1. pookie

    Chaeto dying/not growing

    I got the AI refugium blade which my lfs told me was a good grower this was about 3 weeks ago. My first 2 "golf ball" sizes died. So then I got 3 and this is them right now.this is me after clumping it back together which is now pretty small. Now I have read everywhere saying it might be low...
  2. J

    Brown Stringy Algae. Dinos?

    Hi all, I have this brown stringy algae growing on my rocks and my sand. I’m having trouble determining if it’s just a brown stringy algae or dinos. As you can see it’s growing in and between corals, likely irritating them. I tested nutrients yesterday and Nitrates are 9 and phosphates are...
  3. K

    Looking for research on the benefits between Reef Roids vs Reef Chili

    I read that there is some research that was conduct at some point about the benefits of Reef Chili vs Reef Roids. I haven’t been able to find this research. Are there articles or videos that discuss the benefits between the two products in a more scientific way? I want to understand the benefits...
  4. D

    California Aquariums Drygoods Algae Scrubber

    Hello I have the RAIN 4 pole mount waterfall algae scrubber for sale. The pole mount is used, however the DOM and the gem lights (7 in total) are brand new. Asking for $500 shipped.
  5. kwirky

    Restoring from tank crash. Continue increasing nitrate/phosphate dosing?

    A car accident last October led to some poor husbandry for half a year. I couldn't do water changes and driving to pick up consumables was difficult. I've recovered a substantial amount and the acro & monti colonies I have left are starting to colour back up now that I have things under better...
  6. A

    Algae under substrate

    My substrate was filled with GHA, so i took the superficial part out and washed it with hydrogen peroxide I know that kills good bacteria too, but nothing else was working Anyways, when i put it back into the tank, a bit of the algae that stayed got buried Is that a problem? Will it die and...
  7. Gk5321

    Nano Tank Struggles

    I have a 9 gallon reef tank that I obsess over a bit too much. I have dumped way too much money into the thing (although I know I could do more if I had the space). I’ll try and keep this brief but basically I need some pointers getting to the next level with sps. Personally, I think my numbers...
  8. L

    Help identifying algae

    Hi y’all, my Biocube has recently been pounced on by some sort of algae or Dinos i think. I wasn’t able to get the best pictures but it’s like brownish color and at first I thought it was just diatoms but now it’s long and grasslike and billows in the current. It’s all over my glass but only a...
  9. TwiTch18

    Phytoplankton and NoPox dosing

    Hello, I'm just looking for some input on dosing Phytoplankton alongside NoPox (N03-P04-X) each day? Trying to simplify my routine before I go on vacation so its easier for the interim caretakers. I don't think it would be an issue to dose at the same time but I'm just looking some reassurance...
  10. C

    How long after dosing Vibrant can Macroalgae be safe?

    I dosed Vibrant several times with some good results, but algae still grows. I know it will look great over time, but long term will not solve my nutrient issues. I know managing a refugium is going to be a better solution long-term. I did not realize how detrimental it was to Macroalgae and...
  11. Andrew Schubert

    Low PO4 but High NO3 help?

    I've been battling some cyano and turf algae pretty much since I've been in the hobby 2 1/2 years ago now. About 18 months ago I thought I found the end all solution...that being the Zeovit system. Ever seen then I've been running the full system (Zeo Stones, Carbon, Zeobac, Zeostart, ZeoFood...
  12. Reefer37

    Is it Normal for no ALK/Cal Use in a Week?

    So I have a year old 45g cube with some LPS and softies. Total maybe 20-25 corals. It's not overly stocked, so maybe this is pretty normal, but I feel there would be some use in my alkalinity or calcium levels. I checked over a week and looks like no use of any alk or calcium. Check Alk with...
  13. MarshallB

    New Tank Nutrients and Corals

    Im running into a contradiction with my new tank. It's been up since June. I'm using a skimmer, a fuge, and filter socks. My filtration has done a great job of exporting nutrients, too good in fact. Both phosphate and nitrate are 0. They are definitely not truly 0 as I do have some algae, but I...
  14. B

    OG Holy Grail Torch Pailing

    I collect rare torches and last year was sold this awesome piece called “OG Holy Grail”. I was warned the torch was a slow grower which has proven to be true - a year later the single head is nearly 30% larger and show no signs of splitting. The torch originally was a vibrant yellow with blue...
  15. L

    Ostreopsis and high nutrients

    Hello everybody Curretly i have a problem with ostreopsis, i bought a uv sterelizer and the ostreopsis was reduced currentrly i only can se the ostreopsis in the sand And i cant eliminate it. My nitrates are around 100 ppm and phosphates in .21 ppm. do you have some recomendation? My chaeto...
  16. MnFish1

    How necessary is it to clean your skimmer neck/cup.

    So - a recent thread reminded me of a question - how often do people clean their skimmer neck/cup. I do not do it regularly - and it tends to have a thick coating of 'gunk'. I always wondered if that was putting bad stuff 'back' into the tank - though I dont think it does. Answer the poll -...
  17. J

    Nitrates vs no nitrates.

    So i just stumbled upon a video on youtube about why nitrates and phosphates are good for the corals in your tank and it made me realise it could be true. My tank had high nitrates like really high above 80. My corals were doing not so well in that range so i started doing alot of water changes...
  18. DeepBlueSomething

    Green Dusting of Algae of Rocks - Nutrients, Photo period or both?

    I recently switched lights - from one black box to another on my 40G Breeder. Since the switch - approximately 3 weeks ago, I am noticing a persistent growth of algae on top of rocks. The algae is easily removed with brush... I am working to reduce nutrients with regular W/Cs bi-weekly. My...
  19. landlocked303

    Algae Scrubber Help!

    I bought the Santa Monica Drop 1.4 for my BioCube 29 a few weeks ago. I have been running it for about 6 hours a night the last month and have ZERO growth... I have green hair algae on the rocks and glass, so I know there's nutrients. Any Ideas why I can't get any growth in the scrubber? Should...
  20. HuskerTank

    Nitrate and Phosphate Dosing Photos

    Curious to see if anyone has photos of their progress with nutrient dosing. I see many threads of discussion of how to go about this but I have not seen too many discussions with photos of "improved coloration and growth" that many people claim. Please post your results. Thanks in advance!
  21. reefaboo

    Fish poop with no fish in the system - sps nutrients

    i have a die off of my fish in my sps tank ( some due to agression, some due to lack of care when im gone on vacation and some just dead ) now over the period of 8 months i lost a few fishies and down to 2 fish in a 50 gallon system .. i dont want to add any more fish but clearly fish poop is...