1. S

    Illinois Lighting Drygoods Neptune Sky LED Apex Lights NEW

    $725 each Located Bridgeview, IL 60455 Brand new open box. Got these for my tank but came across a great deal on a pair of Kessil A500X and will be using those instead.
  2. Djtonton

    Ohio Testing Drygoods BRAND NEW: Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe + Fluids

    I have a Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe with 3 calibration fluids. Brand new has not been used or taken out of the box. Can ship out as soon as payment is made. Any questions please let me know!
  3. M

    North Carolina Aquariums Drygoods Radion, EcoTech, Nyos, Neptune, Finnex

    Hello folks, I purchased my entire dream setup last summer ('22) and spared no expense. Since then, I've had two heart surgeries and just had rotator cuff repair, and just don't see me having the time (or energy) to build such a large setup. I'm going to sell the parts individually. These are...
  4. JulesH

    Comparison of pH probes

    Hi, I have an interesting issue with my pH probes. I have two probes in the sump of my 320 litre frag tank, one made by reef factory (probably better known in Europe/UK) and the second device by Neptune running in conjunction with my Apex. Both are calibrated, the Apex probe with the 7 and 10...
  5. A

    Illinois Dosing Drygoods Fs Neptune systems DOS $200 + shipping EB832

    3 Neptune DOS available $200 each 1 EB832 available $200 Will post pictures later. Shipping available All sales final, as is condition.
  6. Kelly Hutto

    Powerheads Package Deal Drygoods Neptune WAV Pumps

    2 Neptune WAV Pumps. Ran for about a month. They have been sitting for a year. $200 for both. for a faster response text me at (251) 599-8227
  7. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Drygoods Neptune MPR - brand new in box, never used. Shipping Available - $40

    Neptune MPR - brand new in box, never used. Shipping Available - $40
  8. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York SOLD Neptune DOS - clean, working, connectors upgraded to murloks. Shipping Available - $250

    Neptune DOS - clean, working, connectors upgraded to murloks. Shipping Available - $250
  9. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Drygoods Neptune Trident - clean, like new, will include a new package of reagents. Shipping Available - $499

    I have a gently used Neptune Systems Trident for sale. Will come with everything as new, and also 1 set of reagents. Works great.
  10. phish2277

    Illinois Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Hanna Checker, Skimmer, powerheads, Sicce, Algae Free, Neptune

    I have torn down my tanks a couple months since I had to move and could not set any of them up. Below are the items I have left and this includes shipping. BRS 1.1 doser (4)- $40 each Breakout Box (1)- $20 Reef Octopus Pulse 2- sold Icecap Gyre 4K- sold Kessil to Apex cord (2)- $10 each Sicce...
  11. F

    Lighting LED Drygoods Neptune GRO $80 shipped

    Neptune GRO light includes AC adapter to make it work without apex. Used 6 months $$ 80 shipped.
  12. dustinc

    Texas Testing Drygoods SOLD Neptune Systems Trident

    I have a gently used Neptune Systems Trident for sale. Will come with everything as new, and also 1 set of reagents. Works great, just trying something new on my setup. $440 shipped. Dustin
  13. doublee

    Question about Trident placement in AIO tank

    Hello everyone, Merry Christmas! I have a question about intake line tube placement of Trident in an AIO tank. My AIO chambers are as in the pic below. As per Neptune instruction, it should be in "an area without microbubbles and away from dosing lines" which removes the option for 3rd...
  14. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York SOLD Neptune Apex ATK Auto Top Off - full kit - like new in box - will ship - $175

    Neptune Apex ATK Auto Top Off - full kit - like new in box - will ship - $175
  15. S

    Neptune Fusion help.

    How do I delete an LLS configuration? I had one that wasn’t working properly and got a replacement. I set up a “new” configuration/input but can’t figure out how to delete the old one!
  16. H

    Neptune Conductivity (Salinity) Probe help

    Hi all, I hope youre keeping well. I'm wondering if anyone may be able to help me! So my Neptune salinity Probe consistently reads VERY high (40-60ppt!). Tank is at 35ppt verified by 2 hanna salinity testers a refractometer and a hydrometer. I understand that the neptune probe is conductivity...
  17. Galail52

    Arizona Aquarium Controller Package Deal APEX System - Arizona - Will ship

    I've got an older Apex system that I'm just not going to use that deserves a better home. Please forgive me if I name some of these wrong, but pictures will also be posted to help with that. Included are: Base Unit $150 EnergyBar 8 x2 $75 each Apex Display included with base unit OR...
  18. Kolbyk

    Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD Neptune Apex El

    I have a fairly new Neptune Apex El with two temp probes (one is brand new) and a ph probe. $325 shipped - sold
  19. onefern

    Neptune Maintenance Program New Unit Blew out my Power Bar - Support not responsive

    Just thought I'd share my experience with Neptune systems and the trident maintenance/replacement program. My Trident wouldn't clear a "Test a Failure" and contacted support two weeks ago and tried everything they said with no success. So the rep recommended I do the maintenance program since...
  20. James77

    Rhode Island Aquarium Controller Drygoods For Sale : Neptune Apex Brain, Trident, EB4, Avast Marine BreakOut box - shipping available

    Getting out of saltwater(converting to freshwater). I accept PayPal. I have tons of 100% positive reviews going back to 2005 on RC, I am under same screen name. I have not sold much on R2R. I am also "jamesri77" on the auction site if you want reviews of me as a seller. Please PM me, it is...
  21. D

    New York Aquariums Aquarium Controller Sumps 30 Gallon Frag tank setup including old Apex

    Located in Stony Brook, Long Island I recently upgraded to a JBJ 65 and want to sell my old tank setup. It's a 36x18x12 rimless frag tank. Drilled with an overflow and durso style drain. No scratches, cracks or imperfections. Home made stand made from 2x3 and sealed with black paint. The...
  22. walloutlet

    Massachusetts Return Pumps Drygoods SOLD Neptune COR-15

    Neptune COR-15 Return Pump - asking $150 shipped In use period: 9/4/2020 to 8/27/2022 Pump used at a power rate of a continuous 30% Pump works great, recently converted my aquarium to utilize two smaller return pumps instead of one big one. Comes with original box, adapters and cables...
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