Cyano, diatoms and phosphate

    Hi Had diatoms a while back and they went on there own….. Then cyano came which I’ve been battling for around a month ish….. I used chemi clean first does 24 hours second dose 72 hours….. 99 % of it went just had a very small light pink patch size of a penny…. That was 3 weeks ago when I used...
  2. BTimms

    Low Phosphate levels bad?

    Are low phosphate levels bad? Will low levels be detrimental to the growth and health of my corals? Does this mean that I should feed more to my fish? I seem to be having turf algae so I tested my phosphate and it was undetectable to .002 on the salifert test. Lowest level. I tested three...
  3. M

    Mixed reef AF formula needs both carbon dosing and GFO?

    I am a bit confused by the mixed-reef-formula. Are NP PRO and PRO BIO S not sufficient to reduce PO4 to lower than 0,04? Does your mixed reef formula also require constant Phosphate Minus use? Instead of using GFO constantly, can I dose Nitraphos Minus, if NO3 is low, but PO4 is high? Thanks
  4. Winnie-Maxspect

    POLL: What type of nutrient is more difficult to export from our tanks?

    Please take the poll and share your opinions in the below comment. Maxspect is always available and happy to help you in our social media and website. R2R Forum: Facebook: @Maxspect Instagram: @maxspect_ig Website:
  5. MarineDepot

    How To Test Phosphates In Your Reef Tank with the Hanna Checker | A simple, step-by-step tutorial

    At Marine Depot, we love to test our systems with Hanna Instruments Checkers. Within this video we provide a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to use the Hanna Phosphate Checker. Shop our Hanna Instruments offerings HERE and don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care team with any...
  6. BostonReefer300

    Massachusetts Hanna Phosphate and Phosphate ULR Checkers for Sale

    One never used Hanna Phosphate Checker (HI713) and 50 tests. $25 plus whatever shipping method you prefer unless Boston area handoff. One barely used Hanna ULR Phosphate Checker (HI774) and 50 tests. $40 plus whatever shipping method you prefer unless Boston area handoff. Payment by Venmo...
  7. Littlepip

    Most of my parameters are a little off...

    Hello guys! This is my first post here. My tank is a couple years old, 300 Litre/80 gallon with a sump. I've lost some control the past year due to university and work, but now I am wanting to get back on top of it all. I lost most of my corals over the course of the year, but I still have 2...
  8. O

    Most (semi-reliable) Dipstick test out there?

    Hi, I currently have a large mixed reef system (around 300 gallons) which is currently being monitored by my apex trident (monitoring pH, salinity, ALK, CA, MG). I am just starting to get into SPS, and therefore want to start monitoring phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate levels more closely. The...
  9. Leon Gorani

    Cycling question & Dr. Tims One and Only came not refrigerated in mail? is it okay

    I bought Dr.Tims live nitrifying bacteria online and it was sent to me in just a regular box, not cooled with cool packs or anything. Is that okay to use? I have now put it in the fridge but should it have been sent in the mail with a cool pack or something? I am going to be cycling my tank...
  10. Jdoxford


    I know this has probably been asked and answered 1000 different ways, so please excuse me if it’s frustrating, I am new to the forum and this is my first post, so I’m not up to fully understanding format here. I have a 225 gallon mixed reef, the tank is less than a year old, it is heavily...
  11. D

    High Phosphate

    Hi there, Recently my sps coral started to bleach, I tested the phosphate and found it was a 1.6. I did a 20 percent water change using rodi water, as well as adding the appropriate number of chemipure blue packets. This dropped my phosphate to .9 however i am at a loss how to reduce it to what...
  12. B

    Should I Dose Phosphates

    Hello, I am a new reef keeper, I have a red sea 250 reefer (55g display) that has been running for about 3 months now. Everything seems to be going well, but about a week ago my nitrates reached about 10ppm (API Test Kit), and a lot of brown spots (possibly diatoms) and some green spots started...
  13. PaulB777

    Phosphate, PH and Aragonite

    My 150g very lightly stocked tank (6 fish and few inverts) is a little over a year old and has never really thrived. While most of the parameters have been fine (Temp: 80, Salinity: 35, Alk: 8.5, Cal: 480, Mag: 1510) I've historically struggled with my pH, Nitrates & Phosphates, and...
  14. Andrew Schubert

    Low PO4 but High NO3 help?

    I've been battling some cyano and turf algae pretty much since I've been in the hobby 2 1/2 years ago now. About 18 months ago I thought I found the end all solution...that being the Zeovit system. Ever seen then I've been running the full system (Zeo Stones, Carbon, Zeobac, Zeostart, ZeoFood...
  15. S

    Florida Testing Hanna ULR 77425 reagents

    I bought the wrong reagent, I needed the 713 instead of the 774. Only 1 packet used. $7 and we split the shipping or pick up in Miami would be awesome if someone had the 713 reagents and do a trade.
  16. nicoreef305


  17. M

    Does FM Phos 0,04 remove silicates?

    I'm dosing a product to assist in sponge growth, which also requires some silicates. Will Phos 0,04 remove silicates? Does the resin have a higher affinity for silicates than for phosphates? Does it have a higher affinity for yellowing compounds, tannins than for PO4 and silicates? Thank you!
  18. jfeinmel

    Phosphate Levels

    Hi new to reefing and was wondering about Phosphate levels. Most places recommend staying below .05 for a reef tank and I am currently at 1.5. I use RO/DI water and Red Sea Blue bucket salt for water changes. I have a new tank with just 2 clownfish and I have only feed one time, frozen mysis...
  19. Jax15

    Nitrate low while phosphate high?

    So my phosphate is reliable between 0.03-0.06, ranging between there month to month. However over the last 4-6 months, my nitrate has been going from 5, to 3, to 1... to now just barely detectable. Why do you think my phosphate can stay so consistent, but my nitrates are diminishing? Any ideas...
  20. Macbalacano

    Is this normal?! Chaeto & High Phosphate Reduction

    My phosphate has been terribly high for the past month hovering at around 50ppb or 0.153ppm. Testing is done using Hanna Phosphorus ULR checker. I finally set-up a fuge in the sump of my RedSea Reefer 170 (43g total volume). Within 3 days of having a large fist size ball of chaeto tumbling in...
  21. Bhor217

    Phosphate Plateauing at .19-.22ppm

    Hey all, just have a question regarding my Phospate levels. I installed a GFO about a month ago, when my phosphate levels read at .71, since then, I have brought the numbers down to .19-.22 but it seems that they have plateaued there. I am running a GFO, a biopellet reactor, protein skimmer...
  22. LxHowler

    Am I missing something. Redsea phosphate test

    I have been having a few issues with my phosphate level, or I think I have anyway. Both of these test were done at the same time the only difference is that one was done with 16ml of ro water and 1ml of tank water and the other was done with 17ml of tank water. But they both have me the same...
  23. P

    Green Hair Algae

    Hi My tank has been running for about 3months now. I am battling green hair algae at the moment. I have tested my RO water (0TDS and 0 phosphate), my top off container water 0 phosphate). Tank water reads <0.03ppm/0ppm phosphate with salifert test kit. I have 4 small fish in 310 litres and...
  24. M

    Which hanna phosphate checker do you use? And which should I use? HI774 vs HI713 vs HI736

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of Hanna Checker for phosphate. I've opened a poll to see which one you guys use. Could someone correct me if my understanding of these three checkers is wrong? And maybe suggest which one I should get? The HI774 sounds like the best choice for someone who...
  25. Reef Kinetics

    How Does High Phosphates Affect My Aquarium?

    While phosphorus is important for the development of livestock, it can be risky for aquaria occupants, especially corals. The perfect level of phosphorus in saltwater reef aquaria is 0.02 - 0.03 ppm. How Does High Phosphates Affect My Aquarium? -High phosphate induces Algae Growth. When Algae...