1. 748S911

    Virginia Lighting Drygoods Reef Sale: Kessil A500X…5 available…Ali express led bars custom Orphek specks….16 available… bargain reef pricing.

    Shipping not included, will ship out. I have 5 Kessil A500X used for 1 year $400 each I Kessil 1 dongle $40 Kessil 35 degree lenses $15 each 5 available 48” Ali express led bars with custom Orphek led bar color combos. I ordered them to match every bar Orphek has. I have 2 of each 16...
  2. iGotJokess

    Kessil a360x vs a500x vs ap9x help

    I have a 180 gallon (6x2x2) and am looking for lighting options. Looking to have a mixed reef, mostly SPS. What would you recommend? I know with the xr15’s it makes more sense over the xr30’s, is that the same with kessils? I’ll probably supplement with (2) 6’ Quanta bars. I currently have a 90...
  3. Travv26

    USA WTB GHL mitras 7206 or 7204

    I want to buy a few GHL mitras please let me know what you have available
  4. Broadfield

    LED Drygoods Kessil A360X Tuna Blue, A-Series Mounting Arm and WiFi Dongle

    Selling the following in mint condition and as a package deal. They are all 2 years old and I have had absolutely zero issues with setup. I blew the fixture out, with compressed air, about every 6 months. Kessil A360X Tuna Blue Kessil WiFi Dongle Kessil A-Series mounting arm $375 Free...
  5. pandaparties

    Arizona Drygoods Tank Breakdown lots of High-End equipment

    Willing to ship most things that aren't excessively large (skimmer, etc). Answering PM's in order. Willing to sell whole setup with tank, willing to do packages just PM Apogee MQ-520 w/ wand - 380 (SOLD) Varios s8 pump - 200 (SOLD) 2x santa monica surf 4x algae scrubber - 280ea Reef octopus...
  6. S

    New Jersey LED Drygoods 3 black AI Hydra 32HD with 3D diffusers

    3 black AI Hydra 32HD’s with 3D diffusers. Good condition, never went above 45% at their peak. Brand new lenses.
  7. T

    Maxspect Razor Opinions

    Hi All, I have the opportunity to buy a used set of 3 Maxspect Razors 130w 15k for only about $200 which seems like a solid deal. I currently have two Viparspectras (165W) over my 90 gallon and want to know if people think that the jump to these 3 Razors would be worth it and if anyone has...
  8. Toob

    Deltec 1000i Skimmer, Kessil a500x Lights x3

    Lights sold! have three Kessil a500X lights available. All used for about 6-8 months at ~50-60% intensity. Original boxes and mounting hardware and stuff including. No damage or blemishes, great condition in general. They all include the 65 degree reflector that comes in the box as well as the...
  9. tylr9m482

    Radion - Gen2

    Cleaning out my reefing closet and have this Gen 2 Radion for sale. Recently cleaned, none of that black sticky stuff on the sides! Bought this used and used it over a frag tank for about 2 years before taking down, alway under 50% power. Also comes with RMS mount slide which is compatible...
  10. C

    2x Kessil 360x + WiFi Dongle

  11. Broadfield

    Want to trade my Kessil A360X Tuna Blue for a Kessil A360X Tuna Sun or AI Hydra 32HD

    I have a Kessil A360X Tuna Blue that I was using on my reef cube and have now converted that over to a freshwater planted. While it does ok with all of the blues removed, it just doesn't have the warmth that I'm after. So I would like to trade for the Tuna Sun version or an Aqua Illuminations...
  12. poidog

    Kessil AP9X with Mounting Arm

    Kessil AP9X with Mounting Arm, $600 shipped. Like New, direct from Kessil (packing slip from Kessil included). This has been an amazing light and grew everything from SPS to LPS under it with amazing shimmer. Very powerful light only ran at 40% max for a few hours a day, used for only a couple...
  13. HomeSlizzice

    Reef lighting easy DLI calculator & findings

    Hi Everyone! TLDR: Enjoy this Reef lighting DLI made simple calculator I made to make choosing your lighting settings easier. Target DLI over SPS of 10.5 (7-12.5 range) DLI, and Target DLI over LPS of 5 (2-7 range) DLI. So I went down the PAR & DLI rabbit hole because I haven't been 100% happy...
  14. W

    XR 15 Gen 6 Pro with Mount and Shade

    Looking to sell, or trade for an OG Bounce priority - Local pickup in La Mirada or Tustin, if no local bites, open to shipping
  15. A

    Illinois Lighting Hydra 52 with control $175- shipping available

    hydra 52 with control. Asking $175 plus shipping. All channels are working. Will ship at buyers expense. As is, All sales final. Local pick up available as well. Located in Plainfield IL
  16. Cichlid Dad

    LED Lights xr15 and viparspectra

    One xr15 g6 with mount arm 3 months use clean 450.00 no shipping Two Viparspectra 165 watt complete used one month. " Lenses" removed so no disco ball effect. These are the new ones with upgraded LEDs with better actinic light. 200.00 no shipping
  17. R

    Lighting for 4 feet tank

    Looking for some suggestions for my new 4 feet tank. The dimensions will roughly be 48*24*20. It will be a mix reef tank with half SPS, half LPS, and some meat corals and mushroom on the bottom I’m planning to go with 48” aquatic life t5 with XR15. I have 3 XR15 G5 on my hand, should I use all...
  18. StardustAquatics

    AI Primes

    Hello, I have 3 AI Primes I am looking to sell. Each is in very good condition. Buyer pays shipping Two have goose necks and one has a hard mount. $200 each or $550 for all. Please contact me if you are interested or have questions. Thanks.
  19. Mattc123

    FLUVAL MARINE 3.0, 59 WATTS, 48-60"

    I have a fluval marine 3.0 for sale that's been used 12 hours a day for the last year. I'm the original owner and I've had it exactly a year this month. In perfect shape and I'm sure still has lots of life left in it. Willing to ship if buyer will pay. Can send plenty of pictures or whatever...
  20. legacy2mj

    AI Blade universal mounting

    I’m liking the functionality of adding 2 blades as fill lights to the ends of my tank to blanket towards the middle, I have 2 AP9x lights above currently and spacing above is already tough, so I’m trying to avoid it. I came across this picture which sparked the interest in the blades being they...
  21. Sherwood

    WTB 150W Metal Halide Pendant

    WTB metal halide pendant. My AquaMedic pendant just died and I'm looking to replace it. Will consider ANY metal halide pendant or fixture, with or without ballast. Would love to find another AquaMedic pendant or other small, double ended, metal halide pendant--but will consider any metal...
  22. Kipp's Corals

    Marineland hybrid light

    Does anyone know model of this light? I can’t find it anywhere on the internet, I assume it’s very outdated. Everything powers up but one fan doesn’t turn on, are they set to turn on a specific temperatures?
  23. V

    Radion XR15 G5 Pro with RMS Mount

    I have a Radion XR 15 G5 Pro with an RMS mount. I am looking to get $400 for it. Prefer to pick it up but I can ship it if needed. The reason for selling is because it's an overkill for my tank.
  24. E

    LED suggestion for a 90 gallon reef tank

    I am looking forward to purchase new LED for my newly built reef tank. Tank dimension is 48"x 22"x21" (L*W*H). My plan is to make a mixed reef tank with LPS & Soft Coral and one or two easy growing SPS in future. these are few of the LED's I found interesting - Maxspect Jump LED Blue L165 (2...
  25. Afrost

    G5 XR15 PRO

    G5 XR15 pro $350 shipped arm available but not included $50 extra.