1. A

    White Spot Protruding (Not Ich)

    I have a Purple Tang which I've previously diagnosed to have flukes (via a 5 minute freshwater dip/bath). Post treatment with Praziquantel and Hyposalinity (14 days at 1.009 at this stage), I noticed a new single white bump forming on the side of the Purple Tangs body. Initially, I thought...
  2. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    So, recently my tang died. Could any of these be a cause of death? Microscope Pics.

    Maybe a copepod? Harmless? A ciliate? Is it harmful? Guessing these are a type of dinoflagellate. Harmful? No idea what this is... And this is my tangs Flesh...after he died. Thinking he may have died from flesh eating worms or flukes.
  3. J

    Yellow tank and possibly flukes?

    Long story short, my yellow tang suddenly stopped eating and swimming out in the open, had some redness, and also was flashing. I quarantined it in copper and antibiotics for about 10 days, and the entire time in QT it seemed fine (wouldn't eat though). No flashing, healed from the red spots...
  4. C

    EMERGENCY! Pistol shrimp parasite?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a nice sized tiger pistol shrimp, but I noticed an unusual bulge on the right side of his body, I could be overreacting but it looks similar to an isopod parasite, can anyone help? Thanks!
  5. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Tang Dead, Microscope Autopsy. Help ID.

    Are there anything in these findings that would've killed my tang? He was breathing kinda fast starting yesterday or the day before...He died this morning. If you have suggestions I could go back and try to get a better picture of something. @vetteguy53081 Let me know if I should take...
  6. Sakosreef

    Is this a external parasite?? Never seen this before

    Hi everyone, just noticed my convict tang has this weird oval looking spot on his side. I can't tell if it's a raised bump or not, i would say it's slightly raised, he's also not gaining weight. My Achilles tang has been beating him up for weeks since his introduction but it's gotten much...
  7. K

    Do large tubo snail shells have similar effects of liverock?

    I just got a giant Mexican turbo snail that had a huge shell containing coraline algae, several creature's attached to the snail's that look like some type of anemone. The snail also has these extra tentacles on the mid-section of its foot that are what seems to by a parasite with a fish like...
  8. Blueberry Wrasse

    Scratches or Disease/Parasite? (Firefish Goby)

    Hello, while feeding my firefish today, I've noticed small light patches and a slightly cloudy eye (only one of the eyes are cloudy). The cloudiness is so slight that the phone can't capture it. When I looked at the fish from the top, it appears that the edge of the eye is peeling a bit? The...
  9. J

    Ruby reef rally pro in mixed reef?

    Anyone have experience dosing this in the DT with a mixed reef? Nems, inverts, lps and softies, etc.
  10. A

    Does this clown look healthy

    I’ve had this clown for about 13 days in qt, with copper power and GC for prophylactic ich/velvet treatment, and for intestinal parasites(stringy white feces). Originally it refused to eat, but after dosing gc in wc, he regained his appetite. I’m now feeding medicated food and is eating very...
  11. NanoReefer2025

    Ich Treatment

    A few days ago, I noticed minuscule white spots on some of my fish, and assuming it’s ich, I’ve been trying to gather all the supplies for a quarantine/ hospital tank to treat them. I simply have a 10 gallon, a cheap HOB filter, a 50w heater, a thermometer, and some old aquarium decorations. Is...
  12. Eag808

    Yellow tang stopped eating and is getting skinny, suggestions?

    I’ve had this yellow tang for almost a year and never had any problems. I moved him to a bigger tank about a month ago and he was fine till about 4/5 days ago he stopped eating. And is starting to look skinny. I’ve tried different foods soaked in garlic, nori, red macro algae and still nothing...
  13. gobber

    Aiptasia on my hammer?

    Hi can someone help identify the 3 white specks and the red dot? Is it aiptasia or something I should be worried about? thank you in advance!!
  14. R

    Is this Ich?

    I noticed this morning a couple white spots on one of my Chalk Basslets. They are on the very edge of the tail and are fairly large (look larger than most Ich spots I see online). The chalk bass is acting completely normal, is eating well and has not shown any signs of flashing or irritation...
  15. K

    Minnesota Novel parasites for researchers to study who are able to meet in person

    I have in my possession what I believe to be novel parasitic isopods from the Floridian Aquaculture supply chain. There is a 10 gallon tank that contains crushed coral substrate, a Thalassia testudinum, and some decorations that I have duct taped sealed and a 2.5 gallon tank that contains a...
  16. L


    Hey guys. I’ve noticed this white splotch on my purple tang recently but did not think much of it. Recently my powder blue tang died, i’m unsure of the cause, but I remembered that the powder blue tang had a similar white splotch a week or two prior to him dying. I’ve attached photos of both...
  17. S

    Parasite inside of bristle worm?

    Some kind of worm in my tank exploded with 100s of parasites. My power head was off when I noticed it. I don’t think it’s having babies. I’d be surprised if it survived. Any ideas? here is a YouTube video I uploaded of it
  18. Gonj

    Blenny with Bloated Stomach

    So I noticed my blenny occasionally has a very bloated stomach, I'm not sure if it is related to this bubble he has on his fin, the bubble has gotten smaller so I took him out of QT but now seeing this inflamed stomach I'm not sure what I should do. It doesn't look like this all the time, but it...
  19. M

    Parasite or Tube worm?

    Need your help. Is this a this a parasite or tube worm? I find more little white tubes on my life rocks... shall I keep them or remove?
  20. musaabi

    Tube like growth on chalice skeleton?

    So I’m doing some maintenance today and I was moving my chalice when I noticed this growth on it. I’ve seen these guys on a rock I have in my sump that has fan worms on it so I figured they were baby worms until I saw them on the skeleton of my chalice. One was heavily infested while the others...
  21. gettergejetter

    Detect ich, velvet etc. in healthy looking DT?

    Hi reefers, in an other thread @bboileau92 hinted me to the microbiome test from Aquabiomics which is able to detect pathogens in an aquarium. Now I wonder if there are other ways to know/detect if there are some "dormant" pathogens/parasites like ich, velvet, flukes etc. in a completely...
  22. T

    EMERGENCY Help. Can someone identify if this is ich or something else.

    I just started up my reef tank and cycled it for over three months. A week after getting my first fish, I realized it had a lot of white spots on it. It is acting normal and eating fine. Any ideas what this is (Sorry for the low quality photos).
  23. M

    EMERGENCY What are these white things

    I was just looking at my tank and just noticed a bunch of these white things I have no idea what they are they kinda look like small snails I have not added anything new to that tank in a long time just have two clownfish and water perimeters are all normal
  24. LeoE

    What is this??

    Can someone please tell me what this is??
  25. L

    Clownfish Ich or Brook? Help!

    Hi everyone. I'm stressing over here. I've had this Picasso clown for about a year now and he's now showing signs of ich or maybe brook. His partner jumped out of the tank a few days ago so I got him a replacement maybe four days later but they seem to be getting along just fine. All the other...