1. Ai 16hd and Radion Xr30 Gen5's

    For sale Ai 16hd and Radion Xr30 Gen5's

    I have several lights available for sale. 1st: Ai Prime 16HD x4 -these are brand new in the box. Never taken out. Purchased them but ended up going a different route. These are the black body lights. I will provide small discounts if you purchase more than one. 1...$200 2...$195ea...
    $200.00 to $790.00
  2. jtonephilthy

    Viparspectra customer service

    Hey everyone I just wanted to make a post really quick that I feel needs to be put out into the reefing world. im not here to argue about lighting or which is the best Lux / par wise. I just wanna say that on my most recent tank build. (40b 20L sump...
  3. Reefbreeders photon 48 v2 and 60" 4 bulb T5 with extra bulbs /hood

    For sale Reefbreeders photon 48 v2 and 60" 4 bulb T5 with extra bulbs /hood

    48 INCH reefbreeders photon v2 with 60 inch 4 bulb t5 , couple extra bulbs mounted to hood made to sit on the tank . was used on a 150 gallon sca 60x24x24. $650 picked up in eastern north carolina
  4. Scp

    Michigan WTB Wtb gen 4 radion diffusers - 30 and 15 Gen 4

    Looking for diffusers shipped to 48327 xr30 - 3 needed Xr 15 - 1 needed Thanks
  5. FS: Tunze Eco Chic Refugium LED 8831.00

    For sale FS: Tunze Eco Chic Refugium LED 8831.00

    Hi! Selling a Tunze Eco Chic Refugium LED 8831.00, light was used only for about 2 months. No longer needed as I’ve changed my sump layout Light functions like new, no box but all cords and power plug, magnet mounts are included. $65 PayPal and shipped. Local pickup in 91320 CA available...
  6. Announcing the BRAND NEW Orphek Atlantik iCon!

    Announcing the BRAND NEW Orphek Atlantik iCon!

    Orphek Atlantik iCon Orphek takes a leap into the future and presents the new Atlantik iCon – Intelligent Connectivity Orphek Atlantik iCon LED Lighting for Coral Growth & Color pop is the new generation of the Atlantik series offering you access to the future: New free Orphek iCon...
  7. Angelo Fatica

    AI Prime 16HD Intensity Help

    Hello all, I am setting up a 3ft wide by 1 ft deep by 2 feet tall reef tank and I am planning on lighting it with AI Prime 16HDs. I have 3 at the moment and I am trying to get a read on how 3 primes can be used to achieve a mixed reef with such a deep tank? Any help and experience is...
  8. joefeets1

    LED options for 60 gallon cube

    So I recently pick up a used (24x24x24) 60 gallon cube. The light he gave me with it was a little T5 fixture which would be ok for some very low light corals. I need to get a lights and powerheads for it. I’m looking to have a mixed reef tank and am looking for a good light that can be mounted...
  9. S

    Looking for kessil a160 tuna blue, who sell?

    I want to buy kessil a160 tuna blue, who sell?
  10. ADAM

    North Carolina 3- G5 XR15 Radion Pros

    I’m selling my XR15 G5 Pro Radions and going to go back to Kessils. I had great growth and color with the G5’s but I miss that Kessil shimmer. The lights are already taken down, packed back in original boxes, and RTG. They were all installed Feb 2021 and used on the LPS/Softy profile with a...
  11. Ozzy

    Jbj nano cube current ramp timer?

    Trying to figure out what this is lol. Been out of the hobby for a while and I'm assuming it is a timer for the lights, but it does not have the adapter. So trying to figure out if it would be worth it to buy a new adapter or not. Also, disregard the circled part, that was just me asking the...
  12. R

    Minnesota New in Box Hydra 64HDs

    I just received 2 Hydra 64hds from AI as replacements for the 52hds that I sent in for repair (paid upgrade). Decided to go another direction on lights. They are brand new in box lights - $625 + shipping for each one. $1200 + shipping for both.
  13. Rimsky

    Florida WTB Nanobox Array

    I would like to buy one or two Nanobox Arrays.
  14. BTimms

    Show me your Fluval Aquasky LED settings

    I’m a little lost with lighting schedules. Please show me how you are running your lights. Thanks!
  15. HurricaneSystems

    Tennessee Kessil A500X LNIB For Sale

    Hey All, I have a like brand new Kessil A500X that I don't need. I mounted this on my small 40 cube and ran it for about 2 weeks and took PAR readings from it. It was mounted on a Kessil Mounting Arm and has never had anything on it as far as salt, dust, etc. It is in 10/10 shape. It has a...
  16. Z

    Going crazy with the different things I need/don't need the more I read. Can anyone clear things up?

    So I haven't bought anything yet except CaribSea South Seas Aquascaping Base Rock and and still in my research phase. I want to get a 40-50G reef tank that is silent or near silent. I read I need a protein skimmer + filter , then I hear I just need a protein skimmer and no filter, then I read...
  17. B

    Build Thread Need help lighting a 90 gallon

    Hey guys so I’m picking up a 90 gallon reef ready tank on Thursday. Currently I’m running 2 AI primes on 40b. I keep all lps with a couple montis and so far everything looks great. I’m trying to figure out lighting for the 90 build though. The dimensions are 48x18x24. I’m not sure if two primes...
  18. Bcheek

    ReefBreeders Photon 32-V2 Pro

    ReefBreeders Photon 32-V2 Pro Won this from liveaquaria last month but already have lighting I’m happy with. Price per unit: $600.00 Shipping costs: Free Quantity: 1 Location: Verona, WI 53593, USA
  19. shadow1013

    LED Hybrid lighting -Aquaticlife T5 Hybrid vs Reefbrite X Series XHO

    I’m going to start an SPS dominate focused tank. Im leaning towards a 3’ tank so I was thinking doing hybrid lighting with two Radion XR15. I was first thinking of going with the Aquaticlife T5 Hybrid fixture but then I keep hearing about the Reefbrite X Series XHO lights. Has anyone used...
  20. Zoaologist

    Nevada Radion LED Hanging Kit

    I have 11 radion hanging kits available. Decided to hang the lights another way. Hanging kits are brand new unopened. $35 each shipped. Take all for $280 shipped.
  21. trmiv

    Florida Two Red Sea Reefled 90 with mounts

    Two Red Sea Reefled 90 with Red Sea mounts. These were purchased new in May 2020 and used on my Reefer 350 for about a year at 75-85%. Never had any issues with them. $260 plus shipping for each light and mount. $500 plus shipping if you buy both sets of light and mount. Also available for...
  22. Azurenoace

    Custom DIY LED HPL Colors

    Hi, i wanna make an custom led hpl no dimmer, when on all light is turned on, i wanna ask about the colors, which is better? A or B from the pictures below, thankas before
  23. deleau

    Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 Blue

    Radion XR30 G5 Blue $750 shipped. Used for 6 months, never above 50% intensity. No longer needed for different tank. Will include slide mount for $15 extra.
  24. kingkai512

    VIPARSPECTRA LED replacement remote?

    Does anyone know what I can use to replace the VIPARSPECTRA 165w remote? I purchased some that did not come with the remotes and are preset to custom settings and id like to edit it a bit. what else can i use?
  25. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Dry Good Trade Orphek atlantik compact V4 trade

    I am looking to trade my Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (gen 2) LED lights for either a like new Radion G5 Blue, new in box trident, or a large uv sterilizer but let me know what else you have, may entertain to larger pax bellum reactor too. I have 3 available and I will sell for $600 shipped. Also...
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