1. Mattc123

    FLUVAL MARINE 3.0, 59 WATTS, 48-60"

    I have a fluval marine 3.0 for sale that's been used 12 hours a day for the last year. I'm the original owner and I've had it exactly a year this month. In perfect shape and I'm sure still has lots of life left in it. Willing to ship if buyer will pay. Can send plenty of pictures or whatever...
  2. legacy2mj

    AI Blade universal mounting

    I’m liking the functionality of adding 2 blades as fill lights to the ends of my tank to blanket towards the middle, I have 2 AP9x lights above currently and spacing above is already tough, so I’m trying to avoid it. I came across this picture which sparked the interest in the blades being they...
  3. Sherwood

    WTB 150W Metal Halide Pendant

    WTB metal halide pendant. My AquaMedic pendant just died and I'm looking to replace it. Will consider ANY metal halide pendant or fixture, with or without ballast. Would love to find another AquaMedic pendant or other small, double ended, metal halide pendant--but will consider any metal...
  4. Kipp's Corals

    Marineland hybrid light

    Does anyone know model of this light? I can’t find it anywhere on the internet, I assume it’s very outdated. Everything powers up but one fan doesn’t turn on, are they set to turn on a specific temperatures?
  5. V

    Radion XR15 G5 Pro with RMS Mount

    I have a Radion XR 15 G5 Pro with an RMS mount. I am looking to get $400 for it. Prefer to pick it up but I can ship it if needed. The reason for selling is because it's an overkill for my tank.
  6. E

    LED suggestion for a 90 gallon reef tank

    I am looking forward to purchase new LED for my newly built reef tank. Tank dimension is 48"x 22"x21" (L*W*H). My plan is to make a mixed reef tank with LPS & Soft Coral and one or two easy growing SPS in future. these are few of the LED's I found interesting - Maxspect Jump LED Blue L165 (2...
  7. Afrost

    G5 XR15 PRO

    G5 XR15 pro $350 shipped arm available but not included $50 extra.
  8. legacy2mj

    Sump LED door activated lights

    Looking for somebody who has installed some led lights, strips or otherwise, with a switch that’s controlled by the door opening and closing. I can easily find a kit on Amazon labeled for gun safes… does exactly what I’m looking for…. But I want a colored LED, not white. Which apparently is...
  9. T

    2x AI prime 16HD black with rigid mounts and 3DReefing diffusers

    Great condition, around a year of use at 50% power. The lights are just Overkill for the tank I'm running them on and I plan on breaking it down soon. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Asking $200 shipped a piece for the light Mount and diffuser, but will consider offers so PM me if...
  10. T

    Florida SOLD Maxspect ethereal x3 with ICV6

    Have 3 very well used Maxspect ethereal led lights with the controller. They need some love to get them cleaned up and several of the nylon screws were replaced with a metal screw so I wouldn't mount them on glass in their current state but they work great.
  11. T

    Low noise LED fixtures (Radions, Hydras or something else?)

    Hi Guys, I want to light my 160x60x60 (672 l) tank (SPS/LPS) with a few lamps. I was considering 2x Radion XR30 Blue + 1x XR15 Blue. Low-emitted noise is one of my priorities to and I would feel really bad spending a fortune (especially as in Europe these lamps are 25% more expensive) on a set...
  12. Rimsky

    Shelly RGBW2 as cheap reef LED controller

    Hi. I saw this little gadget from Shelly: https://www.shelly.com/en/products/shop/shelly-rgbw2 I wonder if this can function as an economic, WiFi controller for aquarium LED lights. I have some Nanobox Reef LED lights sitting around that work with Bluefish controller, but now the Bluefish...
  13. Troyer15

    Kessil A360X Lighting ----- SOLD

    I have two Kessil A360X Tuna blues for sale. Comes with the wifi dongle, A series mounting arms, and the link cable. $600 shipped Paid $1155 new from BRS less than a year ago. I am upgrading from a 75 to 150 and going another direction with lighting. I also have a kessil spectral controller...
  14. SaltwaterandLime

    NooPsyche K7 III pro (sold)

    Noopsyche K7 pro III with mount and 3d printed shade Asking $125 including shipping. Good light, instructions are a little unclear but was easy to figure out with the help of Google. Puts out a serious amount of PAR, I had it only at about 15% over my nano anemone tank. My only complaint...
  15. Danyole


  16. lil sumpin

    Reef Breeders Reef Nano LED

    Purchased in late July, used for 4 months and still under warranty for another year and half. This little thing packs a punch! Saw my mushrooms split, hammers and duncans grew some more heads. All in all it's a great entry level light for beginners. I ran it at 80% blues and 20% whites for 8...
  17. Texasnano

    MP10QD, Neptune 2in Flow Meter, Tunze Eco Chic LED Light, WXM

    some left over items sitting around -Tunze Eco Chic 8831 Refugium LED $70 (used for a couple of months) -2" Flow Sensor FS200 $70 (never seen water) -MP10QD mobius $180 (several years old works great, no box) -MP10QD Mobius with brand new wet side in box nem guard included $180 -WXM $50
  18. K

    What light’s do i buy?

    Hi reefers I bought the reef 60 from blue marine and so far loving it. It’s a small tank (almost 17 gallons) but it has a pretty bad light. (Nano led 11w.) Now i’m looking for a new light around 100 bucks but there is SO MUCH choice The lights i’m most intrested in so far are: the k7 mini 60w...
  19. D

    2 AI Hydra 26HD

    Selling 2 lightly used ai hydra 26HD’s for $175 a piece. Used for less than 2 months at 40% on a lagoon frag tank. Also looking for a co2 scrubber so if you offer that+cash id be open to it. Local pickup is $155 each or $305 for both. Fort Liberty, NC $175 SHIPPED PRIORITY or $330 for both.
  20. Oceanavekid

    Red Sea Led 90 & Red Sea ATO

    2 Red Sea Reef Led 90 Brand new never opened retail for $390+ tax $250 each Red Sea ATO brand new never opened $180 Local pickup in Sacramento or shipping
  21. acro-ed

    **SOLD** (2) Kessil A360X

    Less than 1 year old; used/great condition; both work great! I got these recently from another reefer and don’t need them. $540 for the pair, shipped lower-48 ***SOLD*** Thanks, Ed
  22. fredward

    Kessil H160 Tuna Flora with shade $200

    I have a basically brand new H160 refugium light from Kessil. It is flawless. I bought it new in march. It’s been over my sump since June but I never used it. Decided I’m not going to start a fuge now. I also have this light shade for it I’ll throw in. Looking for $200.
  23. Alex.dave23029

    Quanta pro meso blue 24" lightbar

    Works great just getting a different light Local Pickup Antelope, ca 95843 or shipping is available
  24. jsargent1

    Reefbrite 24” XHO 50/50

    I have one reefbrite xho 50/50 for sale. It has the dimmer switch and is brand new. I bought it and didn’t like the way it looked. I threw the box away so no returning it. My loss your gain asking $100 shipped!
  25. Ohiostreetz

    Xr15 Gen5 Blues with mounts

    Selling these used lights Selling 2- Xr15 Gen5 blues- $325 shipped each with mounts Also have a gen4 pro xr15 with mount I’ll let go for $265 shipped