1. x2 Maxspect Gyre 330

    For sale x2 Maxspect Gyre 330

    This is the kit. Comes with 2 pumps and one controller. These were used for about 6 months purchased used. Just cleaned and ready to use. $300 shipped. Local pick up available for $275.
  2. CincyReefer07

    Large Build New 310g Mixed Reef Tank Man Cave Build

    ***1-5-23***BIG UPDATE POST near bottom of PAGE 5*** Well after 7 years of having a 29 gallon and 75 gallon and being in my new home for the last 5 years, I’ve decided to put the finishing touch on my man cave and add a 310 gallon Planet Aquarium reef ready tank in it. I started this project...
  3. YaboiNathan

    South Dakota Texas Maxspect xf230

    I have a maxspect xf230 with controller looking for 150 shipped
  4. trmiv

    Florida Maxspect Gyre XF330 dual pump kit and Maxspect ICV6 controller

    Maxspect Gyre XF330 dual pump kit. This includes two xf330s, one controller and one power supply. Bought this as a kit in January 2020 and used until mid-March this year. Would like to sell together as the kit since I purchased them that way. $340 shipped for the kit also have a...
  5. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York Return Pumps Maxspect Jump DC return pump 8K for sale. Like new

    I am selling a 2,113 GPH Maxspect Jump DC return pump. Asking $200 including shipping. It only has about 6 months worth of use on it as my main return pump in my 120 gallon sps reef tank. The pump worked flawlessly the entire time but I am getting out of the hobby for the time being and am...
  6. M

    Gyre Pump Magnet Upgrade?

    Hello, I have a Maxspect Jump 2K for my 4x2x1ft tank. I wanted to have it at the end of the tank blowing towards the overflow, but the lighting support is in the way: The only way I can think of to fix this is to get stronger magnets. The tank is 3/4" acrylic and the magnet that the pump...
  7. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Dry Good Trade Orphek atlantik compact V4 trade

    I am looking to trade my Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (gen 2) LED lights for either a like new Radion G5 Blue, new in box trident, or a large uv sterilizer but let me know what else you have, may entertain to larger pax bellum reactor too. I have 3 available and I will sell for $600 shipped. Also...
  8. Simon Reefing

    North Carolina Hydros Wave Engine and 2 Maxspect Gyre 350s for Sale

    Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I am selling my almost brand new Hydros Wave Engine and 2 Maxspect Gyre 350s. I bought them new at Marine Depot a few months ago. They are in great working condition. I have not vinegar dipped them or anything. Comes with boxes and all the extra...
  9. R

    Wisconsin Dry Good Trade Trade MP10WQD for Gyre FX 330

    Would anyone be interested in trading a Gyre FX330 with controller for a Ecotech MP10WQD mobius ready?
  10. J

    Maxspect Gyre XF330 Battery Backup Help Needed

    Hi All, So I have recently purchased the Maxspect Gyre XF330 with two pumps. I had seen everywhere how they are great since you can connect them to battery backups and keep tanks alive during power outages. I live in Miami and hurricanes typically knock out power for extended periods of time...
  11. kanders87

    Illinois Basement Clean out - ATO Skimmer lighting

    Selling some stuff that I’m no longer using. All cleaned up and ready to go. Maxspect Razor X RS-150 ($450 OBO) Tunze 9012 Skimmer (SOLD) Hydor controllable pump 1000gph (SOLD) SmartAqua Micro ATO, includes everything you see in the photo. Will need additional tubing. (SOLD) Reef...
  12. R

    Make a switch?

    So I have an IM 50 lagoon. I'm running two ecotch mp10s. There on opposite sides and have some dead spots. Would you consider selling them and getting a gyre instead?
  13. MSarro27


    (BNIB) $200.00 firm local pickup only. Thank you....
  14. P

    Maxspect RSX 300 Schedule/Spectrum

    So playing around with my maxspect rsx trying to get it dialed in. The stock settings are OK, but I want to mix spectrum between day and night. Bright and clear morning, nice blue afternoon. I’ve got two settings and lengths I really like that does that, but not sure if mixing two spectrums in...
  15. P

    Maxspect RSX 300 Watt on Red Sea 625

    As stated, Red Sea reefer 625xxl about 8 months old. Mostly soft corals, anenome's and zoas throughout. I've got the maxspect rsx 300 on it's stock mounting legs which sit the light on the left/right of the tank and about 8" above the water. I've got the following schedule and settings going...
  16. W

    36G Bowfront Freshwater to Salt Conversion

    Upfront and blunt, I am a complete newbie and am still in the beginning stages of research. I have had a 36G bow front freshwater tank for a few years, and now have the itch to go to a saltwater/reef aquarium. This thread will have a ton of Q&A, but let me start with something simple. I am...
  17. Eviega

    Build Thread SUPER REEF Room 2021

    Hey guys, my name is Edo Viega writing directly from Brazil. I have been a saltwater aquarist since 2010 and kept fresh water tanks since 1994 (9yo). Various degrees of “success” have been achieved since them but the game changer for me was buying a good RODI system in 2016 and afterwards moving...
  18. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Lighting LED SOLD Maxspect Razor X R5 300w

    Looking to sell my Maxspect Razor X R5 300w LED fixture. In great condition and works flawlessly. Unfortunately I just cannot hang them from my ceiling and the mounting legs just don’t do it for me. Going to switch to reefbreeders fixture with BOT arms. Dimensions - 47.2" L x 10.2" W x 1.25" H...
  19. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Powerheads SOLD 2x Maxspect XF350 with controller

    Used for about 3 months switched to a less powerful gyre . These things are big and push some serious water. Both come with original boxes . $360 plus ship
  20. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Powerheads SOLD Brand new unopened Maxspect XF330 + Controller

    I have a brand new XF 330 gyre + controller unopened from BRS . $260 shipped !
  21. Jay00498

    Maxspect Razor X 300w on redsea reefer 450

    How’s it going everyone? I am going to be picking up a Red Sea reefer 450 on Sunday and will be switching over my 4ft 90 gallon into it. I am currently using a maxspect razor x 300w on it. I just acquired the light and still learning how to use it. I unfortunately do not have the ability to hang...
  22. Jay00498

    USA WTB WTB Maxspect XF350 w/ controller

    Looking for a good deal on a Maxspect XF350 w/ controller.
  23. badluckman

    Will two Maxspect RSX 200w be suffucient for SPS?

    I've been looking at the Maxspect RSX 200W for my 6ft tank, thinking two of them supplemented by T5 would be a pretty decent combo. It's hard to find any reviews though, especially reviews with SPS dominated tanks. Even harder to find negative ones. Currently I'm running MH+T5, but the MH bulbs...
  24. mannheimia

    Maxspect Razor 420r 15000K settings for best coral growth

    Hello Dear Reefer, I have 90x60x50(cm) Tank including soft corals and two/three SPS corals. I am looking for a correct light settings for my light, "Maxspect Razor 420R 15000K" in order to get a good coral growth. Anyone can get a good coral growth with this light? can you recommend your...
  25. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut New York Gauging interest - 2 Maxspect Gyre XF250 and 2 Icecap gyre interface

    Recently upgraded to the vortech world. So I have a pair of lightly used Maxspect Gyre XF250s, 2 icecap gyre interface Modules, and apex cable connections. I set these up in February 2020 bought everything via BRS, marine depot, or Reef2reef, back before my basement flooded and had to do a...
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