1. NIB Reef Octopus VarioS6

    For sale Pennsylvania NIB Reef Octopus VarioS6

    NIB Reef Octopus VarioS6 pump for sale under MSRP and no taxes. MSRP $375.36 My price: $325 shipped
  2. New in Box Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO

    For sale Pennsylvania New in Box Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO

    New in box Tunze ATO 3155 for sale for $180 shipped to lower 48 payment via paypal and I'll ship out less than 24 hours of payment. Thank you!
  3. Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags MOVING SALE

    For sale Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags MOVING SALE

    Indo Dragon Soul Frags; mature, vibrant specimens with crazy extension. Mother colony pictured below. 1 head: $175, firm (2 available) 2 heads: $340, very fat heads (1 available) 2-3 heads (pinching): $425 (1 available) 3 heads: $500 (3 available) 3-4 heads (pinching): $600, also fat heads (1...
    $175.00 to $660.00
  4. Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags

    For sale Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags

    Exquisite Dragon Soul Torch frags up for grabs. I've grown this colony out from one head to ~24 heads over the last 4 years. Mature torches all with impressive extension, one of the most vibrant specimens I've ever come across. The mother colony is pictured are where all frags are derived from...
    $175.00 to $700.00
  5. 40 gallon reef tank

    For sale 40 gallon reef tank

    This is a 40 gallon cube tank with stand. Great overall looking tank. Comes with everything you need light,sump,pump,wavemakers,heater. Just add water and rock! List of items include AI prime hd 2 jebao wavemakers 200 watt finnex titanium heater DC controlled Return pump Icecap 15 sump Any...
  6. Sps and zoas for sale in Bucks County PA

    For sale Sps and zoas for sale in Bucks County PA

    Local pick up only but can ship after the holidays. Lots of frags and some mini colonies up for grabs. Procillapora colony $40 (one from picture sold but i have another.) Green staghorn frag SOLD Rainbow Incinerator plug SOLD but can cut to order more just pm me. White zombie 3...
    $10.00 to $150.00
  7. 4

    LFM reefers in south central PA area

    Hi Folks, Me and few other members are looking to create something resembling a club in the south central PA area, northern MD. Please PM me and I'll add you to our conversation while we try to get some answers about club specifics and/or whatever direction we decide to go. Thanks!
  8. Losirk

    Pennsylvania WTB Live Corals in Western Pennsylvania

    Looking for fellow reefers in the Western Pennsylvania / Eastern Ohio area. I'm in Lawrence county, PA and the idea of spending $30-$50 to ship corals is too much for me. If anyone within about a 40 minute radius of Lawrence county has any frags to sell, reply to this thread. Searching for any...
  9. shakacuz

    Hello hello from allentown, pa!

    hello everyone! just checking in to see if there are any reefers from the ABE area in pennsylvania here. trying to see if i am not alone in the area! been in the aquarium hobby for about 4 years, and its been about 6 months for a reef system i built.
  10. P

    New Jersey New York Dry Good Trade W.T.T 2 Kessil 360 WE for Ai hydra hd 32's

    Looking to trade 2 kessil 360 W.E. with goosenecks and controller. I am lookong for Ai hydra hd 32's. I am open to offers shoot me a message.
  11. S

    21 tall aqueon frameless QT setup 18951 $100

    I’m selling a frameless aqueon 21 tall tank with aquaclear 50, mesh top, glass top and stand. Just add a heater for a great QT setup. The tank does not leak and has no scratches and is made with low iron glass. The aquaclear works as expected and I’m only selling this because I’m moving and it...
  12. S

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Frag tank with everything, 6 x T5 light 18951 $150

    I am selling a frag tank that I bought on this forum and made improvements then I had it set up for a while but I’m moving so it’s got to go. It is approximately 15-20 gallons total with a 10 gallon sump with diy baffle kit, aquaponics tray, with both gate valve controlled durso and emergency...
  13. Stones-Reef

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania OG Coral Cruze Holy Grail Torch (Two Heads)

    Considering serious inquiries for this double-head OG Coral Cruze holy grail torch, purchased directly from Ben, with proof of lineage. Located in NJ, pick up only, asking $2,500. Feel free to PM for more info, pics, etc.
  14. E

    New Jersey WTB Tunze Osmolator ATO

    Looking to buy a Tunze Osmolator ATO 3155 if anyone has one. Also looking to but a Neptune Apex Cor 20 and Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40wQD
  15. michaelmessinaglass

    Pennsylvania WTB WTB Local Berghia Nudibranchs

    Hey guys Im looking for some Berghia Nudibranchs and hoping to get some locally so I dont have to deal with shipping. I have a 14g so I probably dont need any more than 5 small ones. Im in Bucks County PA but am willing to drive to NJ or DE as well. Let me know if you can help, thanks!
  16. TheDragonsReef

    Fish for sale butterflies, damsels and more

    Located in PA 18974 Yellow Long nose butterfly MED 4in, selling because hes been eating my corals and a new clam. Had him for over a year. He doesnt bother sps or softies just lps and clams. Even leaves my feather duster alone. Fully quarantined went through copper and prazi before putting him...
  17. J

    Ecotech Radion XR30 G4 Pro Lights

    Looking to sell some Radion XR30 G4 Pro Leds. I have 11 available. All lights come with free RMS Slide mount. $450 ea shipped via UPS/FedEx w/insurance & signature. Buy 2 for $850 Buy 4 for $1600 Buy 11 for $4000 This are still hooked up and working, I'll take them down and box up this weekend.
  18. O

    Green with purple tip bta Anemones for sale GBTA

    I have at least 4 I can get off the glass right now. I have had these in my tank as can be seen for many years, I am thinking from 6-8 years. I just switched my lights back to full 8 t5 over the tank they are already coloring back up. Only thing is these are green with purple tips or...
  19. V

    Build Thread Vik's 200 gallon peninusla (IM 200 EXT)

    Hi All, finally time to start a build thread. I have an Innovative marine 200 Peninsula on order with white stand. Supposed to ship this week - so I getting ready but am still pretty behind in getting things ready. I had originally ordered their standard 200 but asked about a peninsula layout...
  20. Randomwhiteguy89

    Pennsylvania Aquariums SOLD 75 gallon tank setup for sale

    I have a 75 gallon tank with stand, canopy, and 40 gallon sump for sale I bought the tank off somebody who was using it as a frag tank they Drilled it and made a diy overflow box On one end I had it running for a little over a year before I upgraded to a 125 I would like to get $200 for the...
  21. Omar1107

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Ecotech mp40wqd

    Used for 2-3 weeks, like new. $315 shipped.
  22. bmoon19

    New Reefing Club For Lehigh Valley

    I couldn't Find Any Local Reef club Around and saw a lot of people wanting to create one. for a while but nothing has really stuck around. So I'm Calling all Reefer that wants to come together and share your knowledge, experiences, and passion for marine lives and all that it's involved in it...
  23. Cque2222

    Pennsylvania Selling my coral and fish from inside tank

    Duncan coral 100 Hammer 60 Zoa rocks 50 Pipe organ 50 Mushrooms 25 Other frags 25 each all rocks and coral for 175 livestock Clown pair 75 Goby 35 Blenny 25 all fish and coral 225 selling local 13.5 tank 100$
  24. Rickyrooz

    Pennsylvania Acro's For Sale (Pennsylvania) Local Pick Up

    Oregon Tort (1 available) $60 WWC Pyromaniac (1 available) $160 WWC Lemon Twist (1 available) $100 WWC Aussie Toxic Slimer (1 available) $40 WWC Madman (1 available) $40 Vivid's Rainbow Delight (1 available) $60 Jurnee’s Unicorn (2 available) $300 Ricky’s Miami Heat (1...
  25. KMench

    Delaware Local corals for sale

    Looking to move some corals locally, without shipping them. I have a wide variety of pieces available including trumpets, zoas, torch, setosa, green slimer, etc. Looking to sell frags for 30 bucks or less. I haven't made frags since I don't like keeping them in my tank, but send me a PM and we...
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