1. Robin Haselden

    Turtle's Fairy Tale

    Well I did it, I finally bought the tank I've wanted for the better part of a year. It gets delivered today, so I don't have any pictures for you but I can tell you what it is. The tank is a SCA 90 gallon "cube," 36"x24"x24". It's made from 1/2" Starfire glass, and I got the 36" tall wood...
  2. mitch91175

    Texas Phytoplankton

    I have some extra phyto from my culture that I have going. 16oz - $15 (shipping $10) 35oz - $25 (shipping $10) 70oz - $50 (free shipping) Shipping will be done through USPS 2-3 day. I ship extremely fast too when I do have available phyto. Orders placed and payment received before 2PM CST will...
  3. M

    Anyone know this type of Acan Echinata??

    Picked up this acan echinata from my lfs for $20 (it was a buy one get one free so i couldnt resist lol also got a seasons greeting montipora). Forgot to ask the name but does anyone know what is the name of it?? Sorry if picture is too blue. Hard to take pictures with LEDs
  4. Reef Lounge USA

    Livestock ULTRA Donut Coral for SALE!

    We have some awesome ultra donut/meat coral for sale!! Under Blues... Under Whites... (Sorry these photos were taken right after moving them) $550/each + FREE SHIPPING. We can do multiple order discounts. MESSAGE FOR ANY OTHER QUESTIONS!
  5. Reef Lounge USA

    Donut/Meat Coral for Sale!!

    We have a big variety of donut coral in stock... SUPER RARE! These pieces range from 4" across to 6" across Please message me if you're interested! - $550 + FREE SHIPPING!!
  6. Reef Lounge USA

    Ultra Donut/Meat Coral for Sale!

    We have a large quantity of ultra donut/meat coral in stock... SUPER RARE! please message us if you're interested. These donut corals range from 4" across to 6". - $550 & free shipping!
  7. Joe Batt

    When is the tank mature enough?

    I recently restarted my tank after a slow painful crash, from zero using dry rock, a shallow sand bed. The rock was cycled for 6 weeks till it tested no ammonia or nitrite. Also, phosphates testing around 0.05 and decreasing. I added my old fish and lots of Fritz 900 yet still had a small...
  8. Curryb15

    Help me decide on new LPS corals

    hey all like the tittle says I need help on deciding what corals I want to buy at RAP NY in June? My tank is a 55 cube that has all lps and 2 birds nest mixed in. I also have a few different kinds of mushrooms. My main focus thus far has been euphylia but I want to expand into some other kinds...
  9. Curryb15

    Feeding response in corals

    Hello all, I have a mainly lps tank with the following corals Torch Frogspawn Hammer acan favia candycanes pink goni aleviapora war coral zoas mushrooms and a few assorted other LPS My question is I spot feed reef roids 1-2 times a week with all pumps and return pump off. I never see feeding...
  10. AshwinRavi

    Buying colony vs frags-pros and cons?

    In general, what should someone keep an eye out when buying colonies? What do you look for besides good polyp extension and making sure the corals aren't covered in pests. As of now, I have several zoa frags and few LPS like Acans and euphyllia, all of these are very small and to be honest it...
  11. Dolphin424

    Ohio OG Bounce, Speckled Kraks, and More!

    Will Now Ship! WWC OG Bounce 220$ Speckled Krak 180$ Sunny D's 15$ per polyp/ I have 1 one polyp frag/ 3 two polyp frags/ and 1 three polyp frag Duncans/ Left one has 3 heads 25$/ Right has 4 heads 35$ Hammer Coral/ Left has one head 10$(Have 3 single heads available)/ Right has two heads 20$
  12. quicksil328

    Is this a hammer?

    Hi guys, I want to get your opinion on what I was told was a Hammer a few months ago at my Lfs. I have since noticed the ends of the polyps are not singular. Instead, many of the polyps have more than 1 polyp branching the main. What do you think?
  13. mahindra.dev

    What makes torch coral do this!!

    So my torch goes from fully inflated, swaying to one head just deflated. I’m curious what makes a coral do that?? Some say the stuff that comes out of the mouth is not good, any insights!!! Looking for insights, experience and advice. Here are some pics Happy, Fluffy TO Then like this
  14. Jeremy K.A.

    Feeding Tentacles

    Hello once again everyone, I was recently looking at some pictures of others tanks and have seen that some have crazy polyp extension with their LPS, the feeding tentacles, and then others have little to none at all during the day. I am one of the latter, during the day there is very little to...
  15. stevepaynr84

    Acan help

    Hi wondering if anyone can tell me what type of even this is and if it looks Ok? Any advice would be much appreciated This I when it first went in the tank
  16. RickG

    Deep Blue 75 Gallon Rimless Build

    Hey guys so I decided I wanted to post my build to share with you guys and also to monitor my progression of my tank over time. I started this tank out in October of last year and transferred two old tanks into this one[live rock, fish, and corals]. I built the stand from 2x4 and 3/4 in plywood...
  17. fredro

    New York ATi Dimmable 8x54w T5 fixture with KZ and ATi bulbs $550

    Great condition ATi T5 8x54w Dimmable fixture. Bulbs have 2-3 months use. Just replaced a ballast. Works 100%. Great LIGHT!!!! PAYPAL or CASH $550 - Located on Long Island 11955 Would be willing to arrange shipping at buyers expense. Few extra bulbs id be willing to throw in too
  18. J

    SPS and other corals slowly dying

    Hi everyone, I have several montiporas, a pocillipora, two bizarro, and an a can that seem to be slowly withering away on me. They were doing well for awhile and had growth, but now they’re tissue seems to be receding starting primarily at their bases and then working up. I have a hair algae...
  19. D. Torres

    Butterfly fish in reef tank

    Has anyone had any luck keeping a butterfly fish in a reef tank. My LFS said I could depending on the type of corals I keep. I picked up a lattice butterfly. I have a just a few corals some GSP, hammer coral, zoanthids, and galxea. I normally work 12 hour shift and usually only feed once per...
  20. BrandonA702

    Brandon's Evo XIIs

    Hey again. Just joined yesterday and it was suggested that I started a member thread. So here it is. I have been in the hobby for about 4 years now. My largest tank so far was a 55 gallon but I moved and downsized to an Evo 13.5 AIO. Currently I have two Evo tanks going. One for my LPS and a new...
  21. Oceanslice

    Small lps growing

    In between the large brain and the shell in a small round new addition. Any ideas on what it may be??
  22. BrandonA702

    Thanks for having me.

    Hey, just joined today. Looking to see what everyone is doing and find some advice for my SPS tank. I'm running two Evo XII tanks, my LPS tank have been running a long time now and I'd like to start into SPS. Just got everything ready for my latest tank and a custom aquascape. Both tanks have AI...
  23. D2D4E356-C013-46C9-98BE-D46978A76126


    Lps brain coral
  24. M

    Vinegar dosing help??

    Been really interested in dosing my tank with vinegar for the past couple of days. I have been having a hard time trying to get rid of hair algae. Anyone have any advice on dosing it with vinegar? If anyone is wondering, I have a mix of sps and lps corals with parameters of: specific gravity-...
  25. S

    SeaWeev's 120 Gallon Mixed Reef

    In this thread, I will be posting all of my pics for my 120g.
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