1. M

    Oregon WTB 2 Kessil tuna blue 360WE or 360X

    Looking to buy x2 Kessil Tuna blue 360 we or X. Goose necks and controller included ideally.
  2. christopher wainright

    North Carolina Lighting LED Geisemann vervve master unit $250.00

    Selling geisemann vervve master unit.I bought this on 2/26/17 ran them on 35-45% until July of 2020 when I upgraded to a360x's. The unit was replaced around December of 2018 under warranty (kept randomly doing lightning effects). Light works well I just have no use for it anymore. Asking 250.00...
  3. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Powerheads LED Miscellaneous Waterbox 25 breakdown

    Waterbox 25 peninsula w/ heater $150 Nero 3 $120 Kessil A360WE $250 Kessil spectral controller $50 Kessil gooseneck mount $20 Filter floss cup $5 Krakenreef screen top $80 Livestock - 6 rainbow bubble tip $40 each 2 Percula clowns $10 each 1 Micronesian wall hammer $25 1 six line wrasse $20...
  4. craftbrews

    Light Recommendations - NUVO 200 INT Peninsula

    Hey folks, Wife's new NUVO 200INT peninsula tank just arrived. She's looking at an SPS dominant tank. Dimensions are roughly 70"x30"x20". If you were optimizing for color and growth what would you put on this tank?
  5. f.christian

    ISO Red Sea 90

    If anyone got one or 2 available please lemme know thank you I’m located in Louisville
  6. f.christian

    Kentucky Lighting LED ISO Red Sea 90

    In search of Red Sea 90 led. Let me know what ya got
  7. Crustaceon

    What’s lighting your sps tank?

    Just for fun, let’s see what everyone is using these days as lighting to grow their sps “sticks”. I know many here run a combination, so feel free to go nuts with your choices. Let’s see some pretty pictures and settings!
  8. Jay00498

    Massachusetts LED SOLD AI Prime 16HD W/ gooseneck

    One available used AI Prime 16Hd with 12” gooseneck . Used for 6 months and have have upgraded. $175 plus ship PayPal only Sold
  9. CaliDanhReef

    California Lighting Kessil 360s WE and NE bundle

    1x Kessil360WE (14months use) 1x Kessil360NE (used 6months) 2x Gooseneck 1x Spectral Controller 2x power 2x connector cords $500 pickup only No shipping San Jose Area. Can sell individual spectral controller $50 NE $200 WE $300
  10. S

    Florida Lighting FS: ELOS Planet II MH / T5 / LED fixture

    Selling my ELOS Planet II pendant. Single 250W DE MH, 4 x 24W T5s, 2 x ReefbreedersLumenbars. MH Bulb is a phoenix 14k around 6 months of use on it. MH ballast is IceCap T5s are a mix of Blue+, actinics, and have some spares. Age 6-8 months on all. One Lumenbar is the 22" version the other...
  11. christopher wainright

    North Carolina Lighting LED 2 geisemann vervve led lights $500.00

    Selling 2 geisemann vervve's. One master unit and one slave unit. I bought these on 2/26/17 ran them on 35-45% until July of 2020 when I upgraded to a360x's. The slave unit was replaced around January of 2018 under warranty (kept randomly doing lightning effects) and the master was replaced...
  12. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Lighting Kessil A360W-E /spectral controller / gooseneck

    Kessil A360W-E Tuna Blue LED w/ gooseneck and spectral controller everything works flawlessly $275 plus shipping
  13. badluckman

    Will two Maxspect RSX 200w be suffucient for SPS?

    I've been looking at the Maxspect RSX 200W for my 6ft tank, thinking two of them supplemented by T5 would be a pretty decent combo. It's hard to find any reviews though, especially reviews with SPS dominated tanks. Even harder to find negative ones. Currently I'm running MH+T5, but the MH bulbs...
  14. H2Ocooled

    Oregon Lighting LED SOLD ReeFi Dou Extreme LED

    I'm getting out of the hobby. I'm selling my 2 ReeFi Dou Extreme LEDs, I bought these new, one is over 1 year old and the other is around 6 months old. Lights work perfect, no damage on them and they connects to wifi for easy setup and use. I have the mounts for 2040 Aluminum and the hanging...
  15. balajeek15

    New Jersey New York LIGHTS FOR SALE - Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue, Hydra 26 HD, Neptune LSM Luna, control cable

    2x Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue - $250 shipped each (preference for buying both) 1x Hydra 26 HD - $230 shipped 2x Kessil control cable to connect to APEX controller - $10 each shipped (when bought with Kessil light, else $12 shipped each) Pictures below are from internet for reference...
  16. J

    Metal halide T5 combo or T247 Led

  17. Brent Behringer

    California Lighting LED Brand New in Open Box Red Sea Black ReefLED 90 LED Light Fixture With Black Mounting Arm

    Selling my Brand New in Open Box Red Sea Black ReefLED 90 LED Light Fixture With Black Mounting Arm. I have two of them $365 Shipped Each I took out of box and assembled it to the mounting arm to make sure it fit my tank for the custom screen lid I purchased. It is brand new, never been...
  18. SenorBubs

    New Jersey Lighting Ocean Revive T247-B LED

    Selling a pair of Ocean Revive Arctic T247-B Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Aquarium Reef lights. $250 Bought them new 2 months ago -- barely used. In excellent condition. Has equipment for hanging and for sitting on the tank. Located in Edison, NJ I am willing to ship
  19. M

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED Hydra 26HD for sale

    I have two Hydra 26HD mfg’d in 2018 looking to sell. Note one is possibly pending but if it falls through will update this thread. $225 each if shipped $200 each if picked up local (I’m willing to drive 30 minutes if helpful to meet someone halfway if needed) zip 19055 They are black color...
  20. P

    Replacing burnt LEDs in AI Prime

    Anybody had experience with replacing burnt LEDs on AI Prime HD (the one with 13 LEDs)? I have two fixtures in need of repair and trying to figure out exact specs for diodes I need to buy. So far only information I was able to get is this: Now question is how to translate this info into...
  21. R

    Virginia LED Reefbreeder photon v2+. 50”. & 24”

    I have 2. Like new. Hardy used but in moon setting since new 50” v2. And 24” v2+ I have boxing and remotes and everything as you would buy new List price is shipped. With in USA only 50”. 650 24”. 330
  22. R

    Reef led 90 vs ai prime 16hd

    Are the Red Sea reefled 90s worth the money or is the AI prime 16hd better for the money? It will be for a 65 gallon tank so I’ll need 2.
  23. D

    Frag tank light choices.

    Hi all, I'm switching my MH lit frag tank (24"x16" 7"deep) to LED. (Trying to modernize my setup) so: 1. I was considering the Kessil A80 Tuna Blue. (My frag tank is small, so it seems like this lite would work at a minimum for even SPS's) Or 2. Should I bump up to the Kessil A160WE...
  24. S

    Lighting LED FS - Orphek Universal Mounting Arm Kit for Aquarium LED Lighting

    In great condition. Asking $70 with free shipping. https://orphek.com/anti-rust-aquarium-light-mounting-arm-kit/
  25. awais98

    Texas Lighting LED Reef breeders Photon 48 V2

    Reef breeders Photon 48” V2 Bought 3 months ago, used for 2 months. Like New! Have all the packaging, hanging, stands etc. New price: 699 I’m selling for 500 each. Prefer local pickup but if needed will Ship for $50 each. I Have 2 of these. PM if interested