1. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build Remove false floor in Biocube 16 led

    How do I remove the stupid false floor in a biocube 16 led? Plan to get a skimmer to put it in there and I need to remove the floor to get it in. Thanks.
  2. MarshallB

    Anyone Modded the New Marsaqua 165W Version?

    So I ordered 3 of these off Amazon. They worked well, and I saw many threads about replacing some of the leds with more desirable wavelengths as well as removing the lenses. Well, turns out it looks like they have updated their board and use some sort of LED chip that is attached to the lens. (...
  3. K

    AIO Build Red Sea Max 250 Revival

    Hello All, I've had a few tanks in the past but all were FOWLR and they were more than a decade ago. Currently I have a 24 gallon Aquatop AIO running that was supposed to be a QT tank for my 100 gallon Cadlights build I had started. I started the stand and started getting equipment and then...
  4. Suggsreef

    Nano Build Biocube leds and coral growth

    Was wondering what everyone has had success growing with stock biocube leds? Things you’ve tried and lights weren’t enough for? Considering switching lights eventually but I have to leave my hood on and don’t care too much for the look of a light on top of the hood.
  5. Js.Aqua.Project

    Joining the Club

    Is anyone else having issues figuring out how to join clubs after the R2R site update? #MODS Can you help us figure out the new process? There used to be an option under the Account drop down in the tool/menu bar and it doesn't seem to be there any more.
  6. Reefs of Space

    Proven mods for a budget skimmer

    These mods are not new, but have been proven to work. Anyone on a budget in the reefing world knows that sometimes products need improving. I'm running this skimmer on a 30gal. Rated for 65gal and has been slowly losing it's steam. After these mods, the performance increased beyond...
  7. HotRocks

    ASM Skimmer Mod Questions

    Hey everyone. I have an ASM G4 under my RSR 750XXL. The skimmer is amazing and works great. However the loudness of the water overflowing from the standpipe has begun to annoy my wife when she is trying to watch TV! :o I would like to install a gate valve or something in order to silence...
  8. nautical_nathaniel

    Thinking about modding a Mini-Max Reactor

    Hey folks, I'm thinking about modding my Innovative Marine Mini-max nano reactor. Before I get in to what I want to do, let me explain my issue with it first: The minimax reactor is supposed to be designed to fit seamlessly with the IM line of AIO aquariums and for the most part, it does this...