medicated food

  1. Tube / Force Feeding Fish

    Tube / Force Feeding Fish

    Tube Feeding Techniques for Fish Jay Hemdal c. 2021 Syringe with catheter attached. Here is an all too familiar scenario: an aquarist faced with trying to care for a new, expensive fish that tragically refuses to accept any food. Common sense dictates that fish need food in order to...
  2. zatch

    My EZ Medicated Frozen Fish Food Recipe

    Wanted to share my simple recipe for medicated frozen food with the community. I feed this to all of my fish through QT, and my DT on occasion, and have been very successful in treating bacterial/fungal/internal parasites/worms with it. Its nothing particularly unique or special, but I have...
  3. Proper Dosing of Medicated Foods

    Proper Dosing of Medicated Foods

    Proper Dosing of Medicated Foods Jay Hemdal c. 2020 Oral medications are an excellent way to target internal diseases of fishes. Marine fish absorb aquarium water, so in certain cases, they “drink” enough medication from the water to effect a cure. However, freshwater fish actively export...
  4. D

    Seachem focus alternative?

    So where i live, i can’t find seachem focus for medicating general cure, even online unless i want to ship it overseas. Ive heard plain agar can be used as an alternative. So will it make it reef safe like focus? And how should i prepare it (ratio etc) do i blender the food and make a chunk that...
  5. 00Barracuda00

    Dosing Food?

    I'd like to start by thanking everyone on this forum for the help found in these posts. There's so much information that a quick search yields SO MUCH HELP! I have a question about dosing foods, specifically. Most of the products mentioned here that fix internal parasites (white stringy poop)...
  6. chicago

    Dr g caviar medication food questions

    Dr. G medicated food I have used in the past with mixed results.. but was wondering about a few things.. in reference to the caviar foods. 1. what exactly is the solution in the bottle. I let the bottle sit for a few days, food settles to the bottom and I then empty 50% of the liquid...
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