1. CreatiVe2

    3D Printed Multicolor Aquarium brand logos

    Hey all, These are a few logos I have converted to Multi-color 3D Prints to display the brands I use with my tank. There are more coming but I want to know if there is any input or desire for these? PM me for details.
  2. M

    Orange label Apex system

    Orange Base, eb8 and display $285 shipped Eb8 $100 shipped Pm2 $75 shipped.
  3. Jud

    Best Deal on Apex Probes - most important?

    Hey all - Just got (what seems to be) a great deal from a local reefer. Picking up a slightly used 2016 Apex (brain + EB832) for $250. I was going to go with an ApexEL, but it’s my first Apex and it seemed like a better deal to have extra expand-ability. It does not, however, come with...
  4. andyg1960

    North Carolina SOLD!! Neptune Apex PM2

    For Sale—Neptune Apex PM2 module. Monitor/Control Conductivity/Salinity and temperature $45 shipped Continental USA
  5. smartwater101

    I’m getting a little tired/frustrated with Neptune's general attitude towards their customers...

    DAY ONE I had a pH probe that wouldn't calibrate. I even tried other probes and they calibrated just fine. After a few days of getting the runaround from customer service, constantly having to repeat what I shared in the first email, they finally let me send it in. THREE WEEKS LATER I get a...
  6. LV3

    Colorado Neptune Systems Trident

    BNIB Neptune Systems Trident. $850 shipped.
  7. pelphrey

    Kentucky RedSea Reefer 250 - Nyos 120 Skimmer

    Partial part out taking place. Please don’t ask about equipment, scroll down to see what is currently available! Thanks! Listing a complete setup, tank has a few scratches on the glass and a couple on the stand as well. Overall it is in what I would call good condition. Would like to see the...
  8. LV3

    Colorado Neptune Trident BNIB

    Brand new in the box. Never opened. $825 shipped. ***** SOLD *****
  9. shiftline

    DIY Neptune Apex Leak Detectors

    This week we are making some simple and cheap DIY leak detectors. A leak is a reefers worst nightmare! so if you have an apex why not build a super simple leak detector? Best of all if you have a breakout box it will only cost a few bucks so you can add as may sensors as you want!
  10. deaniscool

    Michigan Red Sea Reefer 250 W/ TOP OF THE LINE ACCESSORIES

    I am selling my Red Sea Reefer 250 with all accessories in an attempt to do a bulk sale. This setup is absolutely perfect for somebody looking to get back into the reefing game or for somebody looking to start a new tank but doesn't want to pay full price for all accessories. Some of the items...
  11. smartwater101

    What is an acceptable margin of error for Apex brain/PM1 pH readings?

    I had a heck of a time getting my (brand new) Neptune probe calibrated. I had to send it in for "diagnostics and repair." While waiting, I purchased a Milwaukee probe and BRS probe. Once the Neptune probe was returned I tried all 3 and all 3 calibrated well. But would eventually drift...
  12. Cmarez93

    Oklahoma WTB apex VDM

    recently got a reef octopus pump but need the VDM to run it with my apex.
  13. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock Chaos Aquaculture Sale ends today

    We are running a sale ending today. Use code memorialday20 to take 20% off your entire order.
  14. andyg1960

    North Carolina SOLD SOLD Apex — complete, unused and never out of boxes

    Brand new, never opened Neptune Apex, newest model, NOT the EL, this is the full, complete Apex never out of the box. DOS is also never out of the box. Long story why I purchased but decided to go a different direction. Take them both for $900 shipped Continental USA. They would be $1100 if...
  15. smartwater101

    Using a basic reactor as a Co2 scrubber, and solenoid options...?

    I have this AquaMaxx Reactor just sitting around: I should be able to use this with the appropriate media, yes? I'd also like to control the air line via the Apex. Do you...
  16. J

    Alabama Neptune COR-15 pump

    I'm selling a very lightly used Neptune COR-15 pump, including new o-rings and new fittings/unions. I used the pump at 50% speed for about four months, and have cleaned it well. The pump itself is in like-new condition. All O-rings, fittings, the union, and other accessories are included as...
  17. smartwater101

    Will Neptune ever release a module specifically for an additional I/O port? (2nd breakout box)

    I'd like to have another BreakoutBox. But buying a second Ph module (or similar PM module) for 90$ is asking a lot. I feel there should be an option for this by now. Any chance we'll see this at some point?
  18. B's Reef


    I have an apex jr that I just pulled off my tank yesterday. It has been running my tank for a couple of years now flawlessly. It comes with the Apex Jr, display module, temp probe, pm1 module, double junction ph probe and wifi adapter for wireless connectivity to fusion. $250 Shipped to lower 48
  19. smartwater101

    Has Kessil spoken of plans to make the a360x Apex compatible?

    I know its not currently available, but I can't find any official response from Kessil. Is it even in the works?
  20. Gotfrogs

    USA Breakout box for Apex Controller with LED Illuminated Buttons and External Switch connections

    This is a custom designed breakout box designed to work with the Neptune Apex aquarium controllers. It contains three illuminated momentary switches, a toggle kill switch, and two external switch inputs (for use with float switches). Included is the breakout box, Y-power cable, mounting...
  21. Broadfield

    Illinois Broadfield Red Sea Reefer Complete Plumbing/Sump Setup

    I am selling my complete, custom Red Sea Reefer plumping setup and sump. I have $1450 worth of equipment and plumbing parts invested in the setup. This will fit the Red Sea Reefer 450 and the XL 525. Note: it will fit other Red Sea Reefer tanks with an appropriately sized custom stand. This...
  22. smartwater101

    Neptune FMM: I'm using 3/4" PVC for return. Should I step down to 1/2" sensor, or up to 1"?

    3/4" is a pretty common size. It seems really strange that there is no 3/4" sensor option. Especially considering the price difference is 30$ vs 60$ !! Anyway. I assume stepping down to 1/2" would restrict flow a bit... But is it really enough to even worry about? Thoughts?
  23. pluikens

    Minnesota Neptune WAV Single Pump

    I bought this pump on Black Friday 2018 for a 90 gallon coral grow-out tank that I have since taken down. I had it plugged into my Apex 2016 so no 1Link needed. Selling to buy equipment for a smaller cube I'm putting together so a trade for an MP10 would be considered. I had the pump soaking in...
  24. Robert's Reef

    Neptune Dosing Pumps, 3 2.5L dosing containers,Triton Core 7 elements for sale

    I have two Neptune DOS dosers for sale. 1) Serial Number: 15817 Date : Apr-16 Rev : 11 2) Serial Number: 16327 Date : Apr-16 Rev : 11 Depending on your application you may want to consider replacing...
  25. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Apex PM1 PH/ORP PROBE MODULE

    Selling 2, Neptune Apex PM1 modules that I used for a little over 2 years. No probes included, just the module(s). Asking $45.00 (for 1 module), or $75.00 (for both); which includes shipping in the Continental USA. No low ball offers please. Thanks for looking.
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