monti cap

  1. NEFFx

    Best monti cap color and pics

    I think coral growth pattern is not discussed too often over color. To that affect monti caps have an amazing growth structure. But what is the best morph? Let’s see some pics red cap Red cap purple rim Green cap Green cap purple rim WWC orange cap WWC orange green Starburst cap Purple cap...
  2. Isaac Alves

    9”x9”x7” Red Monti Cap Centerpiece

    This thing is in a 12”x12” attached tank. It sits on a plastic base covered in gold Lepastrea. I take it out to clean the little tank so it can be taken out as one large piece, easily. It’s growing faster now, plus I’ve gotten the itch to try something else as a new center piece in this tank...
  3. Zoa_Fanatic

    Month placement

    Hey guys. My wife bought me an awesome rainbow monti and I need to know where to place it in my biocube. Will it be ok on the back wall so I can let it encrust everything?
  4. Orange Monti Cap

    For sale Orange Monti Cap

    Nice pieces of Orange Montipora Capricornus. Up for trade or offers. Located in Cape Carteret, NC. Shipping available. Thanks Wayne and Leanne
    $1.00 to $50.00
  5. Isaac Alves

    California 4” healthy chunk of Red monti cap colony

    SOLD. $30. Pick up only. Located in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca zip: 92688 A super healthy chunk encrusted over two frags and out… pictures are outside of water and in the water:
  6. brick-brothers

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Purple Haze Monti

    I have a few large, med, and Small frags of my Purple Haze Monti for sale. Large - $40 Med - $20 Small - $10 Willing to trade for sps I don't have. I'm located in Stroudsburg, PA. Can meet in bronx, ny near my job.
  7. B

    Texas ISO large montipora cap

    I am looking for a large montipora cap of any color. I am trying to get a colony like structure with multiple levels. I would need it shipped. Please let me know if you are willing to sell.
  8. S

    Texas Monti Caps

    Each cap is $15 and is about 2.5 inches across. The red is unmounted, and the purple is mounted to a small flat rock. Pick up in the Houston area - 77459. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
  9. S

    Texas All frags $15 each - buy all get phyto free

    Each frag is $15. Buy all 8 frags and I'll throw in a 16 fl oz bottle of phytoplankton free. Pictures are unedited - taken with orange/yellow filter. Located in the Houston area - local pick up only in 77459 Frags are: Armor of God Blue ric Green ric Mary Jane zoa WWC Nirvana zoa Purple monti...
  10. N

    Help! Unknown Pest (I Assume)

    Hello All, I have found these things that look like red egg sacs growing on my montipora and on the rock underneath it. I have also found these white and yellow egg sac looking things on my elegance. Can someone please help in identifying these, and if it's a problem, how to fix it?
  11. Emi2852

    Red Monti Cap fell on a Duncan...

    Hey guys! So I just moved houses which meant taking apart and moving my 20g tank.. what about adventure that was! Everything transported well and I was able to get things back in order. Except my monti cap frag got knocked off the rock work and fell into my Duncan’s! When I noticed I pulled it...
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