1. Dsnakes

    North Carolina Hanna Checkers

    Hanna Low Range Phosphate Photometer, Alk, Cal, Phos, PH - $300 shipped for all 5 Checkers and cases. This is a brand new and unused kit. It’s not the newest model. Comes in a nice padded hard case.
  2. P

    Phosphate and Nitrate out of balance. Help needed, stupid reefer here.

    Yeah the title sums it up. Phosphate was 0.7 so I used GFO and nopox to get it down to zero. Got dino, let the tank dirty out for months fed food, skimmer offline. Dino went away and now I have 25 nitrate and zero phosphate. Luckily I only have a couple of softies in the tank so nothing too...
  3. smartwater101

    Focustronic releases details on the Mastertronic:

    I was surprised there wasn't a post about this already, but we finally have some more details about the Mastertronic! I'm a big fan of my Alkatronic and really want a auto tester for Nitrate and Phosphate, so this is def on my radar. It'll be interesting to see how they price it relative to...
  4. nanoreefer562

    Does excessive nitrate/ phosphate slow down acropora growth?

    Ive been reading mixed things about this topic. What do you guys think?
  5. Dan I

    P04 Issues

    Alright, where to to begin. I have had a 80 gallon with a 30 gallon sump tank running for almost a year and a half after a restart. I got dry rock and dry sand, which is a mistake on my part, and I am on a fun roller coaster right now. Around 5 months into my restart things were going okay...
  6. TexasReefer82

    Nitrate Levels in Aquaria vs Wild Reef Nutrition

    I often wonder how wild reefs are able to grow and thrive with such low levels of dissolved nutrients - namely nitrates and phosphates. I have an SPS/Acropora dominant tank and I maintain KNO3 solution on a dosing pump just to keep the corals alive - I try to maintain nitrates up to 5ppm...
  7. MnFish1

    How necessary is it to clean your skimmer neck/cup.

    So - a recent thread reminded me of a question - how often do people clean their skimmer neck/cup. I do not do it regularly - and it tends to have a thick coating of 'gunk'. I always wondered if that was putting bad stuff 'back' into the tank - though I dont think it does. Answer the poll -...
  8. MarineDepot

    How to Control Phosphate Using Hanna Phosphate Checkers and GFO Media

    How to Control Phosphate Using Hanna Phosphate Checkers and GFO Media PLUS: New gear from GHL, Eheim, Coral Essentials, and Brightwell Aquatics!
  9. Reefahholic

    Good Nitrate to Phosphate ratio for a reef tank?

    Hello! Over the years this has been one of my favorite subjects. A while back I noticed my tanks doing a lot better with more NO3 than PO4. When the NO3 matched the PO4 on the lower side the tank begin to grow hair algae in the sump, and dark brown algae on the rocks, overflow box, sand-bed...
  10. w2inc

    Which hanna phosphate checker?

    There are a bunch of models. What is the most appropriate one for monitoring phosphates at reef levels?
  11. LilElroyJetson

    How Many Test Kits Do You Have?

    I know...I have a problem. I was organizing my supply cabinet and realized I have clearly accumulated more test kits than should ever be necessary. BUT it has been helpful having everything I need at arms reach, and the ease of use of these kits has caused me to test consistently, which I’m...
  12. JDnKY

    Phosphate testing

    I have a 180 gal mixed reef about a year old. I’ve been using GFO kind of blindly off and on for the last several months, I don’t use the GFO unless progress seems to slow down and it has always seemed to help my corals grow better again but I’ve read several horror stories about overuse of GFO...
  13. Dr RBG

    Phosphate Control

    My phosphate level (with Hanna UL checker is running in the 0.1 level. I would like to drop it to below this as recommended. I have been feeding less in general (mysis in the PM and pellets in the AM) and have about 8 fish, none bigger than about 2 inches in a 100 gallon with about 20 gal...
  14. MarineDepot

    How to Lower Phosphates in a Reef Tank

    How to Lower Phosphates in a Reef Tank VIDEO: Mastering Nutrient Control
  15. M

    Phosphate solver?

    My phosphates are reading at about .25 and I am getting algae growth on my rocks. I am also going to assume that the algae is eating the phosphates which makes them seem lower than what they actually are. Before I started my reef tank my phosphates were extremely high like 10ppm+ so i dosed...
  16. duromega


    Used in inmacculate condition my Hanna PO4 Checker Perfect working order. $35 Free Shipping. Some of my feedback.
  17. Luke iskra

    Phosphates and how to stop the outbreak

    hey guys, im having major phosphate problems, usually 1.50-2.00 ppm cant get rid of this dang thing. been noticing this red stingy algae ive been removing it looks like veins kind of not much but all my rocks and equipment gets brownish like fuzzy algae i was told to scan phosphates and get a...
  18. Jvesche20

    Best way to lower phosphates?

    Currently I’m letting my tank fallow. I’m on my 5th week and I got till 72 days. Had ich and trying to get rid of it. When I first started a while back I used tap water to fill up my tank knowing better. I had an insane amount of algae I’m my tank. Did some research and got an rodi unit. I had...
  19. Joe Batt

    Nitrates around 1

    My tank is reading Nitrates around 1 and Phosphates 0.04. The tank looks fine corals healthy and colourful, cheato is growing in refugium nicely, (hair algae in there too :( ) Should I take it as a false negative ie the cheato is using all the nitrates or would I need to increase it slightly...
  20. T

    Heavy dinoflagelates, zero phosphate zero nitrate

    29 gallon mature Aqueon tank with HOB filter and HOB skimmer, 2 Hydor pumps for circulation, 1/2" sand bed and pukani rocks. 1 large BTA, and numerous SPS and way too many kenya trees. Small purple tang, mature standard clown, and blue spotted jawfish. Shortly after I removed my skimmer for...
  21. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: How to Regenerate Your Filter Media (6x or more!)

    VIDEO: How to Regenerate Your Filter Media (6x or more!) PLUS: Regen Reactor Bundles, Reverse Osmosis Deals, & New Arrivals!
  22. grassy_noel

    Illinois Hanna Low Range Phosphate Checker HI713

    I'm selling my Hanna Low Range Phosphate Checker (HI713). It is in perfect working condition, I just don't have high enough phosphates to register on this checker so I am switching to the ULR. I will include about 10 packets of reagent, purchased about 3 months ago, and the AAA battery. I am...
  23. AquariumSpecialty

    Blue Life USA Fx Resins In stock

    We are pleased to announce that the new Blue Life regenerable resins are now in stock at Aquarium Specialty. The new resins can be regenerated up to 6 times. To learn more please visit the Aquarium Specialty Blog.
  24. Joe Batt

    AL99 vs RowaPhos

    Hi Tim and everyone :) I am in the process of rebuilding my tank and switching to the full Triton method. I see that the recommendation is to switch between AL99 and RowaPhos on a regular basis in order for the Rowa to remove any aluminium that has leached from the AL99. My question is why...
  25. potatocouch

    GFO w/ Red Sea No3Po4X

    So I heard GFO bag like this can strip Po4? What if I use this in conjunction with active carbon dosing, the likes of No3Po4x? OK or BAD idea?
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