1. Lylelovett

    I need a Mitras LX7 lighting project...

    Hi all, Just got my Mitras LX7s up and running on a very basic lighting project from the GHL website. I have fish, a bunch of softies/leathers, and anenome and just starting back in LPS. That's about all I can offer as to what my lighting needs are. :) Does anyone have a lighting project...
  2. peachyreef

    Connecticut GHL Mitras 6100-HV Silver

    I have 4 used GHL Mitras 6100-HV silver light fixtures. All were used for 4 years over an SPS tank. But they are all functioning well. Some of them show signs of “love” and have some superficial scratching or light corrosion on non-stainless surfaces. If you’re interested, I would be more than...
  3. AquaNerd

    GHL Connect V2.0 App Is Now Available

    GHL releases the new V2.0 Connect App for Profilux 3.0 & 4.0 controllers, Matras LX7 LED fixtures, and GHL Dosing Pumps. Learn more on the AquaNerd blog.
  4. Micksfish

    Washington GHL Mitras LX6200-HV LED Light

    Hello all, As stated in my title, I have a used GHL Mitras LX6200-HV LED light for sale. The light itself is in great shape, all LEDs work as does the side display. This is a pretty amazing light and still is plenty powerful to grow any coral you desire. There are no scratches on the LED side...
  5. Berlibee

    Mitras LX7 - Radium 20k Bulb Spectrum Match.

    Hi guys, anyone is running a 20K programm on Mitras, please? I'd like to set a Radium 20k Bulb Spectrum is it possible? If someone has it, can you share please. Thanks. :)
  6. Ditto

    Build Thread With Headaches and Lessons Learned a New Tank Build

    This is the start of a new tank build thread. I currently have a thriving 150 Gallon custom Acrylic tank with own QT tank a small 30 gallon biocube, and now I am adding a third tank 72x18x17 with a custom 45 gallon sump and it own QT Tank (yet to be decided on equipment for) The equipment list...
  7. AquaNerd

    GHL make new APP Announcement

    Learn more on the AquaNerd Blog
  8. Whipples

    Build Thread Crystal Dynamics 100G

    Hi folks! Hopefully I am not too late for that build contributor flair but my new tank finally arrived! It's a 48x24x20 1/2" starfire tank with a synergy ghost overflow, dual returns, and a Trigger sump. Stand and tank were made by Crystal Dynamic. Planned equipment list: Apex Classic from...
  9. dangros

    Tank mount for Mitras LX7 using Vervve mounts

    I wanted to share the way I mounted my new Mitras with the Vervve mounts. I ruled out the hanging kit and the Flex Mounts for various reasons. I think this turned out really well and honestly, I like it better over the other 2 options. Front View by dangros posted Jul 15, 2017 at 8:42 AM...
  10. GHL $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    GHL $1000 Gift Certificate Giveaway

    Enter to Win Coupons over $1,000 for GHL Products! On behalf of the GHL team, we’d like to you all a happy and prosperous New Year! With Mitras LX7 fixtures officially shipping worldwide, we want to kick off the year by offering CURRENT and FUTURE LX7 owners the opportunity to win coupons with...
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