1. Blakjax

    Testing Hanna Phosphate Low Range Colorimeter HI713 - Fresh & Marine Water - $45

    I have Hanna Phosphate Low Range Colorimeter HI713 for Fresh & Marine Water for sale. This was only used a handful of times and includes the reagents. Add $5 for shipping.
  2. M

    GHA/Turf because of leaching rocks

    I have come to the conclusion that I think my two year battle with what is either gha or turf algae is because of leaching phosphates from the rocks. When I started the tank I used brand new macro rock and I have heard that it can leach phosphates that lead to algae. I have no algae anywhere but...
  3. jbonez_


    Hi all, I'm currently struggling with some parameter issues. I've attached at the bottom what my levels are as of this past Saturday and a video of my tank. Right now I'm slowly trying to raise my salinity by topping off with 1.026. My pH has be stable at 8 for about two months. My nitrate...
  4. T

    HIGH Phos and Nitrates (But everything is doing okay?!?)

    Set up my first reef tank in November and added my first corals a couple of weeks ago and everything is doing amazing! Everything opened up within hours if not minutes and even a blasto which came in pretty rough shape is now thriving. But when I went to test phosphates and nitrates they were...
  5. TheBirdsNest

    Algae, Nitrate and Phosphate issues!

    Hey all, Happy New Year! :star-struck: I'm really struggling with my tank and wondering if anyone has any advice as I keep seeing conflicting info online... My tank has been up for 5 months now, its a Reefer 250 with about 230L volume minus rocks.. I've got x6 Blue/Green Chromis, x2 Juvenile...
  6. J

    Sudden Phosphate Spike

    Hi everyone. I have a 30-gallon tank, with 6 fish, a few RFAs, and soft corals. My phosphates spiked this week, going from about 0.05 to 0.9 ppm on the Hanna checker! (They may have been higher, but that's as high as the checker goes.) A large water changed and some of the Brightwell...
  7. ReefAddict16

    California Sold

  8. E

    Phosphate levels seem very high

    Hi all, I have a 40 gallon live rock only tank, have had it for about 4 months. I have 2 clowns, a midas blenny, and a fire shrimp. They all seem to be thriving, active and eating like champs. I’m hoping to add my first corals, I’m just a little concerned about my phosphate levels. My current...
  9. T

    Best one time use Phosphate Absorber

    Hi All, In short, I need to reduce my phosphates. I will being doing water changes now that I've fixed my RODI issue, but I am wondering what the best one time punch phosphate sponge is to speed up this process. Back story for those interested: Had a reefing blunder this past month that I am...
  10. J

    Nutrient Imbalance - High Nitrates undetectable phos!! Advice?

    Hi All, Looking for some advice on this issue if possible, Over the past 2 months my Nitrates have gone up as high as 90. I have tried a few things to counter this, Water changes, New filter floss media and Nopox. I have managed to get them down to 77 on the last test. Which as much as my...
  11. J

    Brown Stringy Algae. Dinos?

    Hi all, I have this brown stringy algae growing on my rocks and my sand. I’m having trouble determining if it’s just a brown stringy algae or dinos. As you can see it’s growing in and between corals, likely irritating them. I tested nutrients yesterday and Nitrates are 9 and phosphates are...
  12. R

    Can’t lower phosphates

    Hi , My tank is around 16 month old . I, for the life of me, cannot seem to reduce my phosphate I test bi-monthly with Hanna testers and the result is always 0.9 which I believe is the tester maxing out. All fish are okay however my corals seem to be struggling. I’ve had a full zoa garden seem...
  13. V

    New tank low nitrates to phosphate ratio

    New 7ft long 650 litre mixed reef running for a couple of months although I did use a mix of live rock from my old established system and new dry rock. Things are going pretty well but currently going through the uglies with hair algea and cyano. But both of these are reducing. My issue is I...
  14. TheSheff

    NP-Bacto-Balance Questions

    NP-Bacto-Balance essentially supplies nutrients to the corals at the lowest levels right? So, would these levels show in a test kit? Can you explain the process of dialing in my dosage for this product? I'm starting at 0.40 mL for my (40 gallon DT, 20 gallon sump) tank.
  15. B

    Parameter question

    Hey all, it's been a few years since I kept a saltwater tank - my expertise is definitely in freshwater and turtles. In the past I had 2 thriving reef tanks with fish & LPS but once my ex and I broke up I kept the freshwater and he took the salt tanks (he was definitely the salt expert!) So...
  16. K

    Struggling to keep Phosphates and Nitrates under Control

    I'm currently running a 32 Biocube. Here is livestock: 1 Clownfish (going to be getting a female soon) 1 Snowflake Eel Parameters: Nitrates 34.6 PPM PH 8.1 Phosphate: 0.49 PPM I'm trying to get phosphates down to 0.003 at least. I've added a refugium recently so I think that'll help. I've had...
  17. BrokeBudgetReef

    0 nitrate .03 phosphate

    Hey all, So over the last few weeks I have found tufts if gha in my display. They don't seem to be growing but they are there and driving my crazy. So I decided to break out all my checker and run some test. Well I found I have zero nitrate (hanna hr) and .03 phosphate (hanna ulr). I am...
  18. T

    New York Hanna 97105 Marine Master $250 shipped

    Selling Hanna HI97105 Marine Master photomer tester. Good+ condition. Tests Nitrite ULR, Nitrate LR, Nitrate HR, Calcium, Alkalinity and pH. Asking $250 obo PayPal Goods & Services shipped. Tests included and in date: Nitrate HR: 40 with 08/2026 earliest expiration Phosphate ULR: 28 with...
  19. vienna

    Hanna phosphate checker up to 0.79 2 days ago 0.41 a week before only 0.15

    I'm worried the phosphate has gone up so suddenly. Is this a bad reading? I'm considering buying a GFO & Carbon media reactor. I already have an octo bio pellett reactor and chaeto Growing. I am feeding too much? Could using Bio enhance and coral essentials coral nutrition a and b cause high...
  20. R

    EMERGENCY Euphyllia flesh receding, 0 phosphate?

    Hi, I’ve noticed that most of my euphyllia have receded flesh from the bottom (hammers, torches), but they opened fine during the day (maybe slightly retracted but unnoticeable). The only issue I’m seeing is 0 phosphate. I’ve tested twice, Last Friday and today with Hanna phosphate URL. Here’s...
  21. C

    Testing Hanna Checkers Bundle

    I have a bundle of Hanna Checkers for sale. It includes the Alkalinity (DkH version), Phosphate ULR, Nitrate High Range, Salinity/Temp Pen Tester, Magnesium (new version), and an Auto Aqua Spin Stir. This would all cost $350+ retail. I am asking $200 SHIPPED. There is a brand new box of...
  22. beni1085

    Can't keep the PO4 down. Running GFO for months.

    Hello everyone, I've had the tank running for a year and I had a crazy high Phosphate 4 months ago. Hannah checker did not even read it as it was royal blue.(200+). Started running gfo and made water changes weekly. It got to a readable amount and ive gone as low as 40 on the checker but im...
  23. N

    California Nitrate and Phosphate Additives

    500 ml Nitrate and Phosphate solutions and concentrate made with Lab Grade reagents and sterilized RODI water via autoclave. ***Concentrates are 5x stronger than the Solutions*** Solutions: • 1 bottles $15 • 2 bottles $25 Concentrates: • 1 bottles $25 • 2 bottles $45 Free shipping!
  24. Hidden426

    Illinois Hanna Testers - Salinity, pH, Temp, Alk, Phos, and Calcium

    I am getting out of the hobby and have a few Hanna Testers that need to go. I am open to offers but please be reasonable. If shipping is needed you will need to cover the shipping costs. Salinity Tester $45 PH $40 Temperature $30 Alkalinity $45 Phosphates $45 Calcium $45
  25. T

    The relationship between Nitrates and Phosphates

    Hi everyone, my first thread so go easy on me! Now to provide a bit of context to the problem, I have a mixed reed and I know everyone says not to chase numbers - which I agree with. But if your tanks a few years old you can easily have PO4 at around 0.40ppm and Nitrates around 40ppm or even...