

    Build Thread Shallow Lagoon Reef - Waterbox Frag 105.4

    Hi - I'm new to the forums and thought I would introduce myself with a tank build thread. Here are some shots of my shallow lagoon reef. It's about 1.5 years old. I call it a shallow lagoon reef tank because it features approximately 50 mangrove seed pods, as well as many some usual livestock...
  9. B

    Frag Build Lowboy frag tank/"Lagoonish" build thread

    Hi All, This is my first post here and I wanted to show everyone where I am currently in my build and allow you to follow along as I finish it out. I hope to get a lot of great advice from you all! My son (10) has really gotten into this hobby and has started his own tank that he is running...
  10. inland_reef

    Build Thread Inland Reef's Coastal Lagoon

    Lets talk about gorgonians... They're an underappreciated coral that can be very beautiful if highlighted in the right way. About a year and a half ago, I started seeing them pop up in my local stores and I started collecting (more like hoarding) all of them, at least the photosynthetic ones...
  11. biggie4jets

    Build Thread 80 Gallon Lagoon Rimless Tank!

    Hey guys, so this is an exciting day! I am going to go pick up my new (used) Deep Blue 80 Gallon Rimless reef ready tank. I went to go check out the tank and stand last night and the tank looked practically brand new, the stand looks alright just needs some love (wrapping and some doors). It is...
  12. Sallstrom

    Help brainstorming mangrove, lagoon and twilight zone exhibits!

    Hi, We are reopening The Maritime Museum & Aquarium late 2022(with a brand new Aquarium!) and are doing research on different habitats that we would like to show in our exhibit, and use in our education. So I would be grateful for any input and ideas on species, habitats and scaping the tanks...
  13. Mav2

    “New” RedSea Reefers

    If you could design a “new” series of tanks for the RedSea Reefer series, what would they look like and what features would they incorporate?
  14. R33fedOut

    AIO Build UPDATED: R33fedOut's Innovative Marine Lagoon 25 Mini Frag Tank Build**

    The Innovative Marin Lagoon 25 AIO w/APS Stand is my Newest Build To address My itch for a mini Frag lagoon. This build has been a vision of mine for a while w/o going huge I decided against substrate and chose to go bare bottom with an elevated egg crate frag rack the entire footprint of the...
  15. Metalreefer

    Nano Build Exo Terra saltwater paludarium

    Hello. So I have a Fluval Spec 10L pico. But I feel like its not enough. SOO I decided to upgrade it to something greater. Something you not gonna see in every thread. I got an Exo terra mini X tall. So I’m going to do a half reef and half jungle setup with waterfall, mistmaker and live plants...
  16. L

    Deciding between Kessil and AI Prime

    I currently have a Fluval Evo 13.5 nano tank with the stock lightning. I'm looking to upgrade to something which allows me more control over the settings, and to eventually keep some more advanced corals. I also plan to use this light on a future lagoon tank build which will be about 30g. My...
  17. Jterrell

    AIO Build JTerrell 50 gallon lagoon aio build

    Starting a build thread for my 50 lagoon. Tank should arrive at LFS on Tuesday. Custom stand should be done Wednesday. I currently have a 53 gallon setup with sump. I will be adding new Marco rock and seeding it with some rock from the 53 gallon. Sand and livestock will transfer over to new...
  18. M

    AIO Build IM 50 Lagoon - Dwarf Lionfish species tank!

    Currently updated to 1/10/2019. Happy New Year!! To start off with, my wife is a huge lionfish lover and I'd been trying to convince her to use my Elos120XL as a lionfish species tank, but she wasn't having it. Today we walked into our LFS (Aquatica Gallery in Valley City, OH), and got talking...
  19. C. Eymann

    Build Thread My new 80gal rimless shallow SPS lagoon build.

    Its been almost 2.5 years since I last had a reef aquarium setup, Im very excited to start building another one finally! I have been planning to build one for while now, and I bit the bullet, decided to buy a Xmas present for myself so I just ordered a tank and stand that should be here in a...
  20. teckademics

    Opinions on tank desk build for 25G Lagoon

    I'm building a custom 10ft x 2ft x 2in butcher block desk for my office. Using a 10ft solid birch butcher block from lowes and 3 Ikea Alex Drawers. I plan to setup a 25 Gallon IM Lagoon centered above the middle Alex Drawer. The Lagoon will have an one of the ikea alex drawers which is 14in wide...
  21. Saltyfox

    advice needed on nuvo sump refugium

    I need some ideas/advice on the best place to put a refugium in my nuvo lagoon 25’s sump section. If you have done it or know how you’re going to do it let me see/know please!!
  22. pelican

    Build Thread Shallow Mangrove Lagoon - Custom Build - Indian River Lagoon Biome

    I wanted to share a tank project I am working on in hopes for a bit of advice, most specifically in regards to lighting. I have a pretty large mangrove that I have had for a number of years. The mangrove is about 6 years old and I have had it for the last 3 years. I have kept a few moderately...
  23. El.Kae

    Build Thread El Kae's Bonsai Lagoon 50

    Now that the tank has settled in for about a month, I have some time to put together a build thread. Earlier this year, I received this tank in a trade. It started life as the AIO version of Innovative Marine's Lagoon 50. Even before receiving the tank, I had planned to remove the rear section...
  24. Joe Batt

    Cant find the video on the Apex and Gyre programming

    Hi, I was looking at a BRSTV video last week on the programming of two gyres for a lagoon type flow pattern using the Neptune Apex with the Gyre pumps. I looked in my history but can't find it, and searching isn't bringing it up....Please help if you know the one I mean Disregard...found it
  25. mainn

    Build Thread Shallow Mangrove Cube

    I've got the itch to do another tank and have always wanted to try a shallow mangrove lagoon style tank. I recently picked up the perfect dimension tank for this build and I am really to get started with it. The pics below are my inspiration for the build. Equipment List: 30 Gallon Deep...
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