1. WallyTime7

    Skimmers Sumps Drygoods Maxspect Jump SK800 Protein Skimmer - will ship 500

    3 Months old, broken in, runs perfect! Selling bc I want to change my footprint in my sump to something else. Comes with original box and packaging. MSRP $700, selling shipped for $500. Priced to move. Already has a 1/2" threaded top if you want to use it with a scrubber too...
  2. 42Freeman

    Georgia Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods UNOPENED BOXES FROM BRS

    Have some brand new equipment I am looking to get rid of. All of it is brand spanking new in the boxes! All prices are below retail! The following is what I have. -Maxspect Jump 2K Gyre with controller (Two) $190 each -BRS Refractometer with calibration juice $25 -Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0...
  3. Ahogue21

    Aquariums ATO Lighting Drygoods Maxspect x r5 200w light , ato , tank

    Few remaining items of a tank part out the light and ato can be shipped and tank is pick up only Maxspect x r5 200w light with wifi module light is aprox 2 years old $350 Ice cap ato - $85 Aqueon tank with mega overflow, glass lids and working but questionable stand $75
  4. Nicole lyn

    Need help with the Flow Pump!

    Hello everyone, So glad to be here with you beautiful human. Recently I want to have a Flow Pump of Maxspect for my tank. And I've seen people recommend Jump Series Gyre pump. :face-with-monocle:However, I want to know why you choose this one or what aspect of this product do you think is...
  5. Nicole lyn

    EMERGENCY Need help with the Flow Pump!

    Hello, everyone. So glad to be here with you beautiful human. Recently I want to have a Flow Pump of Maxspect for my tank. And I've seen people recommend Jump Series Gyre pump. However, I want to know more about why you choose this one or what aspect of this product do you think is the most...
  6. Drummerguydw

    California Powerheads Drygoods Pair of Maxspect XF280 Gyres (Sold)

    Pair of Maxspect Gyre XF 280 with original packaging, replacement covers, battery backup adapters, and two controllers. $400 obo, willing to make a deal so I’m flexible on price. 93004
  7. F

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Maxspect Jump L165 LEDs for sale 3 available

    Used for 8 months. Excellent condition. Would like to sell all three at once but may split. These lights have done well for me as I used them on a grow out tank I recently took down as I'm downsizing a bit. The maxspect app runs these lights really well with no issues for me. $500 shipped for...
  8. D

    Maxspect Jump Skimmer Tank Size

    I am considering purchasing this skimmer for what will be a heavily stocked 90 gallon. The ratings say 100 gallon for heavy bio load. Wanted to see if someone had experience using this on this type of tank.
  9. Jon's Reef

    Wisconsin Misc. Pumps Drygoods Maxspect Gyre XF350 and XF330 sets

    I have 3 sets of Maxspect gyre pumps. They all work great. They are a few years old. All cleaned up with citric acid. See pics for what is included with each. Shipping included to CONUS XF350 Set (2 pumps, controller, box) $350 shipped SOLD XF330 Set 1 (2 pumps, controller, box) $250 shipped...
  10. YaboiNathan

    ATO Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Tanks break down sale: powerheads

    Just break down my 1 year old system. Here are all the equipment I have for sale 2 mp10 in new condition Mp10 qdwes : 180 shipped Mp10 qdwes mobius ready: 200 shipped Maxspect xf250 pump with controller: 160 shipped 2 return pump Octo varios 8: 250 shipped Ecotech marine M1 : 180 shipped...
  11. mbarton2010

    Texas Return Pumps Powerheads Skimmers various items (Gyre, skimmer, heater, return pump)

    Maxspect Gyre XF-350 Dual- 450 Simplicity 320D DC skimmer - 250 Simplicity DC 3200 Return pump -100 (no controller) Hygger pinpoint heater with controller (never seen water)- 50 Lots of shelf rock- 4/lb NO SHIPPING FOR ROCKS Located 77365 Will cleaan up everything when purchased Also...
  12. aimed

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Aquarium Controller Drygoods Tank Breakdown 75 gallon, apex system available

    Broke down my 75 gallon system. I have several parts left for sale Neptune apex system, with probes and energy bar $375 Would prefer not to ship, due to probes needing to stay wet. Probes were still holding calibration. I will throw in a Neptune auto feeder for free (It sounds like its dying...
  13. Maxspect Gyre Kit XF 330

    For sale Texas Maxspect Gyre Kit XF 330

    Maxspect Gyre XF 330 (DUAL) 2 Pump Kit w/Flow Direct. Gyre’s used for three months. Comes with everything that was in the original boxes. Will ship on your dime.
  14. Maxspect Jump Gyre 2K

    For sale Kentucky Maxspect Jump Gyre 2K

    Maxspect Jump Gyre 2K in great condition. All works as it should. I cleaned it when I broke down my tank 4-10-22. Comes with original box and extra rotors. I bought it new and used it for roughly 3 months at 30%. $150 shipping included. PayPal only
  15. Red Sea ReefWave 45 Gyre Pump BRAND NEW!

    For sale Colorado Red Sea ReefWave 45 Gyre Pump BRAND NEW!

    Brand New In The Box Sealed. Red Sea ReefWave 45 $280 shipped!!
  16. Looking for an ICV6 Controller

    For sale Looking for an ICV6 Controller

    Looking to purchase an ICV6 Controller
  17. 2 XF250 gyre pumps, advanced controller and battery backup for sale

    For sale 2 XF250 gyre pumps, advanced controller and battery backup for sale

    I am selling my 2 used Maxspect Gyre XF250 pumps along with the advanced controller and Ice Cap battery backup for $375 plus shipping. Everything ran on my SPS dominant 120 gallon tank with great results for about 2 years with great results. The only reason I’m selling is that I’m taking a break...
  18. Maxspect Gyre 350 w/ controller - Lightly Used

    For sale Maxspect Gyre 350 w/ controller - Lightly Used

    witching from SPS dominate to more leather dominated so I don’t need 3 large wave makers. Maxspect gyre 350 with controller. Bought new in March 2021 and ran it at ~40%. Just got out of a citric acid bath to get the coraline off. Comes with all the extra attachments that I never took out of...
  19. 2 Maxspect XF280 Gyre Pumps + Advance Controller & Extras

    For sale 2 Maxspect XF280 Gyre Pumps + Advance Controller & Extras

    I’m selling my bundled set of Maxspect XF280 Gyre Pumps with Advance Controller and many extras. These have always run spectacular and are in immaculate condition. Here is a list of what is included (also shown in picture): Maxspect Advance Controller (current 2.2 firmware) Maxspect Advance...
  20. FS: Maxspect Gyre XF-350 dual pumps

    For sale FS: Maxspect Gyre XF-350 dual pumps

    Bought 1.5 years ago and used as back up for about 8 months. Both in great condition. Creates alot of flow, I would say as much if not more flow than my mp40's while running whisper quiet. One controller can hook up to both gyres, magnets are very strong and good up to 3/4" thickness. Comes...
  21. x2 Maxspect Gyre 330

    For sale x2 Maxspect Gyre 330

    This is the kit. Comes with 2 pumps and one controller. These were used for about 6 months purchased used. Just cleaned and ready to use. $300 shipped. Local pick up available for $275.
  22. CincyReefer07

    Large Build New 310g Mixed Reef Tank Man Cave Build

    ***1-5-23***BIG UPDATE POST near bottom of PAGE 5*** Well after 7 years of having a 29 gallon and 75 gallon and being in my new home for the last 5 years, I’ve decided to put the finishing touch on my man cave and add a 310 gallon Planet Aquarium reef ready tank in it. I started this project...
  23. YaboiNathan

    South Dakota Texas Maxspect xf230

    I have a maxspect xf230 with controller looking for 150 shipped
  24. trmiv

    Florida Maxspect Gyre XF330 dual pump kit and Maxspect ICV6 controller

    Maxspect Gyre XF330 dual pump kit. This includes two xf330s, one controller and one power supply. Bought this as a kit in January 2020 and used until mid-March this year. Would like to sell together as the kit since I purchased them that way. $340 shipped for the kit also have a...
  25. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York Return Pumps Maxspect Jump DC return pump 8K for sale. Like new

    I am selling a 2,113 GPH Maxspect Jump DC return pump. Asking $200 including shipping. It only has about 6 months worth of use on it as my main return pump in my 120 gallon sps reef tank. The pump worked flawlessly the entire time but I am getting out of the hobby for the time being and am...
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