1. P

    Cycled LFS Live Rock?

    I recently jumped back into the reef world and have started a 7 gallon nano reef tank. I bought Carib Sea Aragalive Pink Fiji sand, and 10 lbs of cured rock from my LFS. My parameters have been very steady, and I’ve only seen a slight rise in ammonia (no more than .5 ppm) and have seen somewhere...
  2. Lydia Mohr

    Aquaculture Live Rock

    Hey! I’m sure this has been asked before but I wanted to know since I would love to use aquaculture Live Rock in the nano tank I plan to set up in the future. Question is, which is best: KP Aquatics, Live Rock n’ Reef, or Tampa Bat Saltwater? What has everyone’s experience with these brands...
  3. FragFarm

    Custom Made Aquascape

    At Fragfarm we do it all! Swim on by and let’s plan out your new aquascape. We pay extra attention to detail to ensure your upmost satisfaction. We also have pre-made! Check us out at fragfarmcoral.com or you can visit us at 227 Main ST Staten Island, NY 10307
  4. Kyuubi

    Love rocks with encrusting sponges, how can I aquascape underwater?

    Hi everyone, I have an aquarium with live rock in it that came with some awesome sponges on it! Right now The rocks are sitting in the empty tank as it cycles. What I’ve been wondering, is how the heck am I supposed to scape it with sponges!! I can’t take the rocks out of the water since I’m...
  5. M

    Wisconsin - Fish and Liverock (FoxFace/Clown/Skunk/Urchin)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Fish and Liverock (FoxFace/Clown/Skunk/Urchin). For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. lilithereefer

    What type of live rock did you start with and how did it turn out?

    what type of live rock did you start your tank with?
  7. benwilsonx

    KP Aquatics Live Rock - Hitchhikers ID

    I picked up KP aquatics live rock from the airport about 10 days ago, and I've been having a blast finding new critters every night (all the action happens after dark, of course). I'd love to have ID help with some of the finds - I'll start with a couple of squishy creatures (nudibranchs or...
  8. RockShark

    Tampa Bay Saltwater is Rocking and Rolling

    Hey we're starting this thread on what's happening with Tampa Bay Saltwater! TBS is getting a fresh start as @LiveRockLyon and I take the reigns from @liverock in providing the best live rock available!
  9. katthereefwife


    Hi I’m Kat, I am new to the salt water tank life. Long story short I convinced my husband to create a salt water tank (and now he says it’s his tank even though it’s our tank). So now we’re here ready to learn and meet other people in the game. We currently have a 10 gallon tank with two cute...
  10. Brocksreef117

    Too much live rock??

    I bought 7 pounds of live rock and 3 pounds of dry rock I went with a pound of rock per gallon, does it look like too much rock?
  11. New Reef Setup

    New Reef Setup

    A little experiment I want to have with a new 30 gallon setup.
  12. Benruiz23


    Hello all looking to set up my 80 gallons tank soon and was looking to buy some live rock for it
  13. Armani


    Hey everyone so let me explain what’s going on. I have a pic to show the terrible gha. I’ve neglected it for a good month or two and obviously it’s gotten a little crazy now. My options are. 1. Taking everything out scrub the rocks normally, and scrub the bottom floor and do a big water change...