1. DeNovice

    Will chaeto drop nitrate and phosphate to zero?

    I have been consistently getting 0 on Nitrate and Phosphate. I have chaeto in a back chamber that’s literally doubling in size in about a weeks time. I give it 18 hours of light which I’d read was recommended. I also have green hair algae forming on the sand. As of yesterday, my ammonia level...
  2. Kacor13

    Clownfish Died - Nitrate Spike

    Hi! Total newbie here. I cycled my tank for a little over a month with live rock/sand and Microbacter7. My readings last week were at zero. I purchased my first clown on Saturday and he was fine until this morning (Tuesday). He was swimming towards the top of my tank for a bit and then later on...
  3. Palytoxin

    Corals Utilizing Nitrates?

    It seems that the general consensus is that coral's zooxanthellae utilize nitrates for coral growth, coloring, etc. But on average, is there some sort of chart or general knowledge about how many nitrates corals can pull from the water in a given amount of time? For instance, One Polyp of...
  4. V

    Nitrate problems despite everything I've tried.

    My aquarium nitrates increase despite everything I am doing. I have a 20 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump filled with biomedia, 5 gallon bucket filled with pumice with water going through at 50 Gph, 200ml purigen, carbon, 15 oz. Cobalt total nitrate, fluidized sand bed filter v2 bio600f...
  5. Lylelovett

    Who's killing my inverts - Nitrates or Hermit Crabs?

    Hi all, In my 150g I have maybe 6-8 blue legged hermits. I keep adding various snails - cerith, trochus, nassarius and they are disappearing pretty quickly. I haven't seen the hermits eating the snails, but they are sneaking buggers. My nitrates are 20-30. What's the most likely killer -...
  6. ridgeburyreefer

    Time for my first water change?

    I’ve been cycling down for almost a month, my ammonia has gone sky high and come back, my NITRATE has gone sky high come back down to around 10ppm and is again high(160ppm) my nitrites has gone high, and has remained there. is my cycle complete, and just needing a water change?
  7. joshharmony

    Hi nitrates 90 Gallon tank fowlr advice

    Hi all, new here. I’d love some guidance/advice from aquarists who might be able to help me figure out how to bring nitrates down in my tank. My tank is little over a year old. 90 gallon with a 30 gallon refugium, protein skimmer, with some Chateo growing beneath... The tank previously housed a...
  8. Jax15

    Nitrate low while phosphate high?

    So my phosphate is reliable between 0.03-0.06, ranging between there month to month. However over the last 4-6 months, my nitrate has been going from 5, to 3, to 1... to now just barely detectable. Why do you think my phosphate can stay so consistent, but my nitrates are diminishing? Any ideas...
  9. K

    Reed tank in under a week?

    So I have lived my life setting up tanks the old fashioned way by adding bacteria and waiting for the nitrate spike after a few weeks / months. However recently my parents set their saltwater tank up in less than a few days using “Nano start prodibio vials”. They have used live sand, rock and...
  10. Darkshadow1500

    Nitrate and Phosphate too low, turn down/off fuge? lights.

    I'm at 0 for both so I add Nitrate and phospahte but I don't want to go over the recommend dose, I use Tropic Marin PLUS-NP. so should I dim down the light of my refugeium or cut down the hours or both? I have the AI huge light currently running at 60% for 14 hours. Also for filtration I also...
  11. lacynic

    Salifert Nitrate test

    Hi, Can someone help me with this Salifert test? My nitrates kept reading high even after water changes. I decided to test my freshly made and the picture is my results. This is brand new RODI water with only Red Sea Salt added to the bucket. I am concerned my test have been inaccurate and...
  12. lazycouch

    refugium stock recommendations?

    Hey everyone, i will soon be making this breeder tank my “hob” refugium and was wondering what i can add to it to make it most effective for its limited space. it is 0.5 gallons and measures 10”L 3.5”W 4”H. i think Chaeto is definitely in the plan (fuge is built primarily for nitrate removal)...
  13. lazycouch

    good invertebrate that eats mysis?

    hey guys this may be a dumb question but i will soon be adding a clean up crew and was wondering if you can help me out based on the foods i feed my tank. is there anything that will eat left over mysis shrimp, blood worms, reefroids, marine snow, brine shrimp, and or seaweed? of course i wont...
  14. lazycouch


    so i’m thinking of starting a refugium for my 30 gallon uni tank (built in sump) and i want to make sure my train of thought is making sense so far as i study refugiums. my plan is to use a 5 gallon tank and store it inside the cabinet my tank is on top of since i have no space elsewhere and the...
  15. Oscar’s25Gal

    Nitrates are high?

    Hello guys, so I have a 25 gal. I have no corals, except a very small shroom colony and a RBTA. My ammonia reads 0, pH 8.1, Nitrite 0 but my nitrates are 35. I have 2 clowns, a wrasse and a juvie blue tang (i am upgrading my tank in a few weeks.) Can anyone tell me why my nitrates are so high...
  16. LairofUrsula

    Lowering salinity...

    Hey all, New poster here. Wanting some opinions. I have a 20g (L) tank, currently running as a fish only set-up but I’m in the process of prepping for coral. This is a tank transfer from my other three year old 20g that sadly sprung a leak, which was a transfer from my first tank, a thriving...
  17. the.introvertebrate

    Nitrate Control - The natural way (Help needed)

    Excuse the long post, I am going to try and give you as much information as I can to help figure out the core of my nitrate problem and how to resolve it. My nitrates are slowly killing my corals I have 3 Trachy's and a bunch of other LPS corals which are slowly starting to show skeletons and...
  18. Bennutri

    Will i survive?

    I put my toddler hippo tank amd 8 gallons of cycled water, live rock, and live sand in my new 16 gallon will it survive the next weeks w thse cinditions? Or should i wait on water change ?
  19. TexasReefer82

    Nitrate Levels in Aquaria vs Wild Reef Nutrition

    I often wonder how wild reefs are able to grow and thrive with such low levels of dissolved nutrients - namely nitrates and phosphates. I have an SPS/Acropora dominant tank and I maintain KNO3 solution on a dosing pump just to keep the corals alive - I try to maintain nitrates up to 5ppm...
  20. Austin Lee

    Nano Build Innovative Marine - Filter Sock or Media Basket?

    Hey all, What are you using as filtration for your Innovative Marine tanks? Is there any benefit to the filter baskets? Right now I am just running two filter socks, but I get the feeling they might be raising my nitrates since I keep testing high. Anyone run the media baskets? If so, what's...
  21. MarineDepot

    How to Lower Nitrates in a Saltwater Aquarium

    How to Lower Nitrates in a Saltwater Aquarium VIDEO: Proven Techniques For Success
  22. B's Reef

    Cant get nitrates to a readable level?

    Okay so I have a 215 gallon reef, trying to get nutrient levels into low, readable ranges. I have increased my bio load, feeding heavily (frozen), I can get my phosphates to increase, but can't get anything to read when I test nitrate. My phosphate got even higher than I wanted, up to .94, back...
  23. Tangina20

    Increasing nitrates

    I currently have two fish in a 40b And have been struggling to get nitrates above 0. I have tuned off the protein skimmer, turned the refugium light on for 3 hr a day, and started feeding almost a whole cube of brine every day and feed corals every other day and still no luck. I started all of...
  24. rmclaughlin87

    Iowa WTB: Korallin Biodenitrator

    Does anyone have a Korallin Biodenitrator for sale? If so, please PM me with pics and price. Thank you!
  25. Luke iskra

    Help Picking Protein Skimmer 10g tank!!

    hey yall, im having some issues with Nitrates usually pretty high was looking into getting a protein skimmer i currently have a 10g reed tank ( long ) was looking into two different ones dont want anything too expensive...