1. D

    Need help stocking my new tank

    Hi everyone I’m looking to stock my 90 gallon tank with coral in fish. I already have 1 gsp 1 duncan 1xenia 1 devil hand leather 1 toadstool leather 1 favia 1 gontipora 1 candy cane 2 sets of zoanthids 1 mushroom. 1 clown 1 Montipora that won’t grow 1 lavender tang who I am looking to get...
  2. becky1107

    Toadstool ID please

    We've had this toadstool a while now but never figured out which species it is. It is big and extremely wavy in the flow. Thanks
  3. Dragonboas

    South Carolina Live Goods Torch colonies, leathers, clove colonies and more

    I've got torch colonies, clove colonies, leathers, chalices, gonis available. Shipping available. Message if interested. dragon soul torch $249.99 double head. Pink/purple short tentacle goni $299.99 Orange Chalice frag $79.99 Firework cloves frags $19.99 Neon Green devils hand leather...
  4. TheTruTaric

    Michigan Live Goods ZOA, Cool Soft Coral, Florida Mushroom, LPS ETC

    Hello. Message me for pics or offers my prices are not firm if you get more than 1 :) Currently, for sale, I have some * ~1-6-month-old frags of neon tyre green long polyp toadstool in a variety of sizes ranging from $15-$45 * A strange gorgonian, purple with super fury long polyps...
  5. D

    Fragging Devil Hand Leather

    Hi, I’ve been wondering if I try to frag my first Coral and not sure how to. I have a devil hand leather which I hear is supposed to be very easy to frag but I’m not sure how to frag I’ve been trying to find videos but can’t. I also want to frag zoanthids but my zoanthids I’ve had for the...
  6. Zuska

    New York Live Goods Hammers and leather

    Fragged these over a month ago. I’m up for trades for other hammers or torches as well. I can deliver as well if you are near 11236. Pick up is in Brooklyn NY 11236
  7. T

    Giant WWC Finger Leather perfect symmetry! 24"

    About 2.5 years ago a friend asked for my help moving an unbelievable 120g Red Sea reefer. The original owner had purchased all his corals from WWC and TSA. Fully stocked mixed reef. As a thank you for the help I was given a big beautiful Finger leather, giant toadstool, and a male Blonde...
  8. A

    What’s wrong with this leather coral? it was just fine when it was bought but it’s been 3 days and it’s not opening. It was properly acclimated.

    yesterday i noticed 2 white spots that weren’t there before, could it be shedding?
  9. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Brown, goopy, snotty algae? (Pics)

    What is this? Will it go away? How to stop or remove it? Video of the snot... https://youtube.com/shorts/RBM_2QeCYyU?feature=share Some Microscope pics of a sample of it... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Video if your interested... https://youtube.com/shorts/JnOspqU1PXY?feature=share
  10. Queen City Corals

    Start Your Week With New Corals!

    We love to kick off the week with new corals and this week is starting BIG! We just uploaded over 100 products! Including some incredible rainbow acans like this Rainbow Stripe Acan, Orange Blast Acan, Toxic Mouth Acan, and so many more! We also just got in an incredible ORA shipment filled...
  11. Queen City Corals

    Sneak Peak of 100+ New Corals!

    We love to kick off the week with new corals and this week is starting BIG! We just uploaded over 100 products! Including some incredible rainbow scans like this Rainbow Stripe Acan, Orange Blast Acan, Toxic Mouth Acan, and so many more! We also just got in an incredible ORA shipment filled...
  12. K

    Bizarre assortment of some sort of soft coral eating parasite.

    I was doing a water change and noticed that there was some parasite in my frag sized green stare encrusting polyps, so I performed a coral dip with iodine twice and tried to scape off as many parasites as I could. After dumping the dirty water in the sink, I was horrified by what I saw and took...
  13. fappingpanda

    Toadstool Leather Dead or Shed?

    Hello! I’m new to owning leather corals, and I’ve had this toadstool for a little over a week and it’s been droopy like this since I got it. It started getting algae on it and now I’m pretty sure it’s shedding even though I was pretty convinced it was dead. A few days ago I got another toadstool...
  14. N

    Toadstool leather help

    Hello, it’s my first time posting a thread so if I miss anything please say, I have been a bit worried about my new toadstool since it has been closed ever since I got it which was three days ago, my only conclusion is that when I was trying to get the leather out of the bag into the dipping...
  15. PinkLadyLVT

    Alabama Georgia Tennessee 3 Large *NICE* Green Star Polyp Mini-Colonies!

    I have 3 extra colonies of Green Star Polyps that have branched or been fragged from my huge mother colony, and they deserve new homes. Please forgive the pics, I only have my iPhone to work with! Located in Chattanooga, TN. Willing to meet locally, and also willing to ship via FedEx. Should...
  16. J

    Looking for an I.D. Please

    This is a more flesh colored leather of some kind but it’s blue on the underside, sprouts those white bubbles that turn a neat white color. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  17. S

    Leather Coral Scabs

    Hello, I have a toadstool leather that has developed these gross looking "scabs". Out of curiosity I took it out of the tank and was able to peel some of them off with a knife. The coral seems pretty much undamaged underneath (so far at least). My question is what is this and what is the...
  18. Casual_reefkeeping

    New Jersey New York Green Nepthea, chalice, and xenia for sale

    Any size frag of green nepthea, pulsing xenia, and hollywood stunner chalice. Pickup/dropoff only currently. Hollywood stunner $30 larger frag, $15 smaller frag Nepthea and xenia $10 a frag. Will cut to order, Looking to get rid of some over growth. If interested in large chunk of nepthea of...
  19. LaraLouM

    Toadstool not standing straight

    My toadstool used to stand up tall, but now it’s stalk is almost horizontal. We haven’t made any changes to the tank, and have had the toadstool since it’s head was about the size of an egg. Is it too top heavy? Not enough light? Too close to the xenia?
  20. Ocean_dreamer89

    Toadstool not opening up all the way

    Hello! I’ve had this toadstool leather for about 5 months. It looks like it’s doing well and has grown considerably, however the polyps are not opening up all the way. They are extended but the green part has never been visible since I brought it home. When I picked it out at the LFS it had the...
  21. ruegaroo

    Neon Green Toadstool Leather

    Was just messing around and took some pics of my toadstool that I thought were cool. Not the sharpest of photos but I'm still learning.
  22. Perpetual Novice

    Do I need a carbon reactor?

    I’ve been keeping a 75 gallon mixed reef running with a canister filter, 2 hob skimmers, 2 opposing gyres, and a copious amount of live rock as the only means of filtration and circulation. I sometimes run carbon or phosphate media by hanging a sock around the outflow of the skimmers although I...
  23. I

    Soft Coral ID

    I was at the LFS today and I asked what this soft coral was and the kid was not 100% sure he just said it was a leather he believed. Anyone know more specifically what the coral is? Generally I wouldn't buy something without knowing but being $20 and a soft coral I thought I was safe.
  24. sscg

    Massachusetts Looking for green and yellow leathers

    Hi! I would love to buy some green and yellow leathers maybe some purple/blue/red/pink mushrooms. I'm having a hard time finding something that would look good under daylights I don't really like blue lights. I'm willing to pay for shipping or picking up locally. HMU located in springfield ma
  25. Brian Goldstein

    California NEW Neon Green Weeping Willow Frags!

    Hello all! I just cut more frags of my neon green weeping willow. I have 2 frags available. $80/frag . These beauties sold quick last time. Frags will be about 1.5" . I can deliver within the riverside area and would be willing to ship within CA and bordering states. Momma Willow...
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