1. N

    Minnesota Live Goods WYSIWYG Rainbow Lobo - Shipping Available

    Insane Rainbow Lobo - yup it’s yellow!!!! One of a kind piece. Mint green center, and It’s got 5 mouth on it. Gnarly looking when I feed it. Certainly an eye catcher $225 + shipping As always nationwide shipping available. PM me your zip code for a shipping quote
  2. TopShelfAquatics

    These LPS colonies are on FIRE!!!

    We got some amazing new LPS pieces available NOW!! For anyone looking for that special piece look no further. Shoot us a message with any questions.
  3. OuteastREEFS

    Monday only! Scoly and Lobo Sale order by 3pm to ship today!

  4. JennyH3

    Minnesota Live Goods ISO lobo Lobophyllia or Trachy Trachyphyllia under $300

    ISO one of these 2 colors - bright or ultra rainbow - maybe a neon looking one. under $400 would possibly go higher for the right one. please post photo and price. Shipping to Minneapolis $450 with ship or $50 additional ship with price of coral
  5. Cool Ethan

    Colorado Live Goods Giant Trachy and Lobos, Bowerbanki, Acan garden rock, 3head Hammer and more

    Prefer local pickup in Denver. Prices are OBO Pictures are with phone+lenses but no editing. 6" Trachy: $400 ~5" lobo with 6 heads: $300 Unsure if Lobo / Pachy / Trachy, ~3": $225 Bowerbanki: $75 3.5 Head Hammer: $75 Live rock (3-5lb) with colony of 40+ Whammin Watermelon zoas, 50+...
  6. CalsReef2020

    EMERGENCY Dying Lobo? Solutions?

    Yesterday I recieved a shipment of corals that all looked amazing. This morning I got up to see my brand new Lobo coral looks to be dying. I don't know what's wrong or how to help it. Please help!
  7. wademan27

    Build Thread Status pictures

  8. adamlodge14

    Hitchhiker on lobophyllia

    Hi, I bought a new lobophyllia today and after drip acclimating it for 2 hours, popped it into my tank. After about five minutes a flowery thing popped out of the side of it, is this a feather duster? If so are they harmful or not? (Btw I dipped the coral for five minutes in aqua forest protect dip)
  9. ReefChasers

    October Flash Sale! Save 15% off all Live Stock

    We are excited to have all these beautiful corals in from Australia, so we're running a little bit of a sale this weekend in celebration! It's not all on the website yet, but a lot of the meats are and you can save 15% off on all of it for the next few days (through October 4th). Check out the...
  10. ReefChasers

    Aussie Import just landed

    Hey Reef2Reef! We got our first import order directly from the source (Australia) and boy was it a good one. We've got a ton of beautiful meats -- Scolys, Lobos, Trachys and Symphyllia + all kinds of torches, hammers, gonis & blastos. I guess you can say our hands are full and so is our "Meat...
  11. A

    Lobo not fully opening anymore

    Hi all! My lobo used to be a beautiful green/blue outside and orange inside. It used to throw out feeder tentacles every night and I loved watching it retract them every morning. It was my first coral. But now it doesn't do that. I've seen very small feeder tentacles during target feeds and it...
  12. ReefChasers

    20% Sale Continues! New Stock items! Deep Water Chalice and more!

    We got some awesome new livestock ready for the website. Where are our Chalice Lovers at? There are some real beautiful deep water colonies here. Also got a few nice Favia's and Platy's. We created a deal on 5 packs of these Ultra Rock Flowers (they really are very nice!). Photograph's below...
  13. Coralick

    Florida Starter Sps monty pack, Xxl lobophyllia

    Walt Disney, Bill Murray, Pc rainbow, Jason Fox sun grafted and solar flare pack 250$ XXL show center piece lobophyllia 250$ Local zip 33009
  14. MrDeathKills

    AIO Build 40B AIO tank

    So we currently have a 32g biocube. The wife has gotten into corals that go on the sand bed. Such as Acanthos, Cynarias, ELegance, Lobo, Wellsos, and Trachys. To give us more sand bed i was thinking of going to a 40B with the AIO drop in as my wife dosen’t want to do a sump till we move. Has...
  15. OdetteDelacroix

    California Mix of Coral for sale Huge Lobo open brain, Kenya Trees, Scoly, Torches etc...

    Hey Everyone, As my tank and collection has gotten larger and the pandemic has still left me unemployed, I'm happy to present some of my little slice of the ocean for sale. These coral have brought me a great deal of enjoyment while in my care and I hope they are able to do the same for whoever...
  16. G

    How much can I sell this one of a kind Lobophyllia? lol

    Hello Everyone, Would anyone want to buy this Lobophyllia I have? if so, How much do you think can this go for? i will take a nicer photo tomorrow when it is fully open and fluffy. I moved him around. Im running out of space :/ it has splatter neon orange/blue/awesome gradient mouth is...
  17. morgan_jAq

    Anyone know what this is??

    Saw this thing on my LOBO this morning. Any idea what it is???
  18. esther

    Snail Eating Lobo?

    So, this is currently happening... It's slowly eating one of our Cerith Snails. Anyone ever seen such a thing? Nature is a wonderful thing. :oops:
  19. Ozelaf44

    Is my lobo damaged?

    Hey, I was wondering if I can get some help, my lobos teeth keep on showing daily, but at night they return to being full. Is there something wrong with him.
  20. C

    ID my Scoly and Lobo

    I got these both a while ago and I forgot to ask for the names of the corals. If you can help me ID them, that would be amazing. I couldn’t get an amazing pic of my lobo, so I put three different ones.
  21. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Beautiful Lobophyllia Colony!

    Exotic Lobo colony only $129.99!! Amazing coloration! At SeaCityCorals.com Will shipping nationwide for $29.99
  22. Peach02

    Lobo ID?

    Pretty self explanatory I saw the photo on here on a archived post and couldn't find any mention of it anywhere, anyone know what it is (apart from just a lobo)
  23. MPS

    Acans lost the battle

    I woke up to find some nasty goo connecting an Acan colony to the edge of a Lobo. I knew they were stinging each other so i cleared the mess out and moved the Acans away. It turns out that the Acans lost the battle and 6 heads were destroyed in the process. The majority of the colony still...
  24. Jeremy K.A.

    Feeding Tentacles

    Hello once again everyone, I was recently looking at some pictures of others tanks and have seen that some have crazy polyp extension with their LPS, the feeding tentacles, and then others have little to none at all during the day. I am one of the latter, during the day there is very little to...
  25. lReef lKeeper

    LPS pack ... NOT frags ... WYSIWYG ... $250 shipped

    Orange Dream Lobo ... LRO Two Face Favia ... Green Lantern Favia ...