large aquarium

  1. B

    New Build - In Wall - 340g Display 84x30x30

    Hello all. I’ve never posted on here but enjoyed reading multiple threads over the past few months. We’ve just started renovation on an old home in Charleston SC. It had a perfect spot for me to install my in wall dream tank. I’m a custom cabinet guy so the tank will be sitting in my home office...
  2. ReefReadyYouTube

    Are small tanks really harder to maintain?

    I hear all the time that small tanks are harder to maintain because of less water volume, any mess ups and your screwed. But with a large tank isn’t it harder to come back from a mess up because there’s soo much water. With a smaller tank you also don’t have to use as much of a product like for...
  3. Reefer_Tom

    My Planet Aquariums 300 Gallon Peninsula Reef Tank

    Starting a build thread on my 300 Gallon Planet Aquariums Peninsula Reef Tank. This this has a Total water volume of just over 400 Gallons (420 Gallons to be exact) including the sump and the refugium.
  4. DurbelMcDillett

    Build thread for my 300 gallon mixed reef tank + filtration room

    Hey gang, I had the good fortune of buying a custom built 300 gallon glass aquarium and custom built stand from my dentist a few months back. I've been telling him for a few years that I want to buy the aquarium because he didn't ever have any water in it (the previous dentist in the practice...
  5. Peter K

    Upgrade #4 (and not the last) - 360G Main Display

    Hey everyone, To start off, I figured I'd say a little about myself and my fiance and our experiences in the hobby. I am lucky enough to have a partner who is as enthusiastic about the hobby as myself (at some points she can be even a bit too enthusiastic...) We have now been in the...
  6. Jose Berry

    225g rebuild.

    I know this would be my second 225 g aquarium purchase. I had started the other build but it’s been a stand still. (Time)(a lot is need for the tank) This is a shorter but wider and taller tank then my other one. I will be getting this done a lot quicker as it’s easier to turn around. It just...
  7. AquaLocker

    Large Livestock - L, XL, XXL & Show Sizes Available (Coral, Fish & Inverts)

    As of Monday, Nov 26, 2018 @12:30 p.m. EST (PRICES BELOW ARE BEFORE COUPON) - Save up to 20% OFF with coupon code: BLKFRI10 Angels Annularis Angel, Adult – Show (Sample: SAVE $128!!! Price drops to $511.99 from $639.99) – 1 Avail. Asfur Angel – Large ($195.99 – on sale BEFORE coupon)...
  8. Peter K

    LED’s for large tank - what would be your choice?

    Good morning all, So come April/May, we will be upgrading to a 425g tank - 120”x36”x24” and are going through the planning phase right now. I took advantage of Black Friday to buy a decent amount of the equipment and have planned most things out,however, the one aspect that I change my...
  9. T

    Could a Refugium only filter work?

    hello I am building a 190 gallon reef tank tank with a fifty five gallon sump. I was wondering if it would be possible to make the whole sump a refugium and fill it with chaeto algae and around 75 mangrove trees. Would this provide adequate filtration
  10. Sallstrom

    Swedish fish - behind the scenes rebuilding a public aquarium

    Hi I thought I might start a new thread writing about our journey building a new public aquarium. I work as a marine biologist and aquarist at The Maritime Museum & Aquarium in Gothenburg, Sweden. I think I've been here about a decade now. Time flies :) The Aquarium was founded in 1923, and...
  11. mike wilson

    Refugium research

    I will start off saying I'm not new to the hobby but have been out for 2 years now. I am in the planning stages of getting a reef tank up and running again (180 gallon). My question is this would a large refugium septate from the sump (say 75-120 gallon tank) be enough even if I was heavily...
  12. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    1in RFG Nozzle for Sea Swirls and Threaded Bulkheads!

    The new 1in Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle with the 1in modal hose fitting and NPT part is now available. it's perfect for your 1in Sea Swirl or threaded 1in bulkheads. . The RFG...
  13. Peter K

    Experience with large 300+ gallon tanks from Custom Aquariums or Coast to Coast

    Hi all, We're in the market for a 350-500 gallon tank in the next few months and have narrowed it down to a few manufacturers, Coast to coast and custom aquariums. I am curious if anyone has experience with LARGE (350+) tanks from either of these manufacturers. I've heard nothing but...
  14. Peter K

    Manufacturer for LARGE tanks (400+ gallons)

    Hi everyone, In about 8 months my girlfriend and I will be upgrading our 180 to around a 400-500 reef and in doing research I was curious about peoples experiences / opinions on two manufacturers we have narrowed it down to for now (open to others). The two would be either glass cages...
  15. Sallstrom

    10000L Coral reef at The Maritime Museum & Aquarium Sweden

    Hi everyone :) Since I don't have any aquarium at home anymore I will write some about a reef tank at my work. I works as a marine biologist at Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet, or The Maritime Museum & Aquarium in English, in Gothenburg Sweden. We are a small non profit public aquarium/museum. I am...
  16. Mini Coop

    New 180 Build - Mini Coop's Dream Tank

    Hello all! Well, my 120 is still being taken care of by my in-laws since we moved in July. And now, she is finally here! The local LFS had a sale, and I got my 180 with the overflow and return kit, furniture grade stand AND lids for under $1500 all new! A deal I couldn't refuse! We will be...
  17. BigKid4788

    Bigkid 280g build

    Hey guys! Wanted to share my current build. Been planning this for a while now. Took some time to try and figure out what would be the best way to go. Your feedback is certainly welcome and appreciated. Just so everyone knows I have a LFS (Aquarium Artisans) doing all the work. I'm not...
  18. P

    Problems leveling tank

    Morning Everyone, So I have run into an issue with my tank. I ended up getting this off Craiglist and everything looked fine. It is a 180 gallon reef ready with a twist, the bottom panel is a PVC like material with a plywood backing (photographs to follow) I resealed the tank and built the...
  19. magicstix

    Please help me determine if I need to reinforce my floor (pics/info)

    I'm planning out my next aquarium build. I'm pretty sure I can get away with a 180 gallon no problem, but I want to go big, much bigger, say 240 gallons or more bigger. The only problem is that my den isn't exactly on concrete, and I'm trying to determine if I need to reinforce the floor. "Just...
  20. R

    Andrew's 300 gallon build

    Decided to post my build thread on a 300 gallon reef tank. I have had anywhere from a 10 gallon to a 125 gallon aquarium and decided it was time to upgrade. Have had saltwater tanks for past 15 years previously freshwater before that. Enjoying the hobby so much and have learned a lot along the...
  21. Johnson

    Custom corner drop off tank diy

    Hello everyone Ive been in the hobby for about 2 years now and have been contemplating a custom tank build. I have 2 150 gallon tanks now one a 150 tall and a 150 half moon. I have some larger tangs that are starting to out grow the 150 half moon . So I was thinking about doing a 450 gallon L...
  22. V

    350GAL - Multi Aquarium Living room project

    So, I got a project (tasked by the power my god, err wife) I'm working on for our living room. It's not that hard of a project I think, if you break em up in small chuck... Overview:: Orange is the Overflow Purple is the Return flow Yellow is the Emergency Overflow pipe Red is the pump Green...