mushroom coral id

  1. ileolai

    unknown mushroom (?) coral

    found a free mushroom (?) on a rock i got at my lfs. under blue light the grey bits fluoresce orange. google insists it's a rockflower anemone. I'm mostly wondering if it's safe to put in my DT after quarantine bc I don't want it stinging my fish or anything.
  2. T

    Have you seen?

    I have seen an insane ricordia/yuma. I haven't been able to find it since, I saw it at rap once and can't find it online. It is this bright whitish pink and also a bright whitish green at the base. I have a similar picture but the one I saw was brighter.
  3. T

    Is this a doughboy?

    This is at my lfs. I can't get any better pictures. It is a ricordia with bounces. I know the doughboy has those curved lines but is this similar or what it looks like before that?
  4. Smacks21294

    Looking to id Mushroom

    Looking to id shroom. Not smooth like Discoma but not as vibrant as a jaw breaker. Ant ideas?
  5. ralquist

    Mushroom ID help

    Good morning everyone! I've been struggling to figure out what kind of mushroom this is, I got this as a free frag with an online order and it was labeled blue mushroom. Of course with anything free, I've noticed the bubble algae....ugh. Any suggestions or help would be awesome! Have a great...
  6. hexcolor reef

    Is this mushroom dying or multiple heads?

    Seen this at LFS and like the coloration. Just confused as to why it look as if it’s dying? Any help on ID the type of mushroom if it one
  7. T

    What mushroom is this?

    I bought it from my lfs and I don't know what one it is. Any help identifying it?
  8. Jo P White

    Mushroom ID?

    Bought one of these back in 2017, it had a weird name like “swamp monster”. It’s been multiplying and slowly spreading. Any idea of what type it is? Are they worth anything since they’re multiplying around my tank? Thanks!
  9. Z

    Discosoma ID

    Hi, can you help me identify this Discosoma? One half is "Superman" (Red - Blue spotted) and the other half is very different in color and has pink/red spots. I like to look for these corals, but unfortunately I am not able to find any on the Internet that are even remotely similar. Thank you...
  10. Under_The_Sea_305

    What mushroom is this

    Anyone knows what mushroom is this need help asap please
  11. J

    Beginner mushroom. Splitting or Dying?

    Here's some pics of my first coral ever. Not sure exactly on the species as the only description was green mushroom. My question is if these "mouths"/ central openings are a good sign or bad. I've only had these for a couple days and I wasn't expecting signs of splitting so soon. Thanks for any...
  12. tjsweldind94

    Bounce Mushroom ID I was told it’s a wwc sour apple

    What kinda of bounce mushroom is this I was told it was a wwc sour apple bounce but I can find anything on the internet with that name, also do you know the value of it’s a wwc sour apple bounce?
  13. tech_reefer

    Mushroom and Leather coral ID

    Hi - can I please get an ID on these three corals?
  14. ReefNewbie12

    Does this mushroom accept food?

    Hello! It’s me, I was wondering if this is a type of mushroom coral that accepts food? Currently both of the other two mushrooms in the tank curl up when offered food, but this little guy simply sticks out little tentacles from his mouth And doesn’t otherwise react to it. I don’t think it’s...