1. legacy2mj

    DSLR Sony A6000 settings

    I’m not a photographer by any stretch. But I do own a Sony A6000, yesterday I went and got set up with a nice macro lens. I’m wanting the nice closeups of my acros. I fully intend on spending some time to dig into the vast amount of features and settings the camera and lens have. But just for...
  2. itskoalavo

    Goni Garden


    Top Down Coral Viewer- Will Ship- $25

    I would like to share these floating coral viewers. They are great for getting a cool look from the top down on your reef. They are available in 2 sizes. 4” and 6”. 4” is perfect for a nano and 6” is a great size for anything larger. I can make them in any color combo and am willing to ship.
  4. TinyFish

    Took me a while to get this one…

    Don’t ask me to replicate this photo. I probably couldn’t.
  5. Nutramar Foods

    Photo of the Week: Large Rainbow Button Coral

    The colors on this Large Rainbow Button Coral are truly spectacular! The polyp on this coral is very fleshy with a thick tissue that hides the underlying skeleton. They are considered to be a hardy coral that will thrive on supplemented feedings of frozen meaty foods and Nutramar Marine Complete...
  6. M

    Plastic Photo Studio For Coral

    I’m surfing on Instagram these days. I had seen someone design a special plastic photo studio for coral inside the tank. ● Its color is black to reduce light reflection. ● It is a magnet device that could easily move the location on the glass. ● It has a hole that could easily place our frag...
  7. KonradTO

    Konrad's photo gallery: Don Peppo and friends

    Hi all, I will use this space to share some pics from my 32g mixed reef work-in-progress tank! May I introduce you Don Peppo. And his friends Tama&Duncan Don Peppo gets easily annoyed when someone visits his house. Second name, Bilbo
  8. Karen00

    How to photograph florescent corals?

    Hello fellow saltines, So I just got a beautiful frag of gsp that I have isolated on a rock island. I tried taking a picture of it but the fluorescence doesn't come through. It was taken under blue light. Do I have to take the pic under white or do I need a filter or calibration of my camera or...
  9. Amato_WCReef


    What is the best way to take photos under blue lights?? I’m no expert in photography and could use some advice. Can someone send me the filter presets they use or is there something else? I use the orange filter lense but this does not do justice for some of the photos i see out there. I have...
  10. TheScientificReefer

    The Pico Squad

    The show piece live stock in my 5gal pico :D Got a good pic of em chillin together
  11. Sleeping Giant

    Best phone lens for coral photos

    Hey everyone, Hope you're having a good weekend. I'm curious if anyone has a good idea what lens I could use on a Huawei p20 pro to take pics in my aquarium?
  12. joshharmony

    Please help me identify this Anemone :)

    Anybody know what these are? They’re about the size of a nickel. Neon stalk/foot and neon mouth. White spots on the tips of the tentacles.
  13. Enchanted Reefs

    This is my youtube video of me feeding my corals. What do you all think? :)

  14. Austin Lee

    Anyone here use a Canon M50?

    So I've been thinking on it for a while and am considering picking up a Canon M50 this weekend. I found a nice bundle that includes the kit lens as well as a 55-200 EF-M lens for $829. However, I noticed quite a few folks use macro lenses to capture the details of corals. Does it make more...
  15. sotsreef

    New Update on Nano

  16. Dalton Hunter

    Let's see those RFA's!

    I want to see everyones Rock flower anemones! snap a photo and post em'!
  17. garra671

    gopro session

    just picked up a gopro session off craigslist for 100$ was gonna use it for my bike; but it since its waterproof..... (i know i need to clean my tank)