1. johnf3

    NPS coral ID?

    I just purchased this Balanophyllia solitary cup coral the other day and noticed it came along with this purple growth next to it. Just curious if anyone knows what it is? Definitely assuming it’s NPS Thanks
  2. johnf3

    Small squishy starfish/polyp-like hitchhiker ID

    Just noticed this small brown thing with white/blue tipped tentacles on the glass of my NPS tank. Any clue what it could be? Sorry photos aren’t the best but curious if anyone recognizes this? Thanks
  3. zeszes

    New York Wanting to buy uncommon Non-photosynthetics

    There's a few in particular I'm looking to get my hands on, mainly the ones that don't really have any color at all, Rhyzotrochus Truncatoflabellum Veroni (i could be butchering the spelling) Phyllangia Americana (hidden cup coral) any kind of wire coral I'm all ears if you can think of any...
  4. johnf3

    USA Looking for Rhizotrochus coral

    Hey everyone I have been setting up an NPS tank for the past few months and have been looking at the rhizo corals for a while. I am aware that they are illegal to import but I’m wondering if anyone has any available from their personal collection? They are a dream coral of mine and now that I...
  5. johnf3

    How to frag my chili finger coral?

    I recently got a red chili finger and it is doing great. Not planning to frag it just yet but when it gets a bit bigger I think I’ll have to, it’s already starting to rub against the rock a bit. What’s the best way to frag these? Also should I frag while it’s expanded at night/morning or closed...
  6. C

    Build Thread Cammy’s NPS (Reefer) Nano

    Hiya again, Figured that as I begin to close my Reefer nano down in its current form (majority sps) that I’d begin this thread. I’ll *hopefully* be running this tank as a slightly cooler NPS majority but still mixed reef featuring some deep water species… This isn’t my first NPS tank, my...
  7. Muffin87

    The husbandry of NPS corals is a thoroughly neglected topic

    I'm not writing this in the NPS section because I'm hoping to stir up some interest in the wider reefing community. Nearly all general advice you find online about filtration, feeding, and nutrient reduction assumes you won't ever be keeping any NPS corals. The assumption behind most reefing...
  8. Trevor Paden

    Studeriotes sp. Or "Christmas Tree Coral"

    Has anyone had success with studeriotes sp. before? There is verg limited information online about them. I managed to procure a specimen and will be posting my experience attempting to keep one.
  9. Northwest_Scapes_

    Build Thread The Dr. Seuss Tank | Northwest's 29 Gallon NPS Aquarium

    Non-Photosynthetic (NPS) Corals have the some of the craziest colors and shapes you'll see naturally in corals. Our NPS Tank at the Seattle Aquarium we've dubbed as the "Dr. Seuss Tank" due to all the colors and shapes, also because that's what a lot of guests refer it to as. So I'm taking that...
  10. Dragon Lee

    My NPS and FOT

    NPS FOT It's my first time to show my 160 gallon tank. The size is 3.28*2.62*2.13 ft. It has been 1 year to be a NPS tank.
  11. Dragon Lee

    Build Thread My NPS

  12. S

    NPS Gorgonian ID

    Hi I just got a new gorgonian and it's my first coral in my seahorse tank. I'm curious to know the identity of this species as I'm unable to find it anywhere and the lfs I got it from only knows that it is a nps Gorgonian. Any help would be appreciated
  13. reefsaver

    Upside Down Corals?

    Would anyone have a decent idea on varieties of coral that can grow upside down, or glued to the underside of an aquascape? My first thought was NPS (Non Photosynthetic) Corals, because they don't need light and I could just spot feed. But I'm a big fan of easy corals so I don't know if NPS is...
  14. J1a

    Primnoa pacifica

    Could anyone point me to some information regarding Primnoa pacifica, or share with me some experiences about its captive care. I obtained a frag of this from a Fiji shipment. I understand this NPS is from deep sea, other than that, there is little care info available. Of course, it was...
  15. Muffin87

    What skimmer for 50G heavy bioload with automatic filter roller

    I have a 50G where I mostly keep LPS and tubastrea. But I wanna keep NPS soft corals (i.e. red finger gorgonian) later down the road, so I'd consider this a heavy bioload 50G. ;DeadCurrent setup and problem. Originally, I only used a skimmer for mechanical filtration so I got an oversized one...
  16. L

    NPS pico?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 3l tank with a HOB filter and light for $19!!! I’m probably going to use it to display one baby fish that just metamorphosised (maybe a week or less at most on display) and/or sexy shrimp babies from my breeding tanks at a time so I want to stock the tank with...
  17. Muffin87

    Best nutrient reduction strategy for very heavy bioload?

    What would be the best way to keep nitrate and phosphate in check with this kind of bioload? (Other than water changes, obviously) My intention is to keep an LPS & Clams 50G tank, including tubastea (yellow and black), and diffent dendrophyllias. I already set up a mini fridge for heavy...
  18. Dr. Dendrostein

    Unknown gorgonian from Mexico?

    Anyone have any information on these gorgonians, wholesaler said from Mexico and it is gorgonian and that's it. Please help
  19. E

    Amino Acids and Non Photosynthetic Coral

    With the growing popularity in the reefing hobby of Amino Acids such as Red Sea’s Reef Energy AB+, I am curious if it makes NPS corals such as Sun Corals and certain Gorgonians, that have been historically considered difficult to keep because of feeding requirements, a bit more accessible to...

    NPS Reef

  21. SimplyVibing

    Quarreling lovers (ocellaris clowns) harassing gorgonian

    I have a pair of ocellaris clowns, one female one male. The female is neurotic but has calmed down significantly since adding a buddy. She’ll still chase him and act like she’s going to bite him (never hurts him) and recently he’s been taking shelter under my gorgonian. Unfortunately for the...
  22. Dr. Dendrostein

    Dendronephthya & Scleronephthya aquaculture

    Riddle me this: humble was the fish, a beautiful and humble fish.
  23. Dr. Dendrostein

    California WTB dendronephthya and Scleronephthya

    Let me know what you got.
  24. sotsreef

    Food for Fathead Dendro?

    what do y’all use to feed Fathead Dendro or do you know what works? I have nano reef roids and regular fish pellets. And will be picking up a single Dendro frag next week, what do you recommend. Thanks,John
  25. Brian Goldstein

    Fat Head Dendrophyllia -- Where can I buy?

    Hello Reefers! I've been looking to buy a frag of Fat Head Dendrophyllia for quite some time without any luck. Anyone know where I can find some? Thanks! -BG