1. Dythomas11

    Lighting LED Radion XR30 GEN 3 & Ai Prime w/mount

    Purchased a complete set up from another reefer and don’t have use for either of these anymore. Both work perfectly, maybe need a decent cleaning. Radion XR30 Gen 3 - $325 shipped AI Prime (white) w/ tank mount - $150 shipped
  2. BroadBno615

    Florida Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Virginia AP700

    I have a AP700 I would like to sell.. perfect condition..ive used it for almost a year around 65% perfect... $625 shipped
  3. Reef-Engineer

    ATI Straton LED Light - Comments, Review, PAR, Coverage, Discuss...

    Hi All, I purchased two pre-embargo ATI Straton units for testing and feedback. The two units were replacing an 8-Bulb 48" ATI Powermodule over half of my new ~340g SPS reef. I wanted to document my findings and comparison on PAR, heat, sound (none!), look, build quality, coverage, and so on...
  4. R

    Looking For Used Lighting Fish and some corals...

    I am new to this site and new to posting on threads. I have a 120 gallon Marine aquarium with fish and some lps corals. I'm currently using fluval LED strip lighting which works fine but one of my strip lights is failing. I would like to see if someone has older lighting they're willing to sell...
  5. Elysium

    Maine Lighting Powerheads Filters Fragging Hiatus sale: Aquasaw, HO-T5, PAR38, Heaters, MP10s and more

    Hey everyone. Due to my tanks getting nuked thanks to an apartment building fire during a nice frigid April, I’m officially on hiatus from the hobby. Since I’m not setting up anything until actually buying a house, I figure it’s time to offload all my extraneous equipment and start fresh build...
  6. MarshallB

    Anyone Modded the New Marsaqua 165W Version?

    So I ordered 3 of these off Amazon. They worked well, and I saw many threads about replacing some of the leds with more desirable wavelengths as well as removing the lenses. Well, turns out it looks like they have updated their board and use some sort of LED chip that is attached to the lens. (...
  7. H

    T5 hybrid vs Kessil AP9X

    Hi, I am in the process of buying all the gear for my first tank (neptunian m150 so nearly 5 ft long around 130g) and I can’t decide whether to go t5 hybrid or just get enough decent LEDs. The newest Kessils look really good but I don’t know enough yet to decide whether they would do the job as...
  8. Obsessed

    California Lighting LED Have a new pair of Radion G5 XR30 Blues for sale

    Going with a smaller tank so I have two unopened Gen 5 XR30's in blue for sale. These both have August born on dates and are still sealed. I'm asking $715 shipped per light, $1400 for the pair. Payment via paypal, shipping will be insured with signature required. I'll update with pictures...
  9. Lylelovett

    I need to add more lights... help needed.

    Hi all, My tank is 2 years old - I feel like I'm now moving out of the "novice" phase and am looking to push harder into LPS and then SPS. (As you can see I can grow softies like crazy lol!) Lighting is what I'm focusing on now. I'm looking to get my PAR levels up to ~200 mid-tank; ~100 at...
  10. psumms

    T5 + LED Hybrid Fitting

    Currently have four AI Hydra 26's, thinking of purchasing a GHL hybrid fixture which accommodates four T5 bulbs. Looking for guidance on bulb color recommendations to compliment the LEDs. Any recommendations?
  11. M

    Idaho Aquariums Aquarium Controller Reefer 525Xl, Red Sea equipment, Apex, DOS, Algea Scrubber and More.

    Hello everyone, Recently broke down my tank as my wife and I are planning to have kids and like to travel(Id rather break the tank down then neglect it). All items were purchased new in January 2020 or newer Minus the apex controller unit. I am located in Boise and willing to ship equipment or...
  12. BonelessEvil

    Urgent: Red Sea LED 90 lights off– No connection

    –SOLVED– I cannot seem to connect my Reefer 425 XL deluxe to my Reef LED 90 lights. I lost connection to them after re-building my home network. After that, I tried everything I could: deleted the app on my phone, deleted the lights from the aquarium I set up inside the reef beat app I...
  13. hllb

    Michigan Lighting Nanobox Reef Large retrofit kit

    Purchased and installed in a Coralife Biocube 32g late October 2019. I went a different direction and just uninstalled these yesterday (7/31). They come with the Bluefish WiFi controller and heat sink. $250 shipped to continental US. Installation video: From yesterday:
  14. iProShot

    Can anyone identify them?

    These have been growing like crazy with my stock led Biocube lights. I have them Place like like in Center middle range Of the tank anyone identify them? Probably going to upgrade to steve led later on if needed
  15. lazidog

    South Carolina Lighting Kessill A360 W E-series Tuna Blue for sale

    Just sold 10 of these, check my old post. I have one more that I was going to keep but decided to sell. $200 plus Paypal fee and shipping depending upon how far you live from SC. I also have a nonworking Kessill that I will include for parts for an additional $20. no power cord for the extra...
  16. W

    Been out the game...

    I have a 75 gallon tank that I have had since 2006. Its been great and fun. The last light I purchased was back in 2012 or so, so I have been out of the game for a while. It was a AI Sol light with a controller (the little white box). It has been great and has been doing what I need to to...
  17. Mrtakeoff53

    Florida Lighting Like new 16” Reefbreeders V2+ $275 Shipped

    For sale is a like new 16” Reefbreeders v2+. I bought it for a frag tank but it was too much work with having 5 kids. I used it for less than 2 months. I purchased it used from someone who also set-up a frag tank but broke it down less than 3 months later. Total usage on the light is less than 5...
  18. M

    Idaho Oregon Reefer

    Looking to sell my setup. I have shoulder surgery coming and would rather break my tank down then neglect it. All equipment purchased at the beginning of the year. 4 reefled 90’s Two mp40’s Reefwave 45 Clarisea 3000 Rsk300 Rain 2 algae scrubber 100# caribsea reef rock and arches Brs 100gpd rodi...
  19. 92Miata

    Virginia WTB Sell me some LED lights because I'm an idiot

    So, while trying to get my wife's mandarin out of the return section of her IM Nuvo 40 (my fault) I managed to knock her AI Prime HD into the fishtank. I also managed to get my phone wet, and its not working either. Great. Anyways - she was talking about upgrading, so here we are. Looking...
  20. cwb_reeftank

    How to put a Preset for AI on Iphone

    I had trouble adding a preset to my AI Prime 16 HD and I had to figure out how to do it on my own. The following steps are what I did to get the preset on my Prime using my Iphone. First thing I did was go find a preset, AI's website has its signature series where it has people that are using...
  21. Nanojoeaquatic

    T5 and XHO Blue ReefBrite

    I currently have a 4 bulb T5 fixture above my nano. Would the ReefBrite XHO Blue be overkill? as im just looking for a little pop out of the corals and to use it as a "ramp" solution an hour before the T5 kicks on. Should i just go with the other blue LEDs they offer? my only concern is if they...
  22. N


    Hi Guys, I am just got a 180 gallon 72X24X24 tank and I am in the market for new LED lights. I have always kept freshwater tanks and this is going to be my first reef tank. I really don't want to spend more than $600 on lights. I looked into T5s and are not that practical for me since buying...
  23. Zoa_Fanatic

    Help with stocking

    Hello reefers. I posted on here a while back asking about LPS ideas for my 32 gallon biocube. I have trumpets and candy canes (I know they’re probably the same thing but they have a slightly different look to each so I call them differently). I was recommended Acan lords and Leptastrea. I’m...
  24. marito09

    Florida LED Ecotech XR15 Pro Gen 3 with Reeflink

    Ecotech Radion XR15 Pro Gen 3 and a Reeflink for sale. I had this set up on my Reefer625 XXL in the middle I will post a pic when set up. Asking $285 shipped for both. I have the original box but not the box for the reeflink. I did my best to take close pics of the lights. Works perfectly. Its...
  25. Slims Shop

    Florida Lighting 3 Radion xr30w Gen3 Pro lights

    Looking to sell 3 radion gen3 pro lights all in working condition. Local pick up Tampa Florida $950, if you do local i can add in 70" rms rail and 3 rms multi light brackets for extra $50. I will ship the lights only for $1000. Manufacturers date is Nov2015, used for about 2 years. Was gonna use...