1. kanders87

    Illinois Basement Clean out - ATO Skimmer lighting

    Selling some stuff that I’m no longer using. All cleaned up and ready to go. Maxspect Razor X RS-150 ($450 OBO) Tunze 9012 Skimmer (SOLD) Hydor controllable pump 1000gph (SOLD) SmartAqua Micro ATO, includes everything you see in the photo. Will need additional tubing. (SOLD) Reef...
  2. Variant

    California Nevada ATI Powermodule 24" 8 Bulb T5 + LED Hybrid

    Selling my lightly used ATI Powermodule. It is 24" and has 8 bulbs, 24 watts each. This is the LED hybrid version so it also has a 75 watt LED cluster. I am selling this light because I upgraded to a larger tank so I now use a much larger ATI Power module. Only looking for local sales in the...
  3. J

    FS -Kessil A360X Tuna Blue - 2x qty

    2x - Used A360X Tuna Blue's with power cables. (No Boxes) - Purchased Marine Depot 12/9/20 (can issue receipt if needed) In perfect condition, ran as supplemental LED's for about 5 hrs a day. Asking $600 + shipping for both or $325 + shipping for ea.
  4. S

    New York WTB Want to buy 2 ai prime 16hd with mounts

    Need 2 ai prime 16hd with mounts would prefer black
  5. unchaotic

    Controlling Viparspectra Lights with Apex

    I was going through @Michael Lane's post about controlling Mars Aqua lights to allow them to ramp up and down. A litlle while into the discussion the topic starts to turn towards Viparspectra lights being controlled by a Reef-Pi system. Michael sells adapters for this purpose and I was...
  6. NewFish

    Kessil A500X, thoughts?

    https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/a500x-controllable-led-aquarium-light-tuna-blue-kessil.html Nearly $800 and no built in WiFi. Can someone help me please justify that?
  7. B

    Everything from my 5 month old 100g listed for sale here!!!!!!! Tank, Skimmer, Kessils, MP40's

    Everything listed is less than 6 months old. Purchased new during my Waterbox 100.3 build. I have now moved all of my livestock to the 220 and am beginning the breakdown of the 100.3. Obviously the aquarium/sump/stand itself will be pick up only. Everything else should be able to be shipped. I...
  8. killergoby

    Supplemental T5 bulb/fixture choices- Best for SPS growth?

    I currently have a 48" SBox Pro from SB Reef Lights and a 48" T5 in the front as shown. My tank measures 48" long. I'm considering adding an additional 1-2 T5 bulbs on the rear of the tank for better light spread and shadowing issues. Currently, with how far up the T5 has to be mounted to allow...
  9. DustinWRX526

    Ocean Revive Led!

    Absolutely love ocean revive lights over anything else, i do wish theyd have an app and spectrum adjustment,maybe someday, post your Ocean Revive LED pics and setups!
  10. Valhalla Reefer

    AI Vega instruction manual?

    I have 3 AI Vega Colors’ over my 75 mixed reef. These lights are almost 8yrs old but still doing the job. (They’ve been in storage for half of their life) I’ve been using “easy mode” for light setups/ramps but I’m looking to play with the “manual timer setup” to have more control of when whites...
  11. missourimud

    Light decisions

    Can anyone be of assistance? I am lighting a SCA starfire 66 so the dimensions are 32x24x20 deep I bought a single prime to get things going and am at a loss where to go. I was thinking 2 more primes and staggering them so the centered one reaches my front and center more but when you turn it...
  12. Pola0502ds

    Ohio (2) Kessil A360W E-Series Tuna Blue W/ Goose Neck & Link Cable - Like new

    I have for sale the following: (2) Kessil A360W E-Series Tuna Blue (2) kessil Goose Necks (1) Link Cable All items are like new, purchased just before covid last year, used for a few months and took my tanks down. Will be posting more items. I have over $850 in all of this which includes...
  13. Scubasteve11

    Tennessee Lighting LED Kessil 360we bundle

    (2) Kessil 360WE (2) Gooseneck mounts (1) Kessil Spectral Controller X One of the 360WE's was purchased new and never used. It was opened and turned on to ensure it worked. The other Kessil was purchased through a Reef2Reef partner as an open box return. Full disclosure, the open box item...
  14. C

    Additional lighting for Fluval Evo 13.5

    Hi there, I'm looking to add some extra blue lights to my stock Fluval Evo setup. Not looking at expensive lights at the moment as am planning a larger setup in the future. The stock light is capable as so I've read, though there is just too much white light and not enough blue. Not the most...
  15. A

    Supplementary lighting

    I currently have a 4 bulb t5 fixture and it’s great for getting the job done. Grows my corals well and lights the tank up. I don’t have the money to upgrade to an led set up but want to get more of fluorescent from my corals. What is the best lighting that I could add without breaking the bank...
  16. A

    Prefab LED puck lights? Anyone used them on tiny setups?

    I want to try out some prefab LED pucks on a pico jar. Think like those for under-cabinet lighting. Simple to use, and I could probably figure out how to waterproof the lid/lights. I have a hankering to set up another pico with a 1 gal decorative jar I have lying around with some type of...
  17. Reef and Dive

    Lets make an LED tanks par database with builds?

    Par database with tank builds, specially acropora-dominant, under LED lights Hi folks, I believe this is a REALLY cloudy topic. Most of @Dana Riddle ’s amazing articles have shown that 250-350 PAR is pretty adequate for most Acropora. On the other hand we have seen many extreme PAR (800ish)...
  18. S

    Red Sea Max 130D - Hoodless and Upgrading to LED

    Hi Everyone! I am starting to this hobby with my friend's red sea max 130d. I am trying to put everything together for the aquarium before I start. I upgraded circulation pump to 340 gph high efficiency pump. I bought InTank media for filter. I got the Tunze 9001 protein skimmer. After I put...
  19. J

    Light Intensity For Corals

    Hey everyone quick question, Can too much light intensity on LED’s result in no coral growth? Specifically softies, but even stonys too? Thank you, Joey S
  20. lrp693

    Fluval Evo 13.5 + AI Prime 16HD (Group Thread)

    There’s probably a post out there like this, but I wanted to create a thread to get specific answers for this question and hopefully help some others out along the way. I have been trying to tune in my AI Prime 16 HD over my Fluval Evo 13.5 for some time now. I’m slowly sorting out all of my...
  21. b4tn

    Maryland Virginia Reefi duo extreme lights

    Selling my reefi’s. I hate to let them go but where I’m moving there is not much support for the hobby. I made a listing on Facebook marketplace https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/234165084857670/ $525 each or $1200 for both with an apogee USB PAR sensor. Shipping would be calculated...
  22. D

    California Lighting LED Like New ReefLed 90 For sale

    Great Condition Reefled 90 with box for sale , Used for around 3 months. Including mounting arm 350 including shipping
  23. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Lighting LED SOLD Maxspect Razor X R5 300w

    Looking to sell my Maxspect Razor X R5 300w LED fixture. In great condition and works flawlessly. Unfortunately I just cannot hang them from my ceiling and the mounting legs just don’t do it for me. Going to switch to reefbreeders fixture with BOT arms. Dimensions - 47.2" L x 10.2" W x 1.25" H...
  24. Z

    North Carolina Lighting LED Red Sea ReefLED 90

    Thank you for taking the time to look at this listing. These lights were bought new on 10/14/2020 from marinedepot. After using these lights for the last couple months I realize that I need something with more power. Don't get me wrong these light will grow corals but the color for me just don't...
  25. J

    LED Lighting Upgrades for 90 Gallon Reef

    Hi everyone, I plan on upgrading the lighting on my 90 gallon reef soon. It’s 48” long and 24” high. I only have and plan on keeping mostly softies and some LPS, and maybe a squamosa. I just want to make sure there’s enough light penetration since it is a deeper tank, but also give my tank...