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    Jbj 6 gallon with softies. Running for 2.5 years.
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    Jbj 6 gallon with softies.
  3. O

    Nano predator stocking

    Hey everyone. I’m thinking of setting up a FOWL 20 long. I’m trying to figure out a good stock list that won’t burst my wallet (no rhinopias). So far I’m thinking 1 valentini 1 angler 1 fu Manchu/ dwarf fuzzy lion fish Maybe one long nose hawk fish or a toadfish (would rehome whenever it got too...
  4. Noinoi24

    Nano Build Who loves adobo?

    So after moving from CA to NJ, I started another reef and planted tank. I wanted a small tank as I am staying with my parents and needed a tank where I can just move when I had to. I choose the Nuvo 10 Pro as I think it looks nice and within budget. My personal choice for AI Prime came due to...
  5. ReefReadyYouTube

    Nano Build 10 gallon nano build (HOB Refugium style)

    I wanted another reef tank but didn’t have a hole bunch of room so I decided to do a nano build. I followed inappropriate reefers nano build on youtube for my build. Before I got my supplies I had to get a stand. I decided I wanted to make the stand because it would be cheaper and would only...
  6. ReefReadyYouTube

    Livestock for 10 gallon nano?

    I’m currently building a 10 gallon nano and need live stock ideas. I don’t want clownfish since I already have a pair in my Biocube. I was thinking a trio of cardinal fish (Pajama/banggai) but what would happen if two of them pair up. Would they pick on the third. What are some other good...
  7. liam’s little reef

    Yasha Goby gone K.I.A?

    Hello Everyone, About 3 days ago I purchased a Yasha Goby and Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp. The Yasha was Quarantined at LFS with copper treatment for 2 weeks (don’t have my own qt setup at the moment) and he was the only fish in the tank. I took the pair home, dripped them both for about 1 hour...