1. clownenthusiast2017

    Pair of Assessors???

    Hey guys! I'm looking into adding some fish to my tank and I'm really liking the yellow assessors. I was wondering if I could house a pair of them? Have they been known to have any aggression towards their own kind? I think these fish are super cool and it's a bonus that they're captive bred...
  2. K

    Do crosshatch need to be kept in pairs?

    Almost every crosshatch I've seen has been in a pair. Is there a reason for that, or are they just as fine kept singly? Drew
  3. clownenthusiast2017

    How long does it take clownfish to become a pair???

    Hey guys, I introduced my two storm clownfish at the same time a little less than a month ago. The mocha storm is noticeably bigger, but not be a lot. I'd say the black storm is about an inch and the mocha is about 1.25. I was just wondering how long it usually takes for the clowns to become a...

    Clownfish laying eggs (in 4K)

    Check this out! I returned home from my trip to the LFS tonight to find my now seemingly mated pair of clownfish laying their first ever fry!
  5. jimmert33

    Mated pair or older bonded pair of Snowflake clowns

    Please shoot me a pm with what you have thankyou so much!!! I have a couple OG bounces to trade for a proven mated pair, anyways thanks so much!!!
  6. shadow1013

    Orlando - Fish and Corals

    We are moving and need to part out our Red Sea Reefer 450 or sell together. First we need to sell our coral and fish then we are going to part out the equipment. This posting is constantly going to be updated to report what is still available. If you see it listed it's still up for grabs. We...