1. Spenc_

    Maxspect R420R Lighting Levels

    I just setup a Nano tank which is a Innovative 10G Cube tank, put live rock in it and dry sand because I couldn't get ahold of live sand in my area. I have a Maxspect R420R 60W-16000k and I need help setting it up with times and light levels, I was told to have it on for 8-10 hours a day and...
  2. wake122

    Georgia South Carolina Maxspect Gyre XF350 & XF330 with controller

    o I am selling my Maxspect Gyre XF350 & XF330 with controller. I was planning on using it on my redsea tank but the glass is way to thick to support these. I would also be willing to trade for a gently used MP40 (for the XF350 and controller) I have the original box for all of this as well. I...
  3. BighohoReef

    Washington WTB Maxspect XF330 PUMP ONLY

    I'm looking for XF 330 pump only
  4. Ignacio0607

    ***Torch coral help!!!!***

    So I need help getting the most out of my torches I’m running a 108g tank with a maxspect gyre350 set at 60 ramping down wave to 10 with 1 second spread also. Have T5 lights from 9-6 then 3 hydras from6-12 just need help all levels good 2 year tank torches are on the side where the gyre is placed
  5. Ignacio0607

    Build Thread Newbie alert*** Go big or go home!!! Wife hates me lol

    I have been in the hobby for about one year thanks to fluval nano 10g tank for newbies with success ( to my likings and my small test kits) I decided to go big or go home and I have the set up 140 gallon Neptune tank Aquatic life 48 with 3 Hydras26HD Redsea 900 skimmer Corallife UV sterilizer...
  6. Sleeping Giant

    Contests not for any Canadians

    What gives with all the contests available to the continental US, and none for your Canadian cousins? It's really not hard to send stuff across the border, there's no just goes in a truck or plane and crosses the border in the same amount of time to send stuff from 1 state to another.
  7. R&J Reefs

    California Miscellaneous Parting out Red Sea reefer 750

    All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. All equipment used for about 1-11/2 years . Everything is in excellent condition. AI hydra 52’s I have 3 total 400.00 each includes hms rail mount . HMS 61.5 rail and hanging kit 100.00 Reef octopus int 200 skimmer 600.00 Maxspect gyre...
  8. CoralVue_Marketing

    PICTURES WANTED: Maxspect JUMP Pumps

    Hello R2R Fam, I am working on the next issue of the CoralVue newsletter and Maxpsect's JUMP Pumps are in the spotlight. :cool: We would love to feature some photos of Maxspect's new pumps from real-world users! We do not mind if it's an unboxing photo, a picture of the pump already...
  9. Z

    Nevada Maxspect Gyre XF280 (2 pumps & controller)

    Used for little over a year. Super strong pumps, still work as if they were brand new. Looking to get $450 that includes shipping and PayPal fees. All included: (2) XF280 Gyre Pumps (6,000 GPH) (1) Gyre Controller. (2) Power supply’s.
  10. Chrille26

    Build Thread Red Sea reefer 250 - Mixed reef!

    Update 2021-02-08, tank upgrade on page 9! Below this line is the start of the 35 gallon cube, the Reefer 250 transfer and build starts at page 9! ————————————————— Hey! Two years ago I made my first attempt at keeping a reef at home. That time I went with a 13g cube with a HOB filter and I...
  11. Peach02

    are 300 series maxspect gyre dry side magnets waterproof?

    Ive seen multiple people mount maxispect gyres seemingly on their overflow but it may be on the back glass regardless, I'm researching a tank upgrade and the tank has a rear ato reservoir built in behind the tank. Would it be safe to mount a gyre xf330 on the back pane where the dry side would...
  12. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut Maxspect Gyre XF250

    Hey everyone! Its been a long time getting back onto the forum and ultimately back into the salty world! I made a mistake a year back purchasing just the XF250 pump and not to combination pump and controller. Since then Maxspect has released a new model making my new build almost obsolete...
  13. Rams

    New Jersey Maxspect XF250 gyre with controller and brand new blades

    Selling maxspect gyre XF250 with controller and extra brand new blades never used.local pickup 07080 or PayPal shipped.Asking 250$.
  14. M

    Anyone tried the Maxspect Jump returns?

    Looking for reviews and thoughts on the new Maxspect Jump series return pumps. I am trying to find something quieter than my Tunze 1073.50 - which isn't quiet at all when compared to my Jebao. Thoughts??
  15. T

    Maxspect XF350's vs Icecap 4k's

    Previously the Icecap was just the more affordable, fewer featured clone, which was great, but with the sale on the Maxspect's at $279 for 1, it seems the likely choice, but then needs the wifi controller to truly take advantage of all features. The cheaper Icecap has wifi built in.... Someone...
  16. Reefer37

    JBJ 45 Lighting Recommendations

    Hey everyone! So when I got my JBJ 45 from a Craigslister it came with a AI Prime HD and really I feel like it's not cutting it for lighting. I get a lot of shadowing and worried any corals over soft just aren't going to get the lighting they need/want. So I'm trying to decide on new lights...
  17. AquaNerd

    Maxspect Jump DC Controllable Pumps Coming in 2020

    A look at the new DC controllable Maxspect Jump pumps. Please visit our blog to learn more.
  18. MarineDepot

    *NEW* VIDEO: Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer

  19. AquariumSpecialty

    20% savings on Maxspect Gyre Pumps with Controllers

    Click the ad for details.
  20. CoralVue_Marketing

    Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer: Our Favorite Features + Installation & Control Tips!

    PRODUCT LINK: Watch on YouTube Watch on Facebook
  21. SeanD

    Georgia Maxspect Gyres 2-XF250

    I have a complete gyre setup I took off my 525XL 2- XF250 gyre pumps 1- XF250 advanced controller 2- Maxspect power supply’s 2- IceCap gyre controller modules 1-10v Apex Y-connection cable I have the original boxes with the extra blade sets etc all new and included These are all...
  22. c147258

    Review of the NemProtect Maxspect Gyre XF350 Wavemaker/Anemone Guard

    The following is my review of the XF350 anemone guards. If it matters to you, I got lucky and received the very first pair (prototype) for free and I am planning to purchase another pair from NemProtect. Excuse me for my dirty Gyres :) These guards are work of quality. I've previously bought...
  23. P

    Maxspect gyre Syna G xf330 Just discovered something

    I’ve had pump running for a month and wasn’t that impressed with flow. Loved all the features. I called premium aquatics and spoke with a lady (forgot her name) after having pumps running in tank for 3 weeks. She said she’s happily exchange them for me, but encouraged me to give them more...
  24. scobeyra

    Gyre's keep stalling- need reset

    Hey everyone, it seems like every other day I'm unplugging and plugging back in my gyre 150s to reset them because they've stalled out and I'm getting the red status light on the Icecap module. I have two gyres running on opposite sides of the tank. They are programmed through the apex with...
  25. BigKid4788

    Ohio Maxspect XF280

    Gyre Pump with Magnet Mount Advanced Controller with mount Power Supply, Spare Rotors, Snail Screens, End Cap and Cages $275 shipped Thanks, Bigkid4788