1. SVP

    Florida WAV pumps BNIB,Nero 5 BNIB,Gyre XF250 bundle, Neptune BOB, APEX EL head unit plus more

    I have for sale the following items. All prices include shipping. PM is Key. NO Lowballers please. Thanks for looking 2 Neptune WAV pumps both unused and brand new. One has the plastic shrink wrap the other does not. $140 each 1 Nero 5 pump BNiB $210 SOLD 2 Gyre XF250 pumps...
  2. Andrew Schubert

    Apex Fusion not responding?

    This morning I cannot control my Apex at all. Everything says it is connected and running fine, however, no commands are working. If I try to enter the feed cycle it does nothing. If I try to manually turn off an outlet it does nothing. If I refresh the page then I can see that none of the...
  3. C

    Neptune DOS + Trident

    Hello all, First off, I am sorry if this is the wrong area, it seemed right. So, I have the Neptune Trident and recently acquired the Neptune DOS. I used to have a different dosing pump, it was dosing ESV B-Ionic 2-part in the morning. Now with Trident+DOS I see that I could use the automatic...
  4. tyler1993

    Tennessee Salwater Equipment

    I am having to move and have just decided to break down and sell most of my equipment. I will get pictures posted this afternoon. * Apex Classic part out priced shipped in US - 2 x Eb8: $130 each - Apex Classic Brain (Orange Label) w/ Temp and pH probe: $130 * Apex Dos: $260 Shipped in US - Ran...
  5. M

    Apex customer service

    Has any one else had a horrible experience with Apex customer service? I've called two times and everytime before I say anything they are already giving me snarky comments
  6. MaddyP

    California Apex and other stuff...

    All items are used but work as expected unless noted otherwise. Thanks for looking! Shipping Included: Apex 2016 (Probes have been sitting dry so might need new PH/ORP) - SOLD ALD Module (Old Style with 2 leak detectors) - SOLD Apex Jr with Display (No probes) - $140 shipped Apex DOS...
  7. Timrpn

    Apex DOS for a 4 head doser

    Looking to possibly trade my Apex DOS for a 4 head doser that has WIFI. Comes with Apex DOS, Power Supply. No tubing (I don’t have extra) Manufactured date is September 2018. No issues with it. Posted on other forums. Let me know VIA PM what you have to offer. Shipping would be to Michigan.
  8. O

    Correlation between Alkalinity and pH?

    Hi everyone, I have a 300 gallon mixed reef system, and I am trying to make my tank a tad more stable/automated since I am traveling out of state for weeks at a time due to school. I am switching from a bubble magus dosing system (using biotech two part solution) to a korallin calcium reactor...
  9. KyleC.

    Pennsylvania All SOLD

    Broke down the tank. Below is a list of the Apex Gear and some other things. I will be adding more things as I can. Please ask for more pictures, and lots of questions IN PM if needed. What you see is what you get. There will be no refunds, so be thorough with your questions. I will not separate...
  10. psumms

    Neptune APEX Reliability (Shocking in my experience!)

    Anyone else concerned by what seems to be horrendous Neptune Apex reliability? My Apex unit has died for the second time in 8 months, last time it took them two weeks to replace, doesn't seem like its going to be any quicker this time! Last time I was too happy that they warranty replaced my...
  11. smartwater101

    California Neptune EB8 and WXM

    SOLD: EB8: 115$ shipped: Only used for a month or two. USB included. SOLD WXM: 85$ shipped: USB included.
  12. B

    Texas WTB Apex system with trident and Dos

    Hello, I am looking for the complete apex system with trident and dos. I am trying to see if this is possible and how much people are wanting for this package. I was thinking 1200-1300 is the prize range I am looking to spend. Is anyone interested in selling for this price?
  13. ChronosReef

    Tennessee Kessil 360 N

    Hi guys, selling my last kessil 360 n , works great. comes with unit and power cord as well, used for a year on my frag tank 220 shipped
  14. ChronosReef


    Howdy everyone, my love just got me the new apex system and a new trident :)!! So i'm selling my kh director I purchased Jan 16'th of last year so still under warranty. Everything works great, includes Kh director, Stand alone GHL doser all cables and half a bottle of 1000ml reagent. 600...
  15. nanoreefer562

    California FS: Neptune Apex 2016

    $650+shipping. Ph and Orp probes are wet. Apex is removed from fusion. Less than a year old.
  16. SwiftStorm

    Indiana Neptune Apex DDR New

    I'm selling a new unopened Neptune Apex DDR. Price is $160 shipped to the 48.
  17. A

    California Trade BNIB Radion G4 XR30Pro for Neptune Trident

    Title says it all. New units never opened. Was going to use on frag system but plans changed. Lemme know what you got. Strong preference for unused Trident.
  18. J

    New Jersey For Sale Red Sea reefer 750XXL

    For Sale Red Sea reefer 750XXL with Neptune Apex Systems Complete Brand new tank Red Sea reefer 750 XXL tank is perfect all equipment 18 months old. Neptune apex with flow monitors, leak detectors, auto top off, Vortech WXM controller, Vortech MP40 QD, 2 reactors, 57 Watt UV Sterilizer, reef...
  19. psumms

    Neptune WAV High-pitch Noise

    Hi all, I've been running two Neptune WAV pumps for two months, fantastic pumps but they're creating a really uncomfortable high-pitch noise - even sitting 4+ meters away. I've repositioned and adjusted many times, reset, checked cable vibration etc. no change. The noise is coming from the pumps...
  20. BedrockIOMC

    Neptune Apex Par Meter????? Should I?

    I have been thinking of adding a Par Meter to my apex but not heard if they are any good or not. I have not had the best of luck with Apex so its hard for me to add more money into the Apex system. I have not been happy with it the system at the best. And to get them to do the right things and...
  21. smartwater101

    California Apex FMM + 2 Leak Detectors and 1" Flow Sensor 175$ shipped.

    Barely used flow sensor and leak detector + one unopened leak detector. Throwing in a couple extra slip sides for the unions. (Neptune unions are not standard so this will likely come in handy) I will NOT part this out. SOLD
  22. CreatiVe2

    3D Printed Multicolor Aquarium brand logos

    Hey all, These are a few logos I have converted to Multi-color 3D Prints to display the brands I use with my tank. There are more coming but I want to know if there is any input or desire for these? PM me for details.
  23. M

    Orange label Apex system

    Orange Base, eb8 and display $285 shipped Eb8 $100 shipped Pm2 $75 shipped.
  24. Jud

    Best Deal on Apex Probes - most important?

    Hey all - Just got (what seems to be) a great deal from a local reefer. Picking up a slightly used 2016 Apex (brain + EB832) for $250. I was going to go with an ApexEL, but it’s my first Apex and it seemed like a better deal to have extra expand-ability. It does not, however, come with...
  25. andyg1960

    North Carolina SOLD!! Neptune Apex PM2

    For Sale—Neptune Apex PM2 module. Monitor/Control Conductivity/Salinity and temperature $45 shipped Continental USA
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