meat coral

  1. ReefChasers

    Aussie Import just landed

    Hey Reef2Reef! We got our first import order directly from the source (Australia) and boy was it a good one. We've got a ton of beautiful meats -- Scolys, Lobos, Trachys and Symphyllia + all kinds of torches, hammers, gonis & blastos. I guess you can say our hands are full and so is our "Meat...
  2. MrDeathKills

    Acanophyilla and teachophyilla

    Can meat corals and trachys touch? I was recently told that they can. But i can find mo information anywhere on this subject. Has anyone ever seen this?
  3. MrDeathKills

    Nevada Small Cynarina

    Hi I am currently looking for some super small Cynarina. As in max 3in. I want them to go right next to these 2 acanthos, in my 32 gal biocube. I am looking for 1 that is red and 1 that is considered odd. To try and stick to the theme of the 2 acanthos we have.
  4. TheWorldsOceans

    Acanthophyllia... who has them and what did you pay

    Hi all, who has acanthophyllia. Nice indo not aussie ones. Post pics and what you paid for them. If new pic what size was it when you got it? Pic for attention.
  5. Mr_Knightley

    USA Indophyllia Realistic Sculpture, orange/green ~5"

    Hey there! I'm putting one of my artworks up for sale to raise money for MACNA tickets as well as to make more room for more projects. I've got a thread that I use to showcase my artworks as I make them, feel free to take a look! (link...
  6. Mr_Knightley

    Sharing some of my art and sculpture with you guys.

    Hey there everyone! I've got some art to share with you all, hope you enjoy the thread as it develops over the months. I've been working on some sculptures lately that I plan to sell (possibly through R2R), but wanted to gauge the market out there before I started making too many of them...

    NEW CORALS IN STOCK: Ultra Meat Coral, Blasto, Goni, & More + 25% OFF ALL CORALS!!

    Hey Reefers! We've got some crazy new pieces in stock this week just in time for the new year! Take 25% OFF SITE-WIDE now through January 7th! Quantities are limited so act soon before all your favorite pieces are gone! Shop confidently with our 3-DAY GUARANTEE and don't forget to take...
  8. P

    Mystery dark spot on Cynarina

    Does this look familiar to any Cynarina keepers? Only fish in with her is 1 clown who minds her business & a lawnmower blenny who again doesn’t mess w/ anyone. There are a couple of snails and a hermit who I have never witnessed messing with coral in general. All parameters are stable and...
  9. TopShelfAquatics

    This TSA Ultimate Acantho is INSANE!!

    We have this Acantho that has been cooking up in our farm for a little while. The color on it is absolutely CRAZY!!! Check it out here:
  10. J

    Need help with dying Meat coral

    Just got this meat coral yesterday and has been in the tank for 36 hours. Today it seems like there is this brownish patch growing in the centre of the coral and white skeleton is protruding. The coral is placed at the bottom of the tank next near acans not touching whatsoever with low flow...
  11. smiley28

    WTB 3x3 or smaller Acanthophyllia

    Searching for a small acanthophyllia like the title says. Anything around 3x3 and slightly larger is alright but I’d like to start around 3x3. As far as color goes I’m up for discussing price just pm me.
  12. tristanfish

    FS: Collector Rainbow Acanthophyllia ‘Meat’ Coral

    Hello R2R, Letting go one of my collector pieces. A fave of mine. Price-$950 shipped The usual shipping policy and DOA. Overnight, styrofoam with heat packs as necessary. Pictures taken: Lights-Under reefbrite with blue plus Camera-70d Lens-100mm Thanks for peeking, BrooklynChem
  13. nbagnardi


    going full SPS and this guy can't take the flow. he's been tank kept for over two years and doubled in size. fully expanded its probably 6"-7". looking for $350 and split shipping. i also have other pieces available to make package deals. full tank show to show its size, left side of tank