1. DrewFish

    Neptune WAV running in reverse - No idea why

    It does not happen all of the time, but every once in a while my WAV runs in reverse. It makes a buzzing sound when it does so. Here is a video and a screenshot of my settings. Any ideas why and how to stop it?
  2. ReefDude716

    Build Thread Reefing cool tank

    Hello everyone here’s my Nuvo 30L build with a eshops rs100 sump Total 50 gallons Nuvo 30 L Eshops rs100 sump Aps stand Reef link Neptune Apex El Neptune Trident 2 echotech Radion gen 4 xr15 2rms mounts 2 VorTech wireless mp10s Echotech marine vectra s1 Echotech battery backup 2 spin stream...
  3. A

    New Mexico Powerheads Apex WAVs and 1Link $350

    I have an Apex WAV setup. Two pumps are almost brand new, used for just a couple of months. I also have an extra pump that works good, just no magnet set-up for it. Of course it has the 1 link and all cables. $350 plus split shipping. Price is pretty firm. Would like to see relatively quick...
  4. M

    Michigan Aquarium Controller Apex Gear available

    I have a bit of Apex Neptune Gear left from the tank breakdown 2 weeks ago. Here is what I have left -2x COR20 controllable return pump-$280 each -1x Neptune DOS dosing heads-$250 each -3xNeptune WAV’s-$130 each. Hardly saw any use, got these from a friend when he moved SOLD-1x Neptune Apex...
  5. A

    USA Dry Good Trade Neptune WAVs for gyres

    Looking to trade my Neptune WAV setup for some quality gyres. Got the WAVs with the tank when I bought it but one of the pumps went out so I went ahead about bought two new pumps. Comes with 1Limk control module, two nearly brand new Wav pumps (2 months old or so) and an older pump (no dry...
  6. If_Only

    Help with Neptune ATO (ATK)

    So I have had a Neptune ATK (there ATO) for about a year-year and a half. I got this one because I figured with all the alarms and Neptune widely regarded good reputation it was fool proof. But no im fooled. The blue light shows, signaling that the tanks water level is proper, and nothing needs...
  7. Jax15

    Does a Trident make all the difference?

    Recently I've been considering getting a Trident. My system is all Apex controlled, and it would be an easy (albeit, very expensive!) addition. So my question to the Trident owners is this - has it made a big difference in your success? Is it worth the cost of continued reagent purchasing...
  8. BighohoReef

    Neptune Breakout Box - Fishing for DIY!

    Hi All, I just got a Neptune breakout box and a switch to turn the sump light on when I open the door. I was wondering what other fantastic things people use the breakout box for! If you could please drop a DIY you've done with your breakout box, if you could share the code used and...
  9. Cjshank0

    Maryland Skimmers Reactors 3 Kessil Goosenecks, Neptune Probe Rack, Aqua Lifter, HOB Overflows Reef Octopus MF300B Reactor, SCA 302 Skimmer

    Goosenecks - $25each plus shipping. I’ll cover shipping if all 3 are purchased together RO MF300B reactor- $50 plus shipping SCA 302 Skimmer -$90 plus shipping Aqua Lifter $20 plus shipping Neptune probe rack (NIB) - $20 plus shipping Also have a few hang on overflows I am getting rid of...
  10. Fishbro

    Utah Testing Trident w/ two months reagent comes with original box!

    Have a trident used barely for 3 months in awesome condition for sale. Comes with two month reagent supply as well as original boxes for both. Box is a little worn down but the trident is in perfect condition. Asking $665 + shipping.
  11. Cjshank0

    Build Thread 165 Gallon Mixed Reef Reboot Build from a salvaged display tank

    Hey Everyone! I tried to start a build thread with this as I was working through some things I got caught up in the mix. I wanted to share my build with the community here and also hopefully get some feedback and new ideas as we go. A little background on this tank: I purchased for $50 on FB...
  12. trmiv

    Small UPS for Apex recommendation?

    Looking for a recommendation for a small UPS that works well with the Apex. I don’t want an expensive 1500 va monster. Just something small that fits easily under my stand and can run my gyres for 1-2 hours and have the added benefit of cleaning up the power a bit to keep my apex safe. I’ve...
  13. J

    OCTO OP4 Wave pump sync with Neptune Wave ???

    In a 180g peninsula setup, on the narrow back wall are installed 2 OP4 and 2 Wave pumps. The have been running different schedules since the original setup last year. The flow pattern is quite random as a result. However, the desire is to run the pumps in left - right pulse mode driven by the...
  14. Tank2379

    Illinois Aquarium Controller FS: APEX EB8 and PM1

    I have an extra EB8 and PM1 used Like new condition trying to get ride of them together price is firm $140 local pick up or if you like me to ship shipping is extra. Let me know if interested
  15. 1mbrews8

    No Water Sample Error diy fix

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, so feel free to move to more appropriate spot :o) So I got the dreaded "No water sample" error on my Neptune Trident, so figured I'd try to fix it to save time sending in to Neptune. First the problem.. Totally my fault. I bought it in Sept...
  16. C

    Florida Miscellaneous Dry Good Blowout - Everything 50% Off

    I sold off 2 of my RedSea 750's, so I have the following item for sale: White Aqua UV 25/57 Watt - $240.00 - Originally bought as a 25 watt version, planned to upgrade to 57 watt so this will come with the following: 25w Ballast 25w Bulb - Used 6 months 57w Ballast - Brand New 57w Bulb -...
  17. sfmacguy

    California Lighting Dosing 3x Radion XR30 G3 and Apex DOS/DDR

    Hey Everyone, I have (QTY x3) Radion XR30 Gen 3 (nonpro), January 2014 Manufacture Dates. never above 50%. Asking $360 Shipped Each (QTY x1 Each) Apex DOS and DDR with 4M of New DOS tubing. It comes with Power supply. Asking $375 shipped for the combo
  18. ReefSentinel

    Large Build ReefSentinel’s 200g Mini Barrier Reef build.

    Hello All & welcome to my build thread Following many hours of research over the past 6-12mths, watching many Youtube channels (BRS, fishofhex, Saltwater Aquarium etc) and following some great build threads here I am jumping in to share on my reef build journey. You are all welcome to join the...
  19. player_505

    Georgia WTB *** WTB 1link and Cor20 ***

    hello I am interested in buying a 1link and a cor20. Send me a PM with what you have and please attach pics. thanks
  20. S

    Alabama Kansas Anyone selling a neptune apex energy 8?

    Hello reefers I need a neptune apex energy 8 and that can be shipped. Thank you reefers happy reefing!
  21. BighohoReef

    Washington WTB Neptune Cor20

    Looking for a relatively new (within a year) Neptune Cor-20. PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  22. S

    apex neptune for sale?

    Hello does anyone have a neptune apex thats for sale? and a vdm module? thank you!
  23. Erick Armanii

    Where are all the neptunes DOS!!? Sold out everywhere!?

    Did I miss something in the past few month!? (Other than covid 19) I can’t find a neptunes dos anywhere! All the usual websites are sold out or outta stock and amazon has one for $469.00 Is neptunes making a new version I should wait for or is corona virus impacting manufacturing since...
  24. A

    Build Thread 70G Build from Oz

    Hey everyone I originally posted this in another thread but decided to expand on it a little and put it here… I have been watching reefing videos on YouTube for around 10 years and have always wanted to get into the hobby. Around 4 years ago I purchased a used 270 Lt CADE HL800 tank (800w x...
  25. S

    Hawaii WTB: Neptune Apex LDK (Leak Detection Kit) FMM + Leak Detection Probes

    Looking for an Apex FMM with leak detection probes.
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