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  1. Zoaologist

    Arizona Nevada Mp60WQD

    Got a MP60WQD up for sale. About two years old. Just broke down the system that this was on and no longer need it. Cleaned and ready to go, works great. Everything in pics included. Power button on remote has a slight tear shown in photos but still works just fine. $400 shipped.
  2. N

    Virginia Powerheads Misc. Pumps MP60 for Sale

    Lightly used MP60 for sale (6 months at 20%) $550 OBO + shipping or local pickup in NoVA PM me! Seth
  3. Rob.bucek

    Large Build Rob's Really Rad 180 Reef Rally

    Hello all! Hopefully the title is catchy, unlike this build thread... I promise this won't start out all that rad :) So where do I start? I usually approach things with the end in mind as that's a recipe for success in my job, but this is for fun so we'll pitch that book in the trash to...
  4. Zoaologist

    Nevada EcoTech Vortech MP60wQD

    New in sealed box, it was a backup I ended up never using. $600 shipped.
  5. A

    Florida Reeflink - $75 Shipped

    Ecotech ReefLink in good working order. $75 shipped to lower 48
  6. Joe Batt

    What is the flow pattern of Eco-Back on Vortech pumps

    The manuals are a little lacking on details for what the flow pattern is on Eco-Back on the Vortec MP10 / MP40 / MP60. I have 2x MP40 on the front of my tank and I am adding 2 more to the back. The Vortec manuals are a little short on detail
  7. Buku

    Iowa Ecotech mp60 $180

    MP60 ES $180 shipped. It’s this cheap since the housing that holds the cable had to be glued and the end of the power supply had to be spliced with a new end. Everything works as it should. If you want to get a new power supply there is a replacement on amazon for $20 that I bought for one of...
  8. zachtos

    Wisconsin MP60 QD w/ wireless upgrade and foam covers (2 qty)

    I have two MP60 QD with wireless communication upgrade. These were used for about 2 years and were upgraded from original driver PCB. I can send the original PCB along too if you want it. Minor scuffs/scrapes on the impellors, reflected in the price. $425 each shipped or $800 for the pair...
  9. skilos1

    Alabama 4 Ecotech vortechs for sale

    I have the following for sale. They are all in good working condition and pulled from my 300 gallon, I switched to gyres and no longer need them. Price is including shipping. 1 - MP60WQD - $560 1 - MP60WES - $460 1 - MP40WQD - $260 1 - MP40WES - $180
  10. andypeck831

    California Mp60w not quite drive

    as the title says mp60w not quite drive. Have no ideal when it was manufactured. Has no manufactured yet due to double sided tape mounting. Have all three spacers for it
  11. T3CHED

    225Gal Wish List

    Im unable to post in the WTB forum so Im posting here in hopes an admin member can help me get it into that forum. Im currently doing a 225Gal DT / 75Gal Sump and need a few items, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! 1. (3) ocean revive T247 led lights (hoping with remotes) 2...
  12. cmackmin


    11 months old never used over 40% text for fast response 7162801510 450.00 shipped
  13. marissas47

    Vortech mp60wES

    Bought this for my tank but it's too powerful so I downgraded to an mp40. Works great, no issues. $350 shipped
  14. marissas47

    Trade mp60wES for Reefbreeders Photon v2

    i got this vortech mp60 used for my tank but it's way too powerful so I grabbed an mp40 instead. It works with no issues, there's some electrical tape on the back of the dry side but no wires are frayed or anything and it works perfectly. Looking to trade for a Reefbreeders Photon 32 v2 or for a...
  15. MaddyP

    380g Breakdown - Ecotech, Neptune, Red Dragon, Eheim

    It saddens me to see it all go, but it must be. For those waiting on this sale, I apologize for being a day later than intended. I wanted everything clean and tested before selling! With that said, all equipment has been cleaned and tested, if there is a issue I will note it next to the item...
  16. MaddyP

    Vortech MP60 on 75 gallon?

    What do you guys think? I already have the MP60 so figured it was a question worth asking. I'm toying with the idea of trying it just to see how it would work out, but with it being a rimless tank, I'm worried about completely overpowering the tank. Tank will be bare bottom with a focus on SPS.
  17. chriscq

    300DD, XR30/XR15 PRO's,Kore 5th doser, Regal 300EXT skimmer and more

    All prices include shipping and paypal Marineland 300DD w/ custom 6' sump (local pickup only) - $1500 Gen3 XR15 pro's with RMS mount (x2) - SOLD Gen3 XR30 pro(AUG 26 2014) - $450 Kore 5th doser BNIB - $350 Waveline DC10000ii - $160 Regal 300EXT skimmer w/ jebao DCT6000 feed pump - $750...
  18. MaddyP

    MP60WQD for two MP40's

    Looking to trade my Mp60 for two MP40's if someone is interested. MP60 is used in great condition.