1. Ej Chavex

    Texas Prime HD w/Arm

    Used AI Prime HD black with matching black mounting arm. Used but in good condition about a year old. Light in the center is being sold taking down today to clean up and get ready to ship it to buyer. Price is shipped to your door.
  2. Jeff@CoralVue

    ☀ VIDEO: Build the Perfect Reef Light with the Giesemann Stellar Hybrid

    VIDEO: Build the Perfect Reef Light with the Giesemann Stellar Hybrid Mount Your Favorite LEDs from EcoTech, AI, and Giesemann!
  3. ReefNerd

    Switching to Kessil - 3 Month Review of the A360X

    Hey Everyone! Today's video has been 3 months in the making! I changed lights to Kessil! So here at the 90 day point its time to drop my first review, impressions, most importantly the results I've seen through the transition! Please like and subscribe if you like my content and I will keep...
  4. adawg362

    California WTB: Black AI Prime HD

    Does anyone have a black AI prime HD that they're looking to rid of? I need another one to match the one I already have.
  5. wrfreeman

    Tennessee Passing on an incredible deal...

    Hello, About a year ago a gentleman in my area passed away and his wife decided to sell off all of her husband's aquarium equipment, but it was an all or nothing thing. She wanted it all gone. I had just contracted to build a house that was to be completed in 4 - 6 months so I decided to buy...
  6. Joe Batt

    PAR lighting readings with AI 52HD and 4xT5

    Mixed reef Waterbox 230 just taken initial PAR readings. 5 hours peak lighting readings, looking for comments or suggestions.
  7. gt44ever

    Michigan MH-CFL Hybrid and Current Satellite Marine Pro Lights

    Hello Reefers, Finally got around to replacing my lights and don't really need all the old ones, so here we go Coralife Hybrid 72" - $200 Local pick-up only (not sure I could ship it safely) I believe this is the Aqualight Pro model, and is equipped as follows: 3x 150w Metal Halide lamps with...
  8. JuanGutz

    Colorado Reef Brite SE MH/LED 400watt

    Two pendants with leds, pendants + leds only no ballasts. You can hook it up to either a 400 or 250 ballast, you might need an adapter if you aren’t using a reef brite ballast. I bought my adapter for 11 dollars off amazon. They work perfectly and have no issues. $525 TYD PayPal only, I’ll pay...
  9. Ej Chavex

    Texas Kessil H80 Tuna Flora

    Selling a kessil H80 in almost new condition (as you can see from the pics) and comes with hanging bracket. Bought new and only used a couple months but going a different route for nutrient export. I'm asking $110.00 shipped. Light will be shipped out after payment is received via PayPal and...
  10. Peter K

    Upgrade #4 (and not the last) - 360G Main Display

    Hey everyone, To start off, I figured I'd say a little about myself and my fiance and our experiences in the hobby. I am lucky enough to have a partner who is as enthusiastic about the hobby as myself (at some points she can be even a bit too enthusiastic...) We have now been in the...
  11. RyanSweet

    Geisemann Futura vs Illumagic Blaze

    Doss anyone have any experience with these two lights? I’m trying to decide between the two for my new tank build (120gal 48x24x24). Geisemann obviously is the bigger name, but I don’t see any uv diodes in the clusters. Illumagic is lesser known, at least around the Midwest where I live, but...
  12. Uwharrie

    North Carolina Current Orbit IC 18-24

    New Orbit IC. Opened and plugged in to insure it works. $110 includes shipping ( domestic USA)
  13. D

    Texas 3 Noopsyche k7 Pro II Leds

    I have 3 noopsyche pro leds with controller. No mounts included as I mounted these in a canopy. Would like to sell all 3 together as I only have one controller. Only used for 2 months. Asking $325 shipped.
  14. Sunshine22

    Texas SB Reef SBOX 16 Basic

    Great condition only about a year old, power cords and light only no mounting equipment, 70 shipped
  15. B

    Maxspect Ethereal vs. Kessil A360X

    So I had a tank leak on Tuesday, and unfortunately the water got all over the power supply and controller for my DIY light... so I'm in the market for a new light for the left half of my 55g tank. It's a standard 48" x 13" 55g, 21" deep, so the space I need to light is 24" x 13"With what I'm...
  16. AQUAM

    New York Radion XR30w G4 Pro ($720)

    Ecotech Radion XR30w G4 Pro The light is in like new condition. It was used only ONCE. All original packaging. I'll ship it on May 6th, only to the continental US. Let me know if you have any questions.
  17. P

    Washington WTB/ISO XR30 Radion Mount and ReefLink

    Hey y'all, Looking for an XR30 Mount and possibly a ReefLink wireless controller. Hopefully someone can help me out, thanks!
  18. Wen

    Florida Orphek PR72 pendant

    I was saving this for a future frag tank that’s not going to happen, so hopefully someone can use it. It ran on DT for 2-3 years between 2 Atlantics on my 150. Worked great when I boxed it up. Plugged it in today and looks the same. Very bright. Google Orphek pr72 for specific details. Look...
  19. Auto-pilot

    Grow light

    Ok I need some help picking a grow light that I'm not going to have problems with later! My light failed today, the fans failed. The fans were loud because of the salt and dust that had made it into the light and while trying to clean (I have to do every other month) the power inverter for the...
  20. crashegordon

    Kentucky 2 Kessil A160 Tuna Blue LED's, 3 Philzon Black Box LED's, 3 90 gooseneck adaptors

    So I have went a different route with my lighting and have some items for sale. 2 Kessil A160 Tuna Blue LED's new in the box, never used just plugged in to make sure they work. $200.00 each or both for $375.00 3 Philzon Black Box LED's. Work great been used about 8 months with no issues. These...
  21. C

    Livestock Coralsellerz.com WYSIWYG update

    Lots of new stuff added or being added to website! Have over 75 auction live on FB official frags auction house. I'm Jason Buchanan on FB same logo. Csn also just reply here and we'll make it happen!
  22. AQUAM

    New York Ecotech XR30w G4 Pro and Tank Mounting Kit

    Ecotech XR30w G4 Pro and Tank Mounting Kit The light was purchased as backup and only used once. (Manufacture date 03/2018) Both the light and tank mount are in -like new- condition & original packaging. Local pickup available in NYC & Boston or anywhere in between alone I-95/I84/Rt15/I91/I90...
  23. jschultzbass

    Minnesota SOLD - Orphek Atlantik V4 G2

    I have 3 Orphek V4 Gen2 for sale That are new in box. I use Orpheks right now over my 130 gallon SPS tank and absolutely love them and was going to convert my 300 gallon tank to a SPS tank but decided to keep it a softie and angel tank so don't need this powerful of a light. I took one out of...
  24. T

    North Carolina Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen 3 pro and RMS XR30 TANK MOUNT KIT

    I am selling both together and I am the original owner. The Radion was a Gen 1 that was upgraded to a Gen 3 pro. I also had Ecotech install a new fan on the unit when the upgrade took place. I used it for about a year before I had to break my tank down to move. My old tank will not fit in my new...
  25. Helfish

    GNC BluRay led - first impressions

    Hi all! Here is my first thoughts and initial impression of my recently purchased GNC BluRay led and SilverMoon Actinic 590 led bars (these bars come in different lengths). My new nano tank is yet to be filled with water, so cannot yet give more in-depth review. Perhaps I do that later this...