1. maharsreef

    California 3 x Gen 3 Radions

    I have 3 x Gen 3 Radions, One of them was upgraded to Pro a few years back. I have had these running @60% for about 7 years. I have recently cleaned the fans and vents from the inside out and are working flawlessly at this time. Still running on my tank currently. I am switching to Radion 4 now...
  2. Scape

    Help! What Coral is this

    Hello all, Could someone please help me identify what coral I have! I would really appreciate any answers, as I would really like to know what I have, Thanks for taking your time to read this, I have attached a picture, Thank you, A.A
  3. Jimbo662

    Exotic Marine Overflow box

    @NaH20nerd I finally got the package! First impressions are that this thing is built like a tank. One thing I know I'll like better is being able to see into the internal box. The Tideline overflow had the removable weirs. When you remove the weir / cover the bottom of it is about an inch and...
  4. K

    Recommendations for combination of fish

    Ok, I have a 55 tank with a coral beauty angelfish in it and one frag of eagle eye zoas and one frag of hot pink montipora coral. I am planning on getting 2-4 erectus sea horses. Now, before you start, I am fully aware that they are SUPER hard to keep and Im up for the challenge. I easily have...
  5. NewGoby

    Easy LED Controller 2Plus

    I've been using the Easy Led Controller 2 Plus for a while now (8months) and I absolutely love it I'm using it for all 3 of my aquaria (2 - 60liter & 1 - 45 liter). I use it in combination with my Dual Channel Easy LED 438 MM Marine Lighting, and it provides excellent coral growth. The...
  6. Luke iskra

    What can a current USA orbit grow and how strong is it really

    I’ve been trying to get some input on the current USA marine orbit led light There is 3 different versions of them atm The regular The ic The ic pro I currently have the regular on a 10 gallon tank about 2 inches off the surface how much power is this thing really
  7. W

    Florida Ecotech Marine Vectra L1

    I'm selling a lightly used Ecotech Marine Vectra L1 Return Pump. Purchased it JAN 2017. It is in perfect condition. Decided to go with a different return pump to automate feed mode with APEX. Price: $329 including shipping
  8. M

    Ecoxotic Cannon Pro LEDs - Marine Actinic

    Hello everyone! I've noticed a newer model of the Ecoxotic Cannon LEDs, and the Marine Actinic looks very promising with the spectrum chart; along with the power, different lenses and of course the 5 yr warranty. I've attached the spec sheet for easy viewing. What do you think about this...
  9. DipSpit

    ISO: Radion XR15w G3 PRO

    Sorry for the double post but the WTB forums are dusty. Title says it. Need shipped promptly to Norfolk, Va. 23504. Paypal ready to go.
  10. Michael Sylvester

    Education in Marine Biology and Reefing

    Here is a video of my classroom working on a few reefing projects in our elementary school. Whats your thoughts?
  11. shadow1013

    MP4Ow ES w/ new QD Driver - South Orlando -$230 OBO

    Hi everyone! I'm selling a used MP40. Bought this used a couple of months ago. It works great, the only reason we are selling it is because I took down the tank it was on and don't need it any more. It is an ES version with a QD Driver. Ecotech confirmed there was issues with the buttons on...
  12. jason2459

    Our tank's biology up close

    A few weeks ago my microscope broke. It wasn't as old as PaulB's relic (I think he calls it an antique) but it was several decades old. So, I was then overwhelmed and excited with all the new options out there today and got a trinocular microscope with a 5MP camera. 40-2500x. Much stronger...
  13. The Acclimation Box: Can This Thing Really Work?

    The Acclimation Box: Can This Thing Really Work?

    Elite Aquatic’s Acclimation Box Acclimation boxes are an essential tool for adding new fish to an existing tank, but a tool which is often overlooked or disregarded. I was once a skeptic myself, and I have a feeling many reading this are far from convinced. After all, how could this little...