1. MnFish1


    Thanks to R2R - and @revhtree for the nice gift received in the mail today - as a 2020 supporter. Very nice indeed!!!
  2. fishMAYOnnaise04

    New Member Q: Editing/changing Username

    Hey, ummm...first question on R2R. My username "mayonnaise" is missing an "n" is there anyway I can edit that or do I have start a new account? Thanks!
  3. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    The best R2R Member quotes!

    As a sponsor here on R2R I read a lot of forum posts and comments. Every once in while I come across a post or comment that hits me at just the right time. Sometimes it's a funny comment that makes me laugh or even a useful and timely bit of information. The R2R community is great for that kind...
  4. P

    Parsec's 300 Gallon

    Started a two years ago with a Red Sea Reefer 250. 60 gallon. I will include a few photographs of that too. Very quickly realized we wanted more room to play with and we had begun too small. There were things we wanted to do and colonies we wanted to grow out and by that time the bug had bitten...
  5. MrReefBuster

    40 Breeder Reef

    Hey guys, here's my first post. I Have a 40 Breeder softie reef. I my channel in YouTube where I'm documenting my progression. Here's the link:
  6. Keaton

    Keatos Reef