1. Cjshank0

    Maryland WTB Apex LSM module

    Pm me with details. Thanks!
  2. ckalupa

    Indiana Michigan Deleted

    Delete please.
  3. Paul Kachirsky

    Oregon Aquariums Lighting LED 2x Ecotech Radion XR15W Gen4 Pro + RMS Mounts

    What I have for sale is 2 Ecotech Radion XR15W Gen 4 Pros. The lights come in original boxes. They come with the RMS Mounts in original boxes as well. Prefer to sell as a set. I have had them for a little over a year. Never ran high. It was in fish only since I delayed getting coral. Upgraded...
  4. Khonho

    Connecticut LED [Ct] Xr30 blue

    barely used xr30 blue. 750
  5. Mrtakeoff53

    Florida LED Kessil A360WE LED $265

    Well maintained Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue. I used it for a year before switching to a panel LED. Works perfectly. Comes with mounting arm and APEX VDM cable. Price includes ground shipping anywhere in the US. I accept PayPal (No Friends and Family)
  6. Jordan Stone

    New Jersey AI White AI Hydra 26

    In search of a White AI Hydra 26! Kindly let me know please.
  7. DirtDiggler2823

    Algae Turf Scrubber LED Lights

    I have a algae turf scrubber body that is build to accommodate the approximately 6"x6" flat LED lights on both sides. I've been looking at a bunch of ACKE brand lights on Amazon, but I am curious as to what others are using for their ATS. I'm strongly leaning toward the 35w version, but it just...
  8. rowenbaars

    Philips Hue

    Hallo, Maybe an odd question... But is it possible to use the lighting of Philips Hue for your reef tank with corals? I know Philips has it own Coral Care lights but they don’t really fit in my budget. Does anyone has experience with the Hue lighting? Rowen
  9. L

    T5/LED Hybrid options for Narrow Nano Tanks

    I'm looking to add T5 to my 20Gallon High tank (24''x12''x16''), but most T5/Hybrid 24'' options are too wide for my tank. I'm looking for something like Aquatic Life Hybrid fixture but maybe only one side of T5, or a single T5 Fixture that would be easy to mount onto the tank. Hybrid would be...
  10. E

    Red Sea 250 LED Lighting

    After a couple days of research on lighting I figured I would throw this back out there? What do you recommend for LED lighting on a Red Sea 250. Was thinking two primes or two hydra 32’s but don’t want to break the bank completely. I do like AI due to the app functionality. Trying to stay away...
  11. WhiskyTango

    Alabama Kessil AP700 with A-Series Mounting Arms $500 Shipped

    Kessil AP700 A-Series Mounting Arms Slight Diffusion Kit Extension Slide Bars The light is excellent, my experience with the app was challenging. Powered it on 12/17 minus a month due to Hurricane Michael.
  12. BlueZreef

    Washington Hydra 52 HD with HMS and Vertex Omega 130i

    Hydra 52 HD - white body, all LEDs work, have original box. I believe the fan needs replaced, they are available from AI, can’t get it to turn on. Also have black HMS mount for the light. - $370 shipped Vertex Omega 130i - great condition, comes with original pump (not pictured). Only...
  13. NewYorkReefer1988

    Mounting screws for hydra 26 and t5 fixture.

    Does anyone have any idea what size these mounting screws are for the hydra 26? It’s the silver screw in the picture that mounts it to the bracket on the aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture. I just got a used hydra 26 to add to the two I already have and I can’t find the specs anywhere for the screw...
  14. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York 2, 18 inch AI flex arm mounts for sale

    I have 2, 18 inch Aquatic Illuminations flex arm mounts for the hydra 26 and 52. I’m not sure if it will mount a Hydra 32 or a 64 but I’m sure you could find out. Both are in good overall condition. These are normally $70.00 a piece brand new. I am selling them for $individually or $80 for the...
  15. NewYorkReefer1988

    Adding light after the fact.

    Hey all, I currently run 2 hydra 26’s (with diffusers) using the BRS modified AB+ spectrum (about 54 watts of power) on a 4 bulb aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture with 2 ATI blue plus bulbs and 2 actinic bulbs mounted about 10 inches high on my 4ft 120 gallon sps dominated tank. I am about to get...
  16. N

    Virginia Kessil A360we Tuna Blue LED Light with Gooseneck

    Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue (light use) with Gooseneck - $225 locally or $235 shipped PM or text 8148800256 Seth
  17. DirtDiggler2823

    Noopsyche K7 Height

    I currently have 3 Noop k7s above my 4 foot, 120 gallon tank. The fixtures are at max height, and are about as evenly spread as I can get them considering the center brace. At max power, I have the lights at around 90% on channels B, C, and D. I have a mixed reef with mostly softies and LPS, but...
  18. J

    Affordable lighting for SPS tank

    Hello! Due to a recent malfunction I'm looking for new lighting for my (24 in L,15 in H, 16 in W) reef tank. I've been running with a no name Chinese led that's been able to grow montipora and BTA. What is a fairly affordable (160$ or less) lighting option if I want to keep more sps? Thank you...
  19. Jaag

    West Virginia AI HYDRA 26HD w/ flex arm mount

    This is one HYDRA 26HD and a flex arm for sale. Asking $285 shipped. The bracket for the the flex arm is missing one piece. It is the clamp that holds the bracket to the tank. You can see the missing part in the pictures. I have contacted AI, the piece is available through them. I believe it was...
  20. PanaReefer

    Texas Orphek atlantik v4 with gateway

    The light is 2 months old. Asking for 900 OBO free shipping in the USA.
  21. sharkbait-uhaha

    California WTB AI PRIME 16HD

    as title says, looking to buy a AI prime 16HD pref black in color. let me know if you have one and also asking price. Thanks
  22. P

    ...and so it begins. Neptune Systems Light?

    ...and so it begins. Neptune Systems.
  23. KeyloBeatz

    LED lights for phyto growing

    I’m getting rdy to start growing my own Phyto and my question is. I want to use LED,s to grow phyto but I’m not sure what to get... I’ve read a few different things but I’m not really finding the answer I’m looking for... I just don’t want to to waste money I want to buy somthing that’ll work...
  24. JoshB94

    South Carolina Radion XR30 / XR15 G4 Pro's with Mount and Reeflink

    Hi everyone, have a few lights I'm looking to let go. Save over $600 from the stores 2x XR30s with tank mount ($940 new each) and 1x XR15 with RMS mount ($440 new), G4 Pros with lower use time almost all at 30-50%, all in good condition and clean plus reef link controller ($100) Wanting $1800...
  25. alishahlakhani

    Ai Prime™ 16HD Reef vs Red Sea ReefLed 50 for nano 10g beginner light?

    Hey folks, if given choice which light is better for a 10g nano rimless tank? I'm very new to hobby and have an option to buy one of these lights. My decision is mostly focused on few parameters: 1. How many type of corals an each light grow effectively? 2. Can I reuse this light when I upgrade...