1. Oceanavekid

    Red Sea Led 90 & Red Sea ATO

    2 Red Sea Reef Led 90 Brand new never opened retail for $390+ tax $250 each Red Sea ATO brand new never opened $180 Local pickup in Sacramento or shipping
  2. acro-ed

    **SOLD** (2) Kessil A360X

    Less than 1 year old; used/great condition; both work great! I got these recently from another reefer and don’t need them. $540 for the pair, shipped lower-48 ***SOLD*** Thanks, Ed
  3. fredward

    Kessil H160 Tuna Flora with shade $200

    I have a basically brand new H160 refugium light from Kessil. It is flawless. I bought it new in march. It’s been over my sump since June but I never used it. Decided I’m not going to start a fuge now. I also have this light shade for it I’ll throw in. Looking for $200.
  4. Alex.dave23029

    Quanta pro meso blue 24" lightbar

    Works great just getting a different light Local Pickup Antelope, ca 95843 or shipping is available
  5. jsargent1

    Reefbrite 24” XHO 50/50

    I have one reefbrite xho 50/50 for sale. It has the dimmer switch and is brand new. I bought it and didn’t like the way it looked. I threw the box away so no returning it. My loss your gain asking $100 shipped!
  6. Ohiostreetz

    Xr15 Gen5 Blues with mounts

    Selling these used lights Selling 2- Xr15 Gen5 blues- $325 shipped each with mounts Also have a gen4 pro xr15 with mount I’ll let go for $265 shipped
  7. dhnguyen

    3 Noo-psyche K7 Pro II with controller

    I have 3 Noo-psyche K7 Pro II with controller $225 shipped to lower 48 states. Everything is working perfectly. Located in Kingston WA and the greater Seattle area. If pick up locally I can knock off $25.
  8. fredward

    California Lighting LED Drygoods Redsea ReefLED 90s

    I have two RL90s for sale. Will sell separately. Nothing wrong with them, work flawlessly. Only used for a few months then switched up. Had them for about 1.5 years. Asking $250 each shipped, 400 for the pair
  9. cubereefer

    Lighting Drygoods Ecotech radion xr15 pro gen 4 with diffusers, apex gro led

    I have 2 slightly used xr15 pro gen 4 with diffusers available. 1 has a mount 1 don't. Asking 250 each . They are clean and in working condition. Mobius ready. also have a new apex gro led 120 comes with flex mount . Pm if interested
  10. X

    California Lighting Drygoods Neptune Sky -Sold-

    Neptune Sky LED Reef Light Gently used and in great condition, offered at $450 plus shipping via USPS Flat Rate. This light has been a reliable component of my aquarium for approximately four months, used with care and never exceeding 60% brightness. It comes with the original box and all...
  11. LetUsSeeYourLettuceSea

    LED Drygoods Reef Breeders Pro Photon v2 24 - $375

    Light is perfect and barely used. Does not have the remote or hanging kit, however was set to a perfect light spectrum and PAR when turned on. Spare remotes are available online for 45 bucks I believe. Dm me for any questions or if you are interested and thank you so much. Ships free from...
  12. jsargent1

    Texas Lighting Drygoods Reefbreeders photon 16v2+ $$obo

    Non WiFi version comes with tank mounts. Works as it should $300 obo Can ship!
  13. blpavlovich

    South Carolina WTB White AI Hydra 32HD

    Looking to buy 1 reef Hydra 32HD or 64HD preferably white. Thank you. I am upgrading from 26HDs so I’ll have 3 up to be sold soon.
  14. J

    DIY led questions

    Hi everyone, I am planning my first diy lamp. I already have one led fixture but i always wanted to do one myself. I wanted to check some doubts regarding the electronics. I don't know how i could limit the current because the leds i am looking have different max current, some 1.5A and others...
  15. W

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods AI Hydra 26 HD and T5 Hybrid - Will ship Hydra 26 HD but not the T5 fixture

    Selling my 4 AI Aqua Illumination HD and 61" T5 Hybrid LED T5 lighting system. Comes with 4 ATI Blue Plus bulbs. All mounting hardware included. I am looked in Miami, FL and available for local pick up. I am asking for $800 for everything but willing to sell individually. Each AI Hydra 26s $180
  16. mackdave

    Texas Drygoods Neptune Sky 2 sold

    Two Neptune Sky lights. Used for a year on AB+ setting at 50%. $400 ea
  17. eja99

    California Lighting LED SOLD FS: Kessil A150W Ocean Blue

    I’m selling my Kessil A150 Ocean Blue with mounting arm. I ran this over a frag tank for about a year and it’s been in storage since. I’m the original owner (and a hoarder - it’s just been sitting in my garage) and I realize I don’t have enough time to set up another tank so now it’s for...
  18. T

    Georgia WTB A160 kessil Tuna Sun

    I’m looking for A160AE Kessel Tuna Sun .
  19. Robinson

    Lighting LED Drygoods Radion XR30 G4 Diffusers

    Four XR30W G4 radion diffusers in good condition. $130 shipped
  20. K

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Aqua Illumination Hydra 52HD w/ 3DReefing Diffusers

    SOLD Hello, I have two AI Hydra 52HD black lights, tank mounting brackets, and 3DReefing diffusers for sale. These lights have been over a semi-shallow reef and haven't been turned up more than 60% on the blues. Everything works great including the wifi and all leds. These lights are clean and...
  21. W

    California Drygoods Radion XR30 G5 BLUE Used 1 Year

    Hello all lightly used XR30 G5 Blue available With mount but no arm Nothing wrong just going the Pro version route and wasn’t able to find anyone to trade a Pro for Blue Asking 500 local pickup CA La Mirada (90638) or Tustin or 525 Shipped to lower 48
  22. Boxofpurplerocks

    Michigan LED T5 Drygoods ATI 48” 6 Bulb Sunpower T5 fixture with Reefbrite 48” XHO bar - Michigan (Metro Detroit) - $200

    Selling my 6 Bulb ATI 48” Sunpower T5 fixture. Also attached is a 48” Reefbrite XHO LED bar. Fixture is like new- no scratches or corrosion in reflector or plexi cover. $200. Can meet up in metro Detroit area to sell, will consider shipping as well.
  23. RichWise73

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD EcoTech Radion Gen6 XR15 Pro w/ Diffuser and RMS Mount

    I am selling an EcoTech Marine G6 XR15 Pro light, along with an RMS mounting kit and diffuser. All items will be in their original packaging. I purchased these items from BRS in November 2022. The light was manufactured on August 31, 2022. I started using the light in January 2023 and replaced...
  24. C

    Drygoods SOLD Radion XR15 G5 Pro - SOLD

    Radion XR15 G5 Pro. Original box, light and power supply included. I bought this light from another R2R user with intentions of setting up a second tank but have never had the time to do so. I have tested the light and everything is in good working shape. It connected right up to mobius with no...
  25. AviL

    Lighting LED Drygoods ReefBrite 18" and 24" Actinic LumiLite Pro: $50 - $90

    18" LumiLite Actinic - $50 18" LumiLite Pro Actinic - $70 24" LumiLite Pro Actinic - $90 Shipping available.