led aquarium lighting

  1. prfishgirl

    Pennsylvania SB reef lights or Ocean Revives

    looking to buy either light need 2 thanks
  2. prfishgirl

    Ocean revives or SB Reef lights?

    I’m trying to get a feel for what lights I want to grab and it’s between these two.. not sure how much of a difference there is besides a few obvious like the ocean revives from what people tell me once their programmed off at a certain time you can’t turn them back on until the time to come on...
  3. F

    Lighting options for 110g deep

    Hey so I am starting my build on my 110g tank... (dimensions are: 48”long, 30” deep and 18” wide) - will have NO bigger than a 2” sand bed (probably closer to 1.5”) I would like to use LED’s if I can but I want something that will be able to grow some LPS near/on the sand bed and throughout the...
  4. tehSAC

    Indiana Kessil a360x Tuna Blue

    Was planning an upgrade from my NUVO 10 this winter but some things fell through and need to focus on those instead. Can’t hang this over the Nano either unless someone wants fried coral. Box has only been opened to take a look at the light and take photos. Not even plugged in! Anyway...
  5. Orphek


    ORPHEK CYBER MONDAY DEALS STARTS TODAY! Black Friday is 2 weeks away but we didn’t want you to wait until the day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday deals, so we kicked off the savings a little early. COUNTDOWN: From Saturday, 10th through Friday 30th, Orphek is helping make Christmas happier...
  6. Joe Batt

    72' Hybrid T5/LED fitting?

    I have just installed a Waterbox 230.6 72'x 26'. I was wanting an LED/T5 hybrid system that fits the full length of the tank. I have 2x AI HD 52 from my old tank and will buy another. I can only seem to find 60' length. I know that would work but I think it would look a little odd with 6'...
  7. Az reefer

    Can't decide Orphek or Radion/T5

    Please help!!! I cant decide between 2 Atlantik V4 Orphek lights or 3 gen4 pros with a coralife t5. This is going to kight an sps dominant 165gallon tank. 72wide 20 deep 26 tall. Opinions and comparisons would help out alot. I like the idea of the radions programming and the t5, I have also seen...
  8. J

    Maryland 3 Hydra 52 HD Black W/ Extras

    I'm selling 3 Black Hydra 52 HD lights. I've used these lights for 5-6 months. There is two thread's below where you can see the lights in action. T5/LED Combo Thread: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/hydra-52-hd-t5-settings.363503/ Custom Made Diffusers Thread...
  9. Orphek

    Orphek Atlantik LED Aquarium Lighting Photos

    Hello Orphek Clients/Atlantik Lovers! We want to show/see your tanks here at Reef2reef! Therefore we are inviting all of you having Orphek Atlantik lights above your tanks to share photos of your aquariums with us. We will publish them here in this thread. Today we are sharing photos and...
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