1. SeanD

    Georgia Maxspect Gyres 2-XF250

    I have a complete gyre setup I took off my 525XL 2- XF250 gyre pumps 1- XF250 advanced controller 2- Maxspect power supply’s 2- IceCap gyre controller modules 1-10v Apex Y-connection cable I have the original boxes with the extra blade sets etc all new and included These are all...
  2. c147258

    Review of the NemProtect Maxspect Gyre XF350 Wavemaker/Anemone Guard

    The following is my review of the XF350 anemone guards. If it matters to you, I got lucky and received the very first pair (prototype) for free and I am planning to purchase another pair from NemProtect. Excuse me for my dirty Gyres :) These guards are work of quality. I've previously bought...
  3. Jeff@CoralVue

    "I am running 5 pumps off the WaveEngine."

    Check out this testimonial from R2R user @shred5 about the HYDROS WaveEngine! "On my WaveEngine right now I am running one IceCap 3K, two XF-250 Maxspect Gyres, and a VarioS-2 directly. So I eliminated 3...
  4. P

    Maxspect gyre Syna G xf330 Just discovered something

    I’ve had pump running for a month and wasn’t that impressed with flow. Loved all the features. I called premium aquatics and spoke with a lady (forgot her name) after having pumps running in tank for 3 weeks. She said she’s happily exchange them for me, but encouraged me to give them more...
  5. scobeyra

    Gyre's keep stalling- need reset

    Hey everyone, it seems like every other day I'm unplugging and plugging back in my gyre 150s to reset them because they've stalled out and I'm getting the red status light on the Icecap module. I have two gyres running on opposite sides of the tank. They are programmed through the apex with...
  6. Jeff@CoralVue

    Win a HYDROS WaveEngine to Control All Your Pumps!

    With the release of the HYDROS WaveEngine right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to do a giveaway for our first production unit! Are you in? ENTER HERE Leave us a comment to let us know which pumps you'd use your WaveEngine to control...
  7. Jeff@CoralVue

    You Saw Them at MACNA⁠—Now They're IN STOCK!

    You Saw Them at MACNA⁠—Now They're IN STOCK! Use Algae to Fight Algae with an IceCap Algae Scrubber!
  8. BigKid4788

    Ohio Maxspect XF280

    Gyre Pump with Magnet Mount Advanced Controller with mount Power Supply, Spare Rotors, Snail Screens, End Cap and Cages $275 shipped Thanks, Bigkid4788
  9. BigKid4788

    Ohio Maxspect XF350

    Package includes two xf350's with controller and power supply w/Y adaptor (one PS powers both pumps). Less than 4 months of use. Upgraded to MP60's -$400 shipped thanks, Bigkid4788
  10. Reefltx

    North Carolina Maxspect xf230 (Pump Only)

    New/Never used Maxspect xf230 gyre for sale, asking price is $120 shipped.
  11. Deaf clown

    Iowa Gyre xf 250 pair

    $300 shipped. No extra parts. Cleaned. Selling because I downsized and no longer need. Selling as a whole set; no parting out.
  12. SeanD

    Georgia Maxspect Gyre XF250 package

    I decided to change up my equipment and these work too good to be laying around as a backup pump. These ran for 6 months and really move a lot of water. I’m also including the apex interface modules and extra power supply. $425 shipped to lower 48
  13. Jeff@CoralVue

    VIDEO: Mad Hatter's Reef Reviews the NEW MaxSpect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer

    Jeff at Mad Hatter's Reef posted a review of the NEW Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer on his YouTube channel yesterday. We promise: you've never seen another skimmer like it! Let us know what you think! Questions? Let us know! CLICK TO LEARN MORE CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE TO MAD HATTER'S REEF
  14. smartwater101

    California [West Hollywood] A lot of stuff! Lights, pumps, skimmer, powerheads, Apex accessories...

    EDIT: Remaining items moved to this thread I'm willing to do local trades for purple or blue acropora. Teal staghorn doesn't count lol :p Everything is in good working order (unless otherwise noted) Paypal or Venmo. Thanks. PICKUP: West Hollywood 90046 (right next to plumbers park) 250$...
  15. Irishman

    MP40 with Gyre

    Tank finished cycling and have some clean up crew Otw to the house next week. I decided to get the water movement in my tank going. I am using an MP40 (yellow circle in pic) and maxspect Gyre XF250 (yellow square in pic). It a 180 tank. This combo is wrecking havick on my drain system, dual...
  16. B

    Maxspect Ethereal vs. Kessil A360X

    So I had a tank leak on Tuesday, and unfortunately the water got all over the power supply and controller for my DIY light... so I'm in the market for a new light for the left half of my 55g tank. It's a standard 48" x 13" 55g, 21" deep, so the space I need to light is 24" x 13"With what I'm...
  17. CoralVue

    RAP Orlando 2019: New Maxspect Products [Video]

    In this new episode of [CVtv], we pay a visit to Maxspect booth at RAP Orlando 2019. Howard Roy from Maxspect introduces us to two brand new products that will be available come late summer 2019! Maxspect unveils their brand new and innovative Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer. This skimmer is...
  18. MarineDepot

    The best Gyre pumps yet—NOW IN STOCK!

    The best Gyre pumps yet—NOW IN STOCK! No water left unturned with near-silent operation!
  19. Scubabum

    Reefkpr Red Sea Reefer 525XL build

    Hello everyone. My name is Phillip aka Reefkpr on Youtube and CC_Reefkpr on IG. I've been Reefing for 25 years but fairly new to keeping SPS. I also have a 58 Gallon Oceanic Reef that has been running consistently for 25 years and a 40 gallon Breeder Frag tank. I'm Retired and totally addicted...
  20. Ignitros

    Washington Maxspect Gyre XF230's x2 w/ Advanced controller and ICV6 controller

    I have a pair of lightly used Maxpsect Gyre XF230's with the Advanced Controller and the ICV6 WiFi controller that I am looking to sell. They work great, are in perfect condition and I have all original packaging. I purchased them for a smaller tank that they just push too much water for. They...
  21. C

    This is Hello from csmaxspect

    Hi guys; Glad to be part of the big family of coral lovers here. Hope we could have a good time learning and enjoying coral tanks. Thanks
  22. Ignitros

    Washington Maxspect Gyre XF230's w/ ICV6 controller, trade for EcoTech VorTech MP40wQD's or MP10wQD's

    I have a slightly used pair of Maxspect Gyre XF230's with the ICV6 controller that I'd like to possibly trade for a pair of EcoTech MP40wQD's or even the MP10wQD's if someone is interested.
  23. M

    Texas WTB Gyre

    i am looking for either a maxspect 230 or an icecap 1k. the sooner the better hopefully! thank you R2R community
  24. MarineDepot

    1 hour left …

    1 hour left … It's the Grand Finale—Cyber Monday ends in 60 minutes! ‌
  25. MarineDepot

    THE BEST YET ⚡ 10% off Reef Octopus ⚡ 10% off Klir Filters ⚡ 10% off Maxspect ⚡ 15% off Seneye

    THE BEST YET: 10% off Reef Octopus, 10% off Klir Filters, 10% off Maxspect, 15% off Seneye, and MORE! PLUS: Black Friday Doorbusters from Brightwell Aquatics - Get FREE Stuff!
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